37 thoughts on “Yummy Mantis Shrimp Cooking Coconut Milk – Mantis Shrimp Recipe – Cooking With Sros

  1. To each their own….I'm by no means trolling or intending 2b rude, i just don't like the thought of what shrimp are and this is them on a much larger scale. I still appreci8 all her efforts and all of her sharing videos with us…This however is a definite N😷 for me.

  2. Dear Sros, Your recipes are always very delicious! I'm subscribe and I find you very intelligent and graceful.

    Sorry if the following question is too impolite: are you pregnant? I would like to send a small gift, do you have a mailbox?

    Hugs and much affection from your fan in Brazil.

  3. My super fave!!! Never thought of cooking them in coconut milk — what an awesome idea! I can finish all those, no kidding! Perfect with steamed rice😋😋😋 Thanks for another fabulous recipe!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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