Zing’s Awesome Rice

Hello, I’m Zing. Welcome to Zing’s Awesome
Rice. We’re located in the Lower East Side. We specialize in Beijing and Cantonese fusion
food. We have a very focused menu. We offer 6 different types of seared rice. Each is
pan seared with olive oil. It’s not greasy. It’s low calorie, and very healthy. In every
seared rice you’ll find at least 5 fresh veggies. We prepare chicken in-house with
peppers, bacon, and sausage. People ask us, “What is purple rice?” It’s a type of
wild rice organically grown in the northeastern region of China. It has a very higher fiber
content, low calorie, and is naturally packed with antioxidants. So, one thing special that
we do here is we pair each pan seared rice with rice wine, sake. Please come visit us
soon at 122 Ludlow Street. We’re open till 3 AM every day.

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