the chateau laurier took four years to build and was commissioned by this man Charles Melville Hayes unfortunately he perished on the Titanic just two weeks before the hotel was scheduled to obey that here it lives on in the hotel and he's here watching to make sure that his hotel is just prosper and grow staff and guests have heard noises such as rattling and shaking inside the hotel he heard a big bang and when he got up that big-ass Ray was completely split in half and across the room very next night he had another episode where he got up again was awakened at one o'clock in the morning and his shaving kit was scattered around the bathroom the best way to discover which of these ghosts if any at all are creeping around the Chateau is to come and find out for yourself Wow this is what it feels like holy shit we should just care you the Holt don't be the eyes video guys a spirit must have paralyzed what is up guys my name is Michael go back to Piper's channel on the Internet tonight I brought the entire squad with me tonight we are gonna be exploring the famous not really famous but only in famous in Canada Chateau Laurier now this place is allegedly haunted by one of the ghosts real what his name is we're gonna talk about that a little bit later but we're gonna be doing a completely different style of video obviously I normally do three own challenges but we're gonna do that later in the day but first this video is all about exploring and trying to find as much information as we can on this place and see why this place is haunted and see if we captured any kind of creepy paranormal activity that was loved so obviously we know that this guy's got some graphics we are gonna applied some freakin ghost tonight it's gonna create a hoax guarantee we plan on doing a seance at 3:00 a.m. guys so hopefully in this room actually so no yes in this room and we're to sleep in the same room in half gamma boo boo see what's going on guys tonight it's gonna be insane some random just decided to join us his name is Jester Jesse yes make you dizzy right in there all right guys with all this being said subscribe to the channel for more videos like this as well as comment if you want to see more haunted hotel exploration videos just like this one there are a couple of other hotels I want to check out so if this video does well I would like that if this video gets 20 likes I will go to the everyone in the hotel so with all of you said guys will see you guys when the food arrives good I was wondering if because we're here because of those stuff I'm wondering if there's any like stories you know about believer just curious fairly quickly this sub-basement where we go there's a bald over in there that used to be open to the public it's beautiful there's a 13th floor okay there's obviously gonna be a 13th floor you know I know but normally buildings they don't say 13 on that our team will always be 30 so much find out there's only seven okay we're good dudes Crees look at the routine ceilings I want a room over in this entire place it's scary actually I don't 191 192 the room all the way at the end of the hall that's ours oh it's digital okay Wow so big oh your car right there I'm tying my hair oh oh oh sorry dude so I look like a samurai is that the idea that is the idea that's a core concept comment down below Nick should cut his hair right at the top all you like tie me down and I go [Applause] all right guys before we actually get into the exploring of the entire hotel let me show you a clip of me doing some research on why this place is haunted and what we're gonna be looking for as we're exploring this place no it's clear Nick now initially I found at the chateau laurier when I went on the haunted ghost walk so I don't know if any of you have actually gone on no I take it they actually tell you a quite a number of things when you go on this walk you like walk by the hotel you see it like have you ever seen this place no it literally looks like a castle it's so cool it's really really nice I heard about this I'm like I wonder if I could do a video there and I started doing a little bit more research so it says here of course many who have lived here know about the pheromone shot DeLaurier spectacle the lavash hotel is one of the crown jewels of the capital exactly how the owner Charles Melville Hayes Payne's Hayes Hayes expected it to become if only he could have lived to see happen wait who's the dude who died yes this demo died oh yeah he died on the Titanic yeah he died dude yeah ill-fated vessel named Titanic so he perished 12 days before the opening of his hotel and he was like one of those like perfectionist he wanted everything to be perfect and his most prized like jewel was the pheromone shot DeLaurier and he's died before I could even release so they had this delay it it's messed up so reporters have stated that his violent ghost can be seen slamming doors and windows and even breaking things around the hotel that's interesting so you think because he built it that he wouldn't be doing that but he never got to see it yeah okay any money it finished that's weird yeah are we breaking his own stuff though that's just a little weird but what if these like I would other points like if someone was in your like home and they were like settling and you just like destroy this so I mean hey it's he made it a hotel he knew damn well people are gonna be staying in it I mean amazing he should be haunting the Titanic for killing him imagine like spending your whole life working on something and then dying before it opens I would be pretty cheesy yeah I'd be pretty 200% yeah be haunting that place so one guest said that he fled in a fit panic after objects in her room took on a life of its own others have a report of the feeling of being watched even though they were quite alone so that's a little weird hope I wonder if we're gonna be able to like capture any of this crazy that would be a while yeah if you're lucky you'll catch them walking around in the hallways that would be so cool and be pretty wild yeah if we're caught like German I wanna see it looks like Charles yes it was kinda like an idea what to look for and this is oh wise guy right here Wikipedia first thing that pops up Kentucky Fried Chicken see died 1912 yacht the day the Titanic age 65 that's only five that was in 1912 yeah yeah is that like further than you expected or closer I thought it was wait I mean it's my guy Hugh like it was my whole brain for the history of a lot like 1900s is so scuffed that I have no clue where things should be and when they shouldn't be but this is so other staff and guests have reported noises such as rattling and shaking as well as furniture that have been moved after the staff members have left the room so like if they like moved it around yeah and like it wasn't how he intended the hotel to look like he would like redesign it well so that's that's kind of like yeah see that's understandable breaking yeah yeah not really yeah well what if it's not his stuff that he put there that he's breaking right yeah like I mentioned like if someone like because I watched a news article which you guys were policy in the intro where a dude had was staying in the room and he had a his ashtray in the room and apparently like snapped into both wha he says were thrown across the room yeah okay no smoking no smoking no smoking no smoking don't bring on your own stuff and one interesting thing was I went on a website that says top 10 most haunted hotels in Canada and number four was this hotel this creatures insane so reading through this one it actually mentioned someone else this establishment was an old stomping ground pun intended of celery Canadian folk singer stompin Tom Connors some say that the sound of Tom's cowboy boots thumping out of rhythm in the hallways hmm that's interesting unlike yeah the point that'd be pretty creepy actually kinda he'll be like like like cowboy boots how about this guy why would he be in old stomping grounds he was there yeah why is he was you're after it's like he must be one of those stories yeah yeah 2013 he's still he 20 musta been there recently how did he die well he died recently at the place – nobody should die happy who said that him this guy okay it's right there close this is a five mister owners offer the opinion that nobody should die happy what does that even mean wow that's see that's the type of person that would haunt no one exactly comes back to making everybody else's life that's the type of person that we reject medical care for sure yeah I wasn't even happy to live so the next thing here we have is a review of someone staying at the hotel so here in my experience that do not believe in ghosts and have never seen one but a few years ago I was on a business trip last October in Ottawa when she decided to go to bed I went to bed in the middle of the night I was awakened by a distinct feeling that someone was sitting on my bed of course I got very scared and I'm cool I woke up I actually felt and sit on the bed I'm a light sleeper I'm a light sleeper I looked and of course there was nobody there at the same time I felt the kind of energy draining into the bed and disappear I wonder what that would feel like I'm not feeling quite cool but like feeling like someone was like on your bed but like no one's actually there that would be like you're alone in the bedroom – straight out be freaking wild any final comments before we actually go you know we I'm a little freaked out I think we run into something cool yeah yeah we saw it slowly warming in the halls do so cool goosebumps all right guys I'll see you in a week at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier how are you doing here yeah sit near the trash man or something so the demon no there's no way wait one of the things in the things that we read it was the do likes a slam Doris does so I can have something against this this is this joy doesn't have a number I mean it has this guy's like it's not a number like this is a room number you guys ready oh yeah open open it's not guys oh my god that's crazy people hey there girl the door do well this was a room that they couldn't you know yeah you should come back here like anything yeah I do same thing spins ins I know like it doesn't know imagine if it just randomly started spinning alright guys so we're gonna try to make it into the basement as you saw earlier check-in lady told us that there's a basement where there's a hole and they blocked off that literally everyone even employees basement so they said employees are not allowed in there because they closed it down because apparently a lot of the craziness happened down there and so no one is allowed in there how we need done and that's why we need section that's like Emily and I went to a session that's close but I don't think you can actually get through the door if there's like a window but I don't know let's let's check it out it was two years ago yeah so yeah we'll try figure it out edit your nose yeah no Karen oh dude if we got on the roof bro dude no there's actually another window here you see it you have to like lift it up to right everything's frightened wall huh everything's clogged yeah like trying to open like every door that we seek it's sweet office officers yeah I want to know where that guy is the guy that died on Titanic that's the guy that's the guy right there the guy who died on the Titanic Charles Melville hey is general manager of the Grand Trunk Railway perished on the ill-fated Titanic when returning from England yeah right before the hotel got released apparently apparently he is the one oh yeah also said they also said in the ballroom they have remnants of the Titanic underwater and Nick grabbed like they know where the Titanic is Nick it's not like it's mystery willing okay all right at the bar I'm good yeah nothing this or not Minister I did it's like an audit time you actually missed what opening completely by itself without us or anything the one elevator that we were directly in front undressing yeah and there's no one in there no one at all we do should have went inside well we know the the elevators won't take us there so we got to find another way in with possibly a staircase it's like significantly cooler you clever yeah why are the lights the room but you see a face in the mirror behind us because it I mean everything it's a portal oh dude it's a portal winner this is probably the Hopman was haunted room in the whole hotel okay I'm not on this and I'm gonna get a knock back guys this is he and we're outside well I think we're locked out did they leave weed you know it is oh well Cup will come out there look at it we should get there from there do I think we shouldn't maybe like do the seance in here that'd be sick whenever that kitchen is over 100% guys we're gonna go back to that room at 3:00 a.m. and we're gonna try to do a sounds there once the kitchen is not like going on if it is then maybe we'll have to do it in this room right here which is I mean pretty creepy in itself as I gotta say the fanciness of this hotel is absolutely there's no business stages the nasty is this time this is the nastiest can't guys way to be very quiet together could be employees here Joe there so if you want to do this okay guys are doing this for you to take it scary you guys can't get my sleep by him very much that's come here do the sound stairs a sure or why I don't wanna guys with the help the door behind this it's locked it's a little room in there you can't actually see it line that's a door in it door that's awesome right sure this is busted do you see them there's the elevator right here yeah Oh another door is what is up with this room No oh shit guys we're totally not allowed to be here but I'm going to turn the light on just so you guys can see what we're dealing with there's no cameras but cameras unless it's like completely forbidden this bad will walk into any door to know right holy Sh right to just so many weird things about this place the Frank yes sirree do you think you should go I think so let's go staircase miss ago Diana you are now once there's no cameras though keep stressing we've gotten that elevator if you go to the bottom floor my god some places somebody's death all enticed we're quite find this ballroom oh my god I do Oshin foolish the dark malicious energy it's in no signing you see that I kind of right there right there say are you really that scared you


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