Why Humanely Raised Meat is Better For You? (2019) 🐷🦃🐮

Hi, my name is Adam Hart bestselling author of The Power of Food, Dad of 2, and nutrition expert. If, like me, you include meat in your family’s diet, do you know the impact that animal living conditions can have on your health? Stressful and constrained living conditions raises levels of stress hormones in the animal and leads to a weakened immune system and that’s why factory farms use lots of antibiotics. The overuse of antibiotics leads to the creation of superbugs and superbugs become resistant to the antibiotics that you need if or when, you get sick. At McLean Meats the animals are raised in low stress, cage free environments, without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Visit mcleanmeats.com to discover their made-in-Canada line of clean and organic deli meat options.

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