Yuri trying her biggest bite [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.02.17]

Yes, the whole thing. That scene is really famous. (Go!) So cute! So innocent! So cute. She looked a bit like Yeongja. (Yum) I want to steal it from Yeongja. When I do it, it’s magic, but Yuri makes it look cute. (So innocent, featuring smoke effect)) She looks innocent! It’s good. It’s good. (She’s embarrassed) I’m trying to eat two eggs at once. – Really? / – Yes. I’ll try three eggs, then. Two eggs. Hello. Hello. What did Yeongja eat here? She ate dumplings here. – Dumplings? / – You went there? Hot. (Steaming hot) I’ll eat this in a very pretty way. The whole thing in one bite? In one bite. (Just one bite) What? (Shocked) Wow, Yuri, Yuri! (Perfect mouth size for mukbang) The inside of my mouth is spacious. Pretending she didn’t eat anything. (Did something happen?) (Sly) Yes, like a burger. (She’s going for two dumplings at once) (Glancing around) – What’s going on? / – Two? Don’t do it, don’t. You can’t do it. (Did she do it?) Isn’t she being too ambitious? Yuri, it’ll rip! Oh… Oh, no… Why are you trying to be funny? I got a little ambitious. I wanted to make it look good. Why are you invading my field? (Where is Yuri going next?) It’s ground chili pepper. Hello. Welcome. – I want the spicy kind. / – Spicy ground chili pepper. (Korean spiciness, ground chili pepper) You like spicy chili pepper? I love spicy food. (They have all kinds of spicy chili peppers) These are the spiciest ones. These? What are they? – Vietnamese chili. / – Vietnamese? – They are the spiciest. / – They are too spicy. – Can I try one? / – These are really spicy. She’s eating that straight? (It’s not a punishment, so why?) (Without hesitation, straight into her mouth) It’s not spicy. It doesn’t taste like pepper. (Flustered) Vietnamese chili and Thai chili are super hot. It’s hard to handle. Vietnamese chili isn’t spicy? It’s not spicy at all. You could die from eating that. (It’s 12 times spicier than Korean spicy chili) That one’s number one? There is number one. I should try that one. (Her second Vietnamese chili) Oh, no. (It harder to watch) – It’s not spicy. / – It’s not? But that chili pepper is really spicy. You could die from it. (How can she be so peaceful?) It’s not spicy. It’s going to hit her soon. It’s not spicy. It is. It’s not spicy at all. Oh, no… (Hahaha) It’s so spicy. (Stamping her feet) You said it wasn’t. (Vietnamese chili… How dare you!) My nose is runny. Can I get some water? Water. – It’s so hot. / – Isn’t it? – What’s this? Thank you. / – Barley tea. It wasn’t spicy earlier, but it just hit me. So hot. (She’s cute) Oh, no. I’m okay. (A tour to Vietnam led to tears and runny nose) I’ll take some Vietnamese chili. – Vietnamese? / – Yes, Vietnamese. What kind of food are they for? People use them for spicy stir-fried octopus. – Spicy octopus? / – Stir-fried octopus. – Spicy flavor is trendy. / – People get these for that? (She bought a bag of Vietnamese chili)

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