We OPEN a POP UP Restaurant in an ELEVATOR 😱

– Today on HellthyJunkFood, we’re going to attempt
to make a restaurant. – JP, sorry I have a guest that– – [JP] Okay. – [Man] Sorry, second, second.
– It’s okay, second. – Today on HellthyJunkFood, we’re going to attempt
to open up a restaurant– – In an elevator. (slow soft music) – [JP] All right, if we’re
gonna make a restaurant in an elevator, what do we need? – [Julia] Elavatore de HellthyJunkFood. – [JP] That make sense? – Well I figured we should
go through our recipes on hellthyjunkfood.com and pick some. You wanna just do potato skins? The bacon wrapped pigs in
a blanket were awesome. And I’m definitely putting spaghetti inside of a meatball on there. How about habanero poppers? That would be a good one. It’s gonna be like the best
restaurant in the world. Let me show you the menu. And as you can see here, I’m going to need to prep a lot of food. – [JP] We’re gonna build
a dining room table. And we’re also going to
build a hostess stand. This was just going to be a funny prank, now turning into a much,
much bigger project. I think this goes here. – [Julia] You building a chair? – Ah! – [Julia] We should hire some people, should we do an interview section of this? – Yes we should. – [Julia] You know? – My name is Derek and I wanna work here because I like the vibe
around here, I don’t know. – I’m Gino, I’m from Venezuela. And I’m here to apply for the Elevatore. – I’m not really sure what
an elevator restaurant is. – My parole officer said I needed a job. – I guess they’re gonna be amuse-bouche. – Being in management all my life, I’ve always worked with people and– – I used to shoot stuff. Now there’s just all this
politics around that. – I was hoping for general
manager but if I have to like, work my way up
from the bottom, then– – The thing about being a manager is you always have to be
able to delegate to people and at the same time
make it a lot of fun, so. – I know that most people
work from the bottom up. But me, I start at the top. – (beep) I forgot what I was gonna say. – Oh, you’re gonna edit
this, I’m assuming? – Am I supposed to be looking at this, or? – I feel like I need to do some jumping jacks or something. (laughs) – I don’t think you understand, ma’am. I need this job. – [Julia] Give you a call. Look at the table, the table’s all built. – You know what, because
this is just a prop, maybe I should just cut corners and only put like one screw in. (laughs) – [Julia] (laughs) But people are gonna actually sit in this. – Yeah, well they better be still. (both laugh) – This is the hostess stand. Another thing JP’s gonna build. Alright guys if you wanna
open your own restaurant too, we’ll put all of the
links to all of the things that we’re buying, they’ll
be associate links. You probably aren’t gonna ever do this. But it’s fun to watch, right? I’ll get an like iPad for
later (mumbles speech). Yes, do you have a reservation? – [JP] Yeah, I have one
for 6:30 p.m. (laughs) – Name please. – [JP] You should see it. Like if your restaurant was adequate. – I’m sorry, we have you for seven. – Excuse me I had a reservation for seven but I wonder if I could get seated now? – Your name? – [Carmen] Carmen. (typing on keyboard) – Oh are you the comedian? – I am! – Oh my God, yes! You actually also get a
complementary champagne. – Oh my God! Thank you so much!
– Thanks for coming early. – I appreciate it, thank you.
– Here, come I have your table – Yeah, yeah, let’s go.
– right here, yeah. We’ll be right with you, sir. (laughs) – Excuse me. – All right guys, clock’s ticking. Restaurant’s going to be open in no time. And we still have things we need to get. Such as, salt and pepper,
flower, a bread basket with napkin, hamburger rolls, black ties, an earpiece, an intercom
system, possibly a landline. Maybe we should get a landline. – [Julia] Why do we need a landline? – So people can call the restaurant. (laughs) (playful piano music) – [Julia] Bye. (giggles) Oh yeah, we’re gonna be doing this a lot. – It’ll work. – [Man In Elevator] Dinner served here? – [Julia] Yes we’re
actually gonna be opening up a restaurant in the elevator. We only have one table,
so that’s the only issue. (voice drowned out by music) – [JP] Oh wow, we’re
only on the fourth floor. (playful music) – [Julia] See this is the situation where we might be in when we’re in the elevator. (upbeat electronic music) Hi, come on in. – What are you trying to do? – [Julia] Oh we’re setting
up an elevator restaurant, I just wanted to see what it looked like. – Interesting. – [Julia] Hello. – Hey. – Let’s just go up to nine,
let’s get back to where JP is. – No, no! Okay, we got it. Good job.
– An elevator. (upbeat music) – [JP] More stuff came. Busboy bin. – Guest checks. – [JP] Guest checks. – Just in case there’s some crumbs. – Very useful. You ready? – [Julia] Let’s go. – All right. The restaurant is starting now. Julia, you’re gonna be the
hostess then the waitress, you’re gonna be playing
a lot of roles, okay? – [Julia] Alright. If there’s a table available,
it’ll look like this. And when it is occupied, it’ll be yellow. So we’ll know not to seat anyone. There’s gonna be a short-term restaurant opening up in the elevator this evening. – [Woman] So in the elevator? – Yes.
– Yeah. – I feel like we’re gonna
have a lot of customers. (classical music) – Final touches, the
first ever restaurant. – In an elevator. – In Elevatore, mamma mia. – Wow, a lot of you guys are coming out over at one time, this is great. We have one table. Okay, let’s just start
checking you guys in. Natalie and Dennis? – Yes.
– Yes. – [Julia] Just this way. – (Gino speaks in Italian)
and welcome to Elevatore. – Thank you.
– Today we have a red for you? – Yes that’s fine.
– Yes that sounds good. – Okay, fantastico. – Our eight o’ clock? – [Kayla] Yes. – Kayla and Kyle. – (speaks in Italian) – -[Kyle] What?
– How are you doing today? – No. – [Gino] Good evening. (speaks in Italian) My
name is Gino, I’ll be your sommelier this evening. I see you don’t have any
glasses to enjoy some wine. Let me get those for you. – [Man] Well, that would be lovely. (laughter) Server, there’s no glasses. – Everyone you’re going
to need to study this, it’s very important. I’m going to have you on habanero poppers. Danny, can you help me
prep some pizza burgers? – Absolutely. – Okay. Alright, let’s get cooking. – Have you tried this? It’s like really nice and dry and just like really amazing. I’m so happy we’re here
for our anniversary, baba. – The reservations here
took so long to get. – Like four months. (laughs) – So we’re gonna get the pulled pork mac and cheese egg rolls. – Were you ready to order your entrees, or did you want me to just get that going? – I think you can get that going. – Yeah, I think that’d work out right. – [Carmen] The poppers
are ready to be stuffed. – And you don’t know what to do? – I don’t know what to do. – I told you the recipe–
– Okay, I got it, it got it. – I kind of like the potato wedges, we should try that, I’m excited. – I think it comes with mine. So if you were to get the
spaghetti in the meatball I think that’d be fine. – The whole point is that
the cream cheese pops. – Gotcha. – Cause it’s a popper. Why don’t you grab a drink at the bar and I’ll come get you okay? – Okay.
– Alright, thank you. – Alright, yes. – Aw, so sweet. – [Dennis] What do you think
she’s still doing here? – Yeah, I don’t know. – Taking a long time to leave. (upbeat jazz music) – [JP] Yes, it is a pet
friendly restaurant. – [Woman] Oh my goodness. – All right guys, while those
egg rolls are getting prepped, we do need to get that meatball going. The burger bun is gonna be this big. So you want the burgers to be pressed out a little bit bigger than this. – This is the most elevated
place I’ve ever been. – [Gino] (speaks in Italian) – Oh my goodness.
– Please welcome, to the Elevatore. (gasps) (laughter) – Oh wow, it’s a
restaurant in an elevator? – [Gino] Yes it is. (glasses clink) – Oh my God, that wine looks delicious. – [Male Diner] Hell I
just wish this restaurant wasn’t so crowded. – [Julia] All right, Carmen,
I’m gonna need that meatball rotated and cooked
thoroughly on all sides. (indistinct chatter) On the side of that pizza burger, let’s get them down. But don’t get them down too early. – My name is Franc. I’m gonna be helping both of you today. – It’s our first date. – It’s your first date? – Yeah.
– So you two are couple? – Mm-hmm. – Have you’ve heard of ménage à trois? (laughter) I’m kidding, I’m kidding. (laughs) But seriously? (laughter) – The pulled pork egg rolls come with a side of barbecue sauce. Maybe a little bit more
green on the backend of the egg rolls, yeah. All right guys, now you
know the plating of it, do it for the next customer, okay? – Okay.
– Alright, guys, give it a taste. Good job, Danny, on those. – Yes, what floor? I’ll hit the number for you. (speaks in Spanish) (laughter) – Hello, you’re fine, you’re good. – Don’t worry about it. (laughter) – Seems like this
restaurant is self service. – [JP] Oh, you met on Tinder? – [Woman Diner] (laughs) Yeah. – [JP] Oh, very good. I went on that site one time. One time, but for some
reason everybody swipe left. (laughter) – [Dennis] Ah, the bread. – [Julia] Do enjoy, it’s
baked in-house daily. – Oh, thank you.
– Thank you, oh yeah! – Burger bun!
– Burger bun! – Do you mind taking a picture of us? – Of course, of course. – It’s our anniversary. – To our love, on our anniversary. Thank you. Alright guys, this is Derek– No, no, no. Sorry, sorry, he’s training. (voice drowned out) So he’s just gonna shadow me. – [Natalie] Okay. – How would you like your spaghetti inside of the meatball? – Inside. – Inside, okay. – Your appetizers will be–
– Your appetizers will be out shortly. Okay?
– will be out shortly. – Thank you.
– All right, guys. (laughter) – So excited to try this place. – So most people don’t go stag, is that because you don’t
have a love interest or you’re lonely?
– Oh no. I’m in love with my life. – Okay.
– And, I’m just here to try your restaurant. – That’s great, that’s great.
– Yeah. – I’m not judging. I just, you know, I feel
that there’s two chairs. Oh, I’m very sorry, I’m sorry.
– Oh my word. Oh, what the heck? – Oh, are you on the right floor? (bustle and chatter) Okay, all right then. So “soms” not here, this is Derek. Can you explain the wine to them? – Yes, this is a white
and it is a Pinot grigio. – Sauvignon blanc.
– Right. – I tried my best. – You did what you could. Very good.
– Hi! – Oh, hey!
– What are you guys doing? – (woman mumbles speech over laughter) – We’re just having a pop-up
restaurant in the elevator. – That’s awesome.
(JP mumbles speech) – Thanks for joining me. Girlfriend, sit down, come on. – [Derek] It’s actually good.
– Right now? – Yes, sit down.
– Yeah! – Yes.
– Oh my god. – Come on! – [JP] Just one thing,
can you not flex on camera with your AirPods. – [Julia] Alright, I’m
gonna need 25 more of those, and then we should be set for the night. – (in French) Yes chef! – So we’ll maybe try the
Flamin’ Hot Mozzarella Sticks. – Flamin’ Hot Mozzarella Sticks. Well, that’s what the
call me, Flamin’ Hot. (makes a sizzling sound) Yeah, ooh! – Is it getting hot in
here or is it just me? – It’s actually the both of us. (laughter) Oh, whew! (dark intense music) – [JP] Alright, I got an
order coming in here, take it. – Alright guys, I got
habanero poppers, egg rolls, “spagheball”, pizza
burger, and a lava cake. – (in French) Yes chef! – [Julia] He doesn’t need to chiffonade, I just need a nice chop. – [Carmen] Do the bread
crumbs have to go in here? – [JP] Guys we got
another six top coming in. – (in French) Yes chef! – [Julia] Get the sauce on now. It’s a restaurant, in an elevator! Of course they’ll be back. – Sam, bring my sommelier. – [Gino] Poppers done chef. – [Julia] Gino, what is
this, arts and crafts class? No don’t plate that. The food is dying in the window. – [JP] Don’t eat that. It’s a prop. It’s a prop. – [Gino] Chef, I need plates. – [Julia] Keep it tight. It needs to look beautiful. First course out, table one. – [Julia] I have two
more entrees to serve, so I want two more guests. – [JP] What do you mean
we don’t have fish. – [Julia] Don’t bring anymore
than six extra customers, or we won’t have enough food. – I’m so jealous. – [Jealous Girl] Be back in 30 seconds. – [Julia] Almost melted. – [Carmen] Meatball
coming apart a little bit. I’m not trying to get fired either. – You’re destroying the product. That spaghetti inside that meatball. They don’t know it, but it’s there. – [Carmen] Trevor? – [JP] We need Gino
right in here right now, he’s out there having a smoke break. – I don’t have time for that right now. – Don’t screw up. – [Julia] Alright, let… Actually, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. That goes with the
spaghetti and the meatball. Ready to serve. – [JP] Julia, hurry our
guests are gonna walk out. (music drowns out speech) (laughter) – Oh! – I need to finish my cigarette, okay? I asked 20 minutes ago, if
I could go have a break, you said “no”. You told me I need to clean those dishes. I cleaned all of ’em. And now I’m gonna have my break. – Gino?
– What? – I don’t pay you to talk to friends. Alright, we do have your entrees here. – [Natalie] Smells good. – [Julia] It’s spaghetti
inside of the meatball. And here the pizza burger,
with a side of potato wedges. – Wow this is really good. Want some? (laughter) – [Derek] Can we get a mule done? Do you know how to do a mule? – [Matt] Oh of course. – Ugh! That’s good Matt. Thank you so much.
– Perfect. – Good evening. – Hi. (male customer muffles speech) – My name is Grayson, how is
everything going this evening? – [Natalie] Oh my god, amazing! Worth the four month reservation. – Wonderful. – [Dennis] I heard you guys
don’t have ranch though. – We’re gonna get you ranch right away. – [Natalie] Yeah that’s the only– – [Dennis] Really, that would be great. – Do you have a favorite type. – No, just ranch. – [Grayson] Which ranch? – It’s really good. – I bet. – [Natalie] You’re eating like a pig. – [Dennis] I’m not
kidding, it taste great. – [Natalie] You said
I need to lose weight. Honey, watch yourself. – What is going on here? What is this? Is this really a thing? – [Julia] Are you guys going up? – We are. – [Julia] Come on in, come on in. – [Woman Diner] Come on in. – [Julia] We’re also going up. – What is this? – [JP] It’s a pop up
restaurant in the elevator. – [Derek] It’s about a 45
minute wait right now though. – Okay, it’s perfect. – [Girl In Turquoise] Like really? (happy upbeat music) – Whoa. – [Julia] Into the oven. Make sure to not let that burn sir. Alright guys, I need you to
make me a habanero popper that’s not as spicy okay? – [Gino] (in French) Yes chef. – [Carmen] (in French) Yes chef. It’s habanero. What do you want me to use? Bell? – Figure it out.
– Figure it out. How long are these in the fryer chef? – [Julia] Three minutes. – Three minutes. – The food needs to be on the
plate, not under the plate. – [Dennis] I won’t
write a bad Yelp review, don’t worry guys. – I already did. – [JP] Do we allow outside food? (intense drum roll) – I don’t think management would mind, but you can’t hold the elevator. So if it’s going down you gotta let it go. – [Restaurant Host] We’ll let it go. – Thank you. – [Restaurant Host] Alright man. – Who’s on dessert? Danny can you do the dessert? Thank you. – We are getting paid for this? – If we can get this done, without all of us getting kicked out. We have had a successful shoot, and I thank everyone for being here, and your patience. (woman’s speech is muffled) – [Julia] Just a little
bit on the outside. – Julia? – Carmen, Sebastian, and I, we’re gonna be out with this shortly okay? – [JP] Okay. It is getting nearing that point, where we’re gonna kicked out. Jeff warned me downstairs.
– Okay, okay. (blender roaring) – JP, go get us set
with Natalie and Dennis. Go get Natalie and Dennis down. And for the taste? – [Carmen] Ooh. (giggles) That looked delicious. (classical music) – And for your anniversary,
– Oh my god! – we do have a unicorn
frappuccino for you. – That’s Pepto Bismol isn’t it? – [Julia] No! – It taste like Pepto Bismol. – Plot twist. You need Pepto Bismol after
eating our food. (giggles) – [Julia] Are you going up? Please feel free, you can come up. – (foreign language) Dennis
might make little poopy. (laughter) – Wait I’m actually scared
now, is it Pepto Bismol? – Unicorns make women very happy. – Alright JP, go run their check, and we’ll get them going
on their way, okay? – This is perfect, we
actually got through it. I was [bleep] my pants. – [Restaurant Host] Alright,
good job everybody, yay! – That’s a wrap people. (voices
a small celebration tune) – [JP] That’s a wrap,
thank you so much guys. – Yeah! – I ate literally nothing,
except for plastic cheese. (laughter) That’s the only thing I had. – You guys freakin’ killed it. (crowd applause and cheers) That’s how you open a
restaurant in an elevator. – [Julia] If you guys haven’t already, go over to Natalies Outlet channel. They make some of the most
funniest, craziest hacks, pranks. Follow us on Tik Tok at
@Lorena.Pages or YouTube. Carmen Vallone. I’m also on Instagram @CarmenVallone. Follow me on Sweet Seekers on YouTube. – [JP] Alright follow
Kyle in a dark alley. – Alright guys, we’re
gonna end this video, with a blooper reel. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to see more content like this. What are we gonna do next? Open up a restaurant in a pool? I don’t know. Hi, my name is Julia Goolia
and I am the co-owner of (stumbles over words). Elavatore Restaurante de Hell… (blows spit) There’s so many words, I
can’t even pronounce it. – I worked at Buffalo Wild Wings. I put the wild sauce on the wings. – [Julia] You were just the saucer? – Yeah, I was the saucer. And I was really fast so they
called me the flying saucer. (laughter) – I’m good at memorizing stuff. You say it, I can write down. Quiz me right now. Just say an order. I can– – [Julia] I wanna cheeseburger, a hot dog with chicken fingers. A filet mignon, foie gras,
a nice extra extra extra, and that whole order twice. – Okay, no. We’re gonna get you a steak.

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