hi guys, welcome to the new waiters training
Part Two IN part One we already discussed some of the
basic stuff that you have to learn on your very first day on the job so you can get a
smoother transition to your new job and have an easier time with your coworkers and the
guests off course. Now today it is going to be much more complicated. I assume that you have already learned everything
from part One and you know how to serve, buss or set up tables. So let’s get it started! Part two is about making good money, good
service and being efficient and fast! You have to know how to filet a fish, how
to carve a meat, how to open a bottle of wine, how to present the wine to the table. Hi guys, Ned here from Waiter’s Academy helping
you make a lot of money and have a great life working as a waiter. Today in Part Two of the new waiters training
video we will talk about filleting a fish, carving meat and opening a bottle of wine. It is a whole new level of skills that you
have to acquire in order to be the best waiter you can and make more money, because that
is what impresses your guests: If you do all those things with authority, with skills,
no sweating, no shaking the guests appreciate that. So guys, no kidding! If you are going to work in a nice restaurant
and be the best waiter in the world and make a lot of money you have to know a lot about
wine. Wine is your best friend! Selling a good bottle of wine increases your
authority in front of your guests and coworkers and put some more money in your pockets! But off course you have to know how to do
it and very important:Please don’t sell wine to your guests before you ask what they like
about wine! It doesn’t matter if the bottle of wine is
amazing , if it is a heavy wine full of tannin and you are selling it to a guests that wants
something fruity and light , you will be in a lot of troubles! The guest will say: NO man, that is not the
wine I am looking for! I don’t want to drink this wine and i don’t
want to pay this wine! So be careful! We are doing a whole series about selling,
presenting and pouring wine , that is coming up in the next couple of weeks! In this video I will cover only the basics! If you are a new waiter I will suggest that
you not trying to sell wine right away! Please take the wine list, like I said in
Part One, home and study it! Make sure you know exactly which wines are
good , which are not so good and the characteristics of different wines, because the guests a different
and they want different wines! You have to be able to distinguish the different
bottles of wine so you know what should suggest for the particular guest! So at first, don’t try to sell wine! Just make sure that you are really good at
presenting wine and opening the bottle of wine! Let’s start presenting the bottle of wine! If a guest takes the wine list he is looking
of what kind of grapes the wine is made of, the year it is harvested and maybe the name
of the winery! Different years have totally
different tests! So when the guest order a bottle of wine,
most probably he will remember the name and the year of the bottle! It is very important when you bring the bottle
to the table and you present it to the guest to name the name of the wine, the year and
the winery! The biggest problem that we have with the
wine list is the year! If you don’t know that the year on the bottle
matches the year on the wine list and you bring the bottle to the guest and it turns
out that on the wine list stays 2012 and the bottle is 2011 … okay that is not a problem
, because 2011 was better year than 2012, but if it is the other way around you are
going to have a problem! Most of the times the guests that order a
good wines they know that 2011 was better than 2012. They not going to drink the wine most of the
time! So make sure that the year in the bottle matches
the year on the wine list! Now, you
go to the table and you present the wine! You name the name of the wine, the year and
the winery! Guys, I don’t want to tell you that opening
a bottle of wine is a easy thing! It is not so easy but off course everybody
can open a bottle of wine! I have seen people doing this and that in
front of the guests and you can not imagine what I have seen from head waiters working
in a five star hotel or restaurants that cannot open a bottle of wine! First of all to be able to open a bottle of
wine you need a good wine opener! If you have something that is not efficient! And when i say a good wine opener I’m not
talking about something fancy! Most of those fancy wine openers are total
garbage! This little friend of mine cost $5 (euro)
and this is exactly what you need! Make sure that your knife is sharp! If it is not sharp, when you cut the foil
it is not going to be a pretty thing! Basic but very efficient! Don’t spend money on fancy stuff! Opening bottle of wine! You will find a lot of videos about that! I will suggest that you keep it simple! If you work in very fancy restaurant that
is something really special, they have a wine set
up and you open the wine they the set goes! But right now I am talking about 90% of the
restaurants you bring the bottle and you have to open the bottle in front of the guest and
don’t do stupid things like Presenting the bottle to the guest and then going back to
your side station and opening the wine there where no one can see you! Then you bring the opened bottle to the guests! How the guest will know that this is the bottle
you just showed to him and not one that was opened yesterday! Learn to be efficient and open the bottle
of wine standing in front of the guest! In 90% of the restaurant in the world you
will have to be able to do that! Hold the bottle in front of the guest with
the label facing him! Hold it tight with your left hand ( assuming
you are not lefty). A lot of people do the cut turning the bottle
but it is not the right thing to do because the label need to be all the time in front
of the guest! Maybe you brought the wrong bottle and at
first the guest didn’t notice that and he has a chance to take a second look while you
opening the bottle and stop you! Maybe the year doesn’t match or the grape
doesn’t match. It is very easy to get confused and the guest
may also get confused at first! You don’t have to make the cut all the way
through! Go all the to the left as much as you can
and start squeezing to the right! You can see here in the back the foil is not
cut at all! You don’t have to worry about it! You make now another vertical cut! Now all
you have
to do is, with the edge of your knife : you go under the foil and squeezed once left and
than right and pull the foil out! You see that
the foil is not cut on the back but you just hold it and cut it with your hand! When you open a bottle of wine in front of
the guest in a restaurant you will have to have a white napkin hanging on your left hand! My is not a white one but will do the job
to show you how it is done! When yo make the cut and remove the foil , you
take the napkin and smooth the edges of the foil just a little bit so you remove the particles
that are left after the cut! Now you have to learn to work with your wine
opener with one hand! To open the cutter, to close it! To open the shoulder and so on! Now you hold the wine tight and the wine opener
is in your right hand ready! Make sure you go straight to the middle of
the cork , use your thumb to have more balance and stuck the edge in the middle! Then you just turn it without pushing it! If it is a white wine you don’t have to go
all the way in, because most of the white wines don’t have this long corks and you don’t
want to go through the cork because if you go, some parts of it can fall into the wine
and then you are going to pour it into the glass of your guest and that is not good at
all! If it is a red wine, go all the way down! During all this time you keep the bottle with
your left hand without shaking but now you are going to have to help a little bit with
the right hand! Hold the bottle for a second with your right
hand, open the left and bring the shoulder of the wine opener down! Use the first step, pull it a bit and then
go to the second step! Don’t pull it all the way out! When the cork is ready to pop out you go very
easy sideways and you will hear light air suck and the wine is open! Don’t pull it quick out and make a big POP! It is very tacky move! Some restaurant don’t want you to smell the
cork, because a lot of times the cork will smell like cork but the wine
will be perfectly fine! Just take the wine opener with
the left hand and move the wine
bottle to the right! make sure the label stays on
top when you are pouring the wine, so the guest
can still see the wine you are pouring in his glass! You pour a little sip so the guest can smell
and test the wine! And if he says the wine is okay, you pour
the ladies on the table first and then the other gentlemen! Don’t forget to go back to the man that order
the wine
and fill his glass to! Put the wine on the side station or on table,
depends on the rules in your restaurant and put the cork next to the bottle!


  1. Hey bro …. im new in a hotel as waiter and i really like your video's men really you are good … i need a help bro… give some tips how to talk with a client and what should i wear

  2. If there's still wine left in the bottle, do you put the cork back in or just set it on the table?

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