Wild Weeds Cooking & Eating | Hagra Stems

This is called the Hagra Stems in
Bengali. Over thousands of years people are used to cook this kind of steam and
this is very very safe. I’m gonna show you how to made and how to ready these
kind of stems and how to cook. its had small leaves because it’s very very raw and green the larger one is Matured Its very tall and it’s a very raw one
I don’t know what is called in English I never found what is the actual English of this kind of stems this is actually one kind of
wheat grows everywhere and specially in the jungle it’s born and grows without
any care as just a few minutes from your home, collect it from the
jungle or from the field and pick it up in the basket and bring just in your home
and you can cook this kind of herbs and it’s very tasty it’s a different kind of
unique flavor not all the vegetables have same taste some are sweet some are
sour some are bitter and some are salty again many people didn’t know about
this kind of herbs so they don’t know about the taste of this kind of stems and
also it’s a healthy diet I used to saw this kind weeds lots of especially in my village and I found a lot of . Mature
tree has a fruits that is a very much protective and they grow abundantly
without any care in the jungle in the field and especially in the roadside
easy to cook this kind of stems but you have to boil this very well because it
is growing in the wild many insects and some kind of animals they are always on
this kind of weeds but your body needs this kind of wild herbs as it is contain a
lot of nutrients. over that has been tested over thousand of years
it’s very much reached with calcium vitamin K and minerals there’s a helpful
for lowering the cloistral I don’t know where about the leaves so I’m
just taking the stems today I smell like a raw mango very green mango so guys I
will show you how to ready this kind of stems at first you have to remove the
strong fiber from the herbs and break it very gently and carefully then
you will find the stems this is very baby now is green and its raw and you
can see some of the spots in the skin and it won’t have to worry about this
because it’s wild and I will remove the skins from these herbs and I will find
the stems and I remove the leaves I will not take this so let’s see how I found
the stems from the herbs I need a knife and I just are using my fingers to
collect stems so guys this weeds are ready and it’s
cooked well so I’m gonna grabbing this weeds and this is the first time I
cooked this kind of weeds so let’s watch me I’m just grabbing this weeds yeah yeah Oh it’s wilds so it’s been soft as it is
boiled over and cooked well and it’s an oily it so there are various kind of
masalas and I can see all of those here it’s cooked and boiled well so there is
no weird kind of flavor in it it’s a it’s like vegetables that every day we are
eating and it’s a very delicious yeah it’s very much chewable and some of
those are not strings at all I’ve used a river pawns of shrimps it enhance the
taste of the herbs or stems it has a unique flavor
smell is different this thing is so delicious I’m taking the shrimps yeah I can found
garlic it’s fried and the wild, this is the wild coriander and
another bites of the weeds it’s a different kind of aroma it’s a different kind of
flavor that I didn’t find in all the vegetables every day we are eating it’s
very unique because it’s a wild and exotic in the rural Bengal in some
villages it’s a very common dish they are every day they are eating and
preparing and cooking this kind of herbs and it also have healthy balanced diet
it also a good kind of nutritious source it’s a good medicine and it’s a wild
adventure you can eat this kind of cooked stems with rice and ruties and
without any meals as you wish some people also make some kind of chutneys
or vortas with this kind of waves and they are using used to crash it in the
crash stone and use different kinds of ingredients it has a long experience to
cook and ready for eating thank you for watching this kind of video you may
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