33 thoughts on “Yummy Chicken Feet Grilling – Chicken Feet Cooking – Cooking With Sros

  1. So happy to see your belly growing with the little one. And I tried your chicken feet with coca cola recipe for the first time here in the states and it was DELISH!!

  2. Before I grilled those feet Im boiling it first with soy sauce and other seasonings. We called it adobo. Very tasty and delish

  3. Как люди это едят? Мне уже плохо на это смотреть, не то что в рот положить… Я бы с голоду умерла, но есть это не стала…

  4. Sros do you have a restaurant or is this just something you really enjoy? I love your channel I'm so happy I found it. Also is there a baby registry or can we just send you gifts to a P.O box or something?

  5. I have only eaten chicken feet once and that was when I was a teen and my stepmother cooked some and they was nice, but I never ate them again. Your's is looking nice and your family must love them.

  6. Gosto muito de assistir seus vídeos apesar de não conhecer alguns alimentos que usa e tbm temperos enfim parabéns pelo bb👏👏

  7. I miss grilled chicken feet! Deep it it in vinegar with chopped cucumber,onion,garlic and lots of Thai Chilis yum yum!

  8. Gente essa moça precisa descansar ela tá grávida grava vídeos todos os dia não dá ne

  9. Hi Sros!!! I dont know if I would ever eat chicken feet but…they did look Yummy!!! I enjoyed your video. A fan&friend from USA. DiDi

  10. Olá sros 🇧🇷 que delícia de pé de galinha fiquei com água na boca 👍👏 parabéns pelo seu vídeo

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