Whole 24 Healthy Cooking Series: Fish Tacos

Hi everyone, it’s Alisa again thanks for joining
me for another episode of Whole 24 Healthy Cooking with 24Hr Homecare. We’re here at
Sur La Table today and we’re going to be making Fish Tacos. Not just any fish tacos, but kosher fish tacos.
That’s right – if you’re hungry for seafood and want to maintain kosher be sure to select
a fish with scales and fins and make sure you go to your local kosher deli. First let’s begin by preparing our marinade,
let’s get a small bowl and something to mix with. First we’re going to add, 1 1/2 tablespoons
of chili powder. Next, one of my favorite spices, we’ll add one tablespoon of cumin. Then we add two tablespoons of olive oil,
and one clove of finely chopped garlic. Okay, let’s just mix this around until it’s well
mixed. Next we’re going to place our tilapia in a
shallow baking dish, this will allow us to marinate it. We can drizzle our marinade over
it, and then we’re going to stir it around in order to get the tialpia well coated. Now that our tilapia is well coated, we are
going to marinate it for about 15 minutes in the refrigerator. Okay, our time is up! Lets get our fish. Now
that it’s well marinated we can begin cooking it in a large skillet. I’ve already warmed
the skillet to medium high heat, to the skillet we’re going to add in olive oil , just enough
to make the pan well coated. Now add the tilapia , one side down, we’ll
cook each side for about 4 minutes just until they have a chance to brown. Okay, while we’re
waiting for that to cook I’ve already began to make our slaw. To do this I added three cups of chopped cabbage,
1 half of an onion finely sliced, and 1/4 of cilantro with a little bit of lime juice
and a little bit of avocado. Our fish is done cooking, it’s been about
4 minutes for each side and it’s nice and brown and I can tell it’s going to be very
flaky. So before we begin preparing it, I’m actually
going to change cutting boards. Since we are in fact, trying to maintain kosher. So now I have a fresh clean cutting board.
We’re going to begin transferring the fish, very carefully over to our cutting board. Now we can actually begin flaking the fish,
by taking two forks, and if you just take the forks and pull them away from each other
this will allow you to very easily get the fish nice and flaky. Now we’ll just take another small bowl where
we can add all of this great fish. So from the microwave I just pulled out my tortillas,
I warmed them for about 30 seconds just enough to get them soft and mellow, so let’s take
3 tortillas and then we’re going to put equal parts of our tilapia now we get to add another
equal part of our slaw. So here we have a little bit of salsa, you
can always add more heat if you like more heat, this is just a mild salsa. Then we get
to add a bit more avocado, why not. And lastly, we will finish it off with some fresh squeezed
lime. Well, can you believe these fish tacos were
this easy to make? Don’t they look great? For more nutrition and healthy recipe ideas
visit our website at www.24hrcares.com

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