WFAA Lean Thanksgiving Recipes

Not trying to indulge but if you’re looking
to make those staple dishes a little more lean, we’ve got some great tips for you. Amy Wan is here with us this mid-day, she’s
a dietician with Tarrant County College and she’s making a baked sweet potato mash. Thanks for joining us. Thank you is an honor to be here today, so
my dish today is called baked sweet potato mash. The reason I chose this dish is because we’re
trying to slash some calories. Slashing calories. Yes, while we enjoy this traditional Thanksgiving
dish. Nice, so I see you’re using the natural
ingredient here, most people cheat and use the canned product but you’re using the
actual sweet potato itself. Yes
And how do we go about making it So what you want to begin is preheating the
oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, boil a pot of water. So wash and peel your potatoes. Wash and peel the sweet potatoes ok
I kind of cut it in one inch cubes so it’s easier to mash in a little bit
And cooks a little bit faster too do that way, right? Ok
Yes, okay so a little tip if you caught scrambling on the morning of thanksgiving you can kind
of cut it ahead of time. Soak in a little cold water so you won’t
have to scramble on the morning of thanksgiving just trying to peel like 600 potatoes while
trying to make a pie. Nice, because the time does go by fast when
you’re cooking for a lot of people that is true
Yes, so what I have already are some that are already kind of cooked, already drained
potatoes I mash it really well in a creamy consistency. How long do we boil the potatoes by the way? About 15-20 minutes at a medium high
15-20 minutes okay. And that’s for how many potatoes? About 3 potatoes
3? 3 medium potatoes
3 medium ones, got it So what I’m gonna do next is, so right now
it’s kind of at a lower heat. Make sure you don’t turn it very high so
it won’t stick to the bottom. So I’m gonna do is put some wet ingredients
first. So I replace a little bit of low fat vanilla
yogurt instead of butter. Okay
I still add a little bit about two teaspoons of butter
A little bit of butter, ok Just a little bit though, ok
It’s stuck in there I know but it would be in there, got it
It will be. And then so instead of using a whole lot of
sugar were going to do about two teaspoons of maple syrup
Maple syrup I like it that and that will give it a good flavor too. It does, it does and it gives you a lot of
fall aroma. So on top of that what I’m gonna do is put
some nutmeg about 1/8 teaspoons nutmeg Nutmeg. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon
Ok So cinnamon is always good for a lot of Thanksgiving
dishes Sort of like the pumpkin spices that we all
hear about and we drink in our coffees this time of year
Yes, so a little bit a tiny bit of salt so about half a teaspoon of salt
Salt, ok So we mix it real well
And you said at this point the oven is preheating at 350, right? Yes ma’am, you’re right. So once you get this mixed up nice and well
Right. So what I’m gonna do I already have this
pan over here. It’s kind of pre greased
Like butter spray or olive oil Butter spray, olive oil, any kind of cooking
spray will work Ok, and you get it all in there
Right Even flat layer? Yes, so kind of, I’m gonna leave this over
here. Sure
So kind of smear that a little bit How long do you put that in the over for? So once its ready you kind of make it all
creamy and nice looking you can stick it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. Or as long as it’s kind of golden brown
on the sides then that a good time. Okay
So what I have over here is a finished one A finished product is always nice to see at
the end and that’s how it looks Yup so you can actually decorate it nice with
a little garnish on the side along with your main dish like ham or turkey. Excellent, Amy thank you for joining us this
mid-day Thank you
And we have other recipes online the staples ways of making them a little more lean and
healthier just check our website.

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