37 thoughts on “Yummy Mantis Shrimp Cooking Coconut Milk – Mantis Shrimp Recipe – Cooking With Sros

  1. To each their own….I'm by no means trolling or intending 2b rude, i just don't like the thought of what shrimp are and this is them on a much larger scale. I still appreci8 all her efforts and all of her sharing videos with us…This however is a definite N😷 for me.

  2. The shrimp is looking so delicious and I love them so much. Those are so yummy and your family must have enjoyed your cooking them like they do all of your food you cook.

  3. Dear Sros, Your recipes are always very delicious! I'm subscribe and I find you very intelligent and graceful.

    Sorry if the following question is too impolite: are you pregnant? I would like to send a small gift, do you have a mailbox?

    Hugs and much affection from your fan in Brazil.

  4. This is not the way I cook mantis have a hard body how can the incident panetrade to the flesh…. Peal 1st… My sugestion….

  5. Guys me and my son cook for poor asian kids it would be blessing to have you guys take a look thank you very much

  6. My super fave!!! Never thought of cooking them in coconut milk — what an awesome idea! I can finish all those, no kidding! Perfect with steamed rice😋😋😋 Thanks for another fabulous recipe!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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