it's been named one of the most haunted hostels around the world so haunted in fact if you dare to sleep here you may even share your bed with a ghost more than a hundred and ten years inmates were tortured and mistreated here many of them executed the eighth floor is deemed the most haunted that was death row for free it's believed one of the more dominant ghosts to lurk these gloomy halls as James Patrick Whelan Ellen's body was buried in an unmarked grave in the back courtyard of the jail but no one knows if Whelan will ever rest in peace the jail hostel is open all year round but beware you may want to sleep with one eye open all right uh-huh what's up free tonight what is up guys my name is Sam I will go back to the hypest channel on the Internet tonight we're gonna be doing something absolutely insane we're gonna be doing another hotel video except this time we're gonna be doing it inside of a jail yes guys this hotel used to be a jail a long long time ago people used to be tortured there people have died there and that is why it's considered one the most haunted hotels in the world you guys absolutely loved the series on the last hotel that we did so I figured why don't we go to another hotel in my city and do one that is actually even more haunted we've got a lot of stuff on camera last time so I can't imagine the things that we're gonna be all captured this time I'm super super excited for this guys but I have yet to tell any of the boys that we're doing this tonight so I'm gonna go upstairs I'm gonna ask each and every one of them if they're free tonight to go to the haunted hotel and I know last time Jesse experienced something super super scary at the last hotel so it might be a little bit more difficult to convince them especially since we're doing this in a prison guys both all this being said guys let's go upstairs and let's ask if the boys are free tonight can we come in I don't really know how to bring this up but before I know what we went to the hotel I know you saw something very very scary and I'm sure you probably still don't want to talk about it but it's not about that it's about another hotel whatever hotel there's other of a tough and there is another hotel and it's a person how that isn't in any sense a prison hotel it's a prison and they have rooms that you could go there and sleep in and we're doing that tonight what come on just what do I get out of this it's the sixth friesan hotel they don't experience them yeah exactly men like those everyone wants a serious fun it's it's a four-person so we'll have an over that's this nice Big Ben here right here you think I gotta go into a damn prison cell you gotta give a crap I'm in and what what's up with what's so serious it's supposedly like the most haunted place in all of Canada I'm not sure about the world they're being tortured they're like this place is messed up like the last place someone is executed in Canada was there and we also have something very very special coming up in this part of the series what I'll tell you guys that later come bro just come guys we all know Jesse deep down he wants to come along Uncle Jesse we got it we got it we got say no all right we got three people all we need is one more person let's go ahead and let's go ahead Frank what the heck seven times saying this let's go ahead and let's call my boy Lucy your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging system well that sucks that's his phone number so let's go ahead and call him on Facebook kindly calling him on the Facebook it's contacting hopefully he picks up guys because we don't have a another person that could actually hop in this men still sleeping 2:00 p.m. right now you'd be there for hours so I don't know oh and it just got denied okay well guys moosie doesn't seem to be answering the phone if he does join us a little bit later then you will see him in the video but for right now it seems like it's just gonna be me Nick and Jesse number 4 we actually go to the hotel we still have a little bit of time to kill before we actually head to the hotel so now would be the time to actually tell you about my big announcement that I mentioned last week we got merch boys was that too hyper you heard that right guys we finally got some merch coming if you couldn't tell from the beginning of the video I've been teasing a little bit of my merchandise on some of the clips you may be thinking dude like this guy shirt says hype on it my name is hi Mike like that makes sense right well that's because I made my own merch and I made a look like a god Church now this isn't everything that I've made for you guys I have a bunch of other things on my website on the teespring link down below but so far I have these three pieces here that I've been working very very hard on not obviously I have the t-shirt on me right here and just says hype on the front super simple but on the back we have pipe life and then we have these two right here now I have this one right here it just says hype and then right below as you can see you guys says the hypest hoodie on the internet obviously my intro this is the hypest channel on the internet if you don't know make sure you subscribe but now if you've been a fan for a long time you got the hypest hoodie on the internet right here and then we have the United States thing right here kind of have a NASA type theme going on and we have this one right here we have my main spaceship logo has a spaceship on the front says hype super super cool and then I don't know if you've seen the back guys but this is the hype breed design that I've made obviously this is another pipe is hoody on the internet success right here interactive hype read super super cool now like I said there is a lot more options that you can find on my teespring link down below we got more t-shirts we got other colors we got more hoodies got long sleeves we got foam cases we got freaking mugs we literally we also got leggings for all the girls view out there I mean if you're a guy too and you want to wear leggings be my guests now one thing that I do want to announce if you are a member of the channel if you click the join button right next to the subscriber button you will get a discount code for all of my merchandise so you're gonna be saving the money that you spend on the membership on one of these pieces of merchandise and if you didn't know you get plenty of other stuff you get emojis in the chat badges on your name – if you want the hype fan badge that is what you're gonna want to do now I'm not gonna talk about this for any longer I'm gonna let you guys go to the video let's hit the road and let's go to the world's most haunted hotel let's go road trip time road so Nick yeah you have any idea why we're going here so early um I really don't know why why are we doing here so early I've been doing a little bit of research that how you research things no I wasn't doing research we are gonna be doing research in a different type of way this time I got ourselves a private haunted tour of the entire hotel private tour yeah all the ghost stories all the deaths everything spooky that we need to know we're gonna have someone tell us exactly what happened in there well normally when people do that it's like full of people and stuff but I wanted to just be from all of us ain't you Jesse and yep I put my magic in now we're gonna get a sick tour of the entire hotel maybe exclusive access to places no one's allowed to go ooh that would be pretty sick so that's what we're doing right now guys we're gonna go into the parking lot we're gonna meet our tour guides all credits to the person who's giving us the tour I'll put all their links in the description below go check them out but we have a little bit more driving to do just to get there hopefully we're on time about 5 14 so we have 45 minutes to try to be there hopefully traffic doesn't kick us in the butter all righty guys we are pulling up to the building right there as you can see it is the second one on our left right here I mean just look how creepy that is like whoa so I'm we're staying I'm low key lowest of keys getting nervous but I don't know if it's because I'm excited or it's because I know how haunted this place is look look at this literally am I even gonna fit go we're clean we are very creepy all the windows are barred up yep so we're gonna be trapped in there all night it's like all the greenery is like growing on top of it to really cool stuff all right guys we're gonna wait here in the parking lot until our tour guy comes and greets us but until then I don't even know what to say what should I say Nick just cut it until then – someone open this door alright hello hello oh yeah you're supposed to use this what do you think's behind there see the crows hello know what is behind you I think just break through it it's blocked weak he can't even see through the door we're barging in yeah in two minutes okay let's go we have to meet him here like in the parking lot is not the guy I don't know someone that looks suspicious stop this one it's been dead for six years and he lured us into this emails were fake oh there she is I could tell hopefully she knows where it's yeah I'm Juliet it's Jessie that's just me Nick nice to meet you guys awesome all right so have you already kind of looked around and check the place out we've seen the creepiness even at six o'clock in the afternoon it's so pretty yeah stories yes actually yeah 1862 so it was an operation for a hundred and ten years before us finally shut down due to inhumane living conditions mister banging on the door yes the first blue flames actually started in 1946 from jail inspectors and it took over 30 years for almost 30 years for it to be finally closed and complained of why basically you'll see when we go upstairs but the single person selves are credibly current they also used to use something called a honey bucket so essentially that was a bucket for the prisoners to have in their cell because they weren't allowed to use the toilets so do it use that than they would empty it or in the regulatory simulator is so yeah this is gonna prove Munich you guys are higher than yet so that'll be good for anything yeah okay oh wait the shoes yeah we're both wearing shoes as Knicks like sanic ongoing arguments like half inch a big camera probably can't you see that it's pretty pitch black in there okay all right we're gonna sell yeah so this is one of six L first are used for the solitary confinement of troublesome eight beads so normally inmates who were breaking the rules will be placed in here and the rest of the jail that's like in here in the very early and at least there was no light no heat and no ventilation and her prisoners were placed in here in addition to this store they actually have been one in front as well it was a huge heavy wooden door and it would block out all light and sound so the pitch blackness that you saw he first came in that's what it would have been like for prisoners who were in here and sometimes they were you stripped me in and James Frey Eagle to the floor so you can see down there where they make us ashamed but did not fall prisoners but some of them especially if they were going to be particularly violent or to lash out it would be chained to the floor so good and they would only be unchanged for how long do you think they're BMG for each day 10 minutes you're almost your own spot is about 15 minutes per day to eat and use the hind bucket you can see down at the bottom in ensuing tactics there's a little slot where the food would be pushed oh yeah yeah yeah a lot of people who do state and abilities sometimes report strange things so some people are reported waking up in the middle of the night to see a strange translucent figure standing in the middle of their room or even sometimes sitting on their bed reading what appears to be a Bible and interesting enough the description of this figure often matches that of pocket whaling the first man to ever be hanged here at the prison that's creepy yes so we might talk a little more about whaling us we go on a lot of it ghost stories do relate to him in some way he's a very big presence here at the jail and anomalous history as well come on do you focus right on those that's a dead underneath it yeah yeah so what year was the first late so 1869 and it was Patrick Wayland so Wales was arrested for the murder of Thomas Darcy McGee which was a politician here in Ottawa actually one of the fathers of Confederation in Canada and when we look back at the evidence many people today do believe that Whelan may have beat innocents and he even claimed all throughout his trial that he was innocent of the crime but unfortunately for him nevertheless who was hanged here yep right up there will actually see that from the inside and just a little bit before we go up the stairs I will tell you just a little story normally people who do go into the stairs sometimes they can feel a little bit uneasy we actually had a woman a few years ago on one of our tours who told us about experience that she had she was on the top floor to apartment or when she suddenly felt very uncomfortable and as a Baldy he wanted to leave immediately maybe their way out from the area that they were and to the top of the stairs but when she reached the very top step she suddenly had to stop she sat down and she said that she felt as if several we're hitting and pushing her on the back all at once she couldn't go down the stairs for several minutes because of this feelings but when she was finally able to she and the tour guide made it out of the building when they got out she said that she felt as they had not been alone in there and that whatever was in there with them wanted them out she of course was more than happy to oblige wow that's so with that maybe it's time for us to go on up the stage like on it they had our window there so that everyone could just see let's forget window right there I say officially because there is some speculation that actually this beam right here there's some speculation that perhaps original names may occur on this beep let's because there's quite a few markings right in the center there oh wow we making flash so I heard there was like I read up on the story that there was like multiple yes so when the Mackenzie King bridge was being built its bordering the jail so of course they had to kind of date in that area and they did find quite a lot of bodies along the site so at the prison unfortunately some people did die sometimes due to exposure because when the Djilas first builders actually the glass on the windows there was only bars so of course I need rain wind or snow but just come right in so some of us unfortunately two diabetics exact something like suicide so if there were models to bury we know that they did bury their mamas grounds so it's very likely that a lot of the bodies that were found along the Mackenzie King site to work unfortunate prisoners here from the general to the cool I guess asleep here like if you hire to order a room for $80 to get sleep in these rooms how the climbing spicy this is she locked it in so these are the single person cells so we one prisoner would have been here at that time they would have been locked in a cell for 12 hours a night with nothing to accompany except for their mattress in there honey bucket this is the most fun in places no I would say gallows and death row although yeah every every area does have someone of stories associated with it but I think this is this area I stuff like pretty but in my previous I got much more money in death row this spell is where you would wait when it was just going to be time for your execution so this is where the last place you would save basically until was finally time for you to come out and make your way there are look look if you're right there every day the true truth is have you been on death row together you might be able to see as well that summer before was originally sealed off by two heavy metal door but they have since been removed you can kind of see the repeat yeah those heavy metal donors who are in place they were sometimes known to open and close all so once there was a woman who's been given a private tour of the building she stopped in between the doors and they suddenly slams shut metal the two metal doors stop winning are still there so she was in there for about three hours before hostel staff managed to open the doors and get her house and on another occasion a hostel employee actually lost a finger on one of the doors slam shut on the end unexpectedly so that's why they don't have the doors their correct safety hazard event it lightly yeah unlucky thing so the story or this wooden door in the room where normally the hangman so usually with the end and a priest and they would walk down the hallway to spell intercourse you've got the prisoner out of that stuff and that those three would walk back along the creaky floorboards here to the gallows to the cries of dead man walking and that's how a typical execution we've learned to begin founder of the one who walks the Len was actually stationed behind the door much like in this one and you know he's standing there just to come through it wasn't creepy enough being alone in the dark on the side of the floor he suddenly hears three loud knocks first it was a door very much like this one on the other side of the building unfortunately we can't go there right now as there are guests staying outside but it was another stairwell so it looks pretty much makes this one so of course he hears a knock so he opens the door who is prepared to see someone standing on the other side but what you see this is a very shocked and confused looking tour guide and an entire poor group who tells him that they did knock on the door he tells them while I didn't knock the door and turns out that neither party concussion and to this day you really look at this it's craziest brand of random port whoa hello Jake can you open the door open the door right now hello what the hell Nick without you no just just just do are you seriously leaving do whoever what happen like are you are you sure


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