Watch Gronk Feed Luis Fonsi Steak While Cooking With Chef Curtis Stone And Kelly

– Woo!
– We are all set for some eatin’, but first we have to get to the cooking
part, first, unfortunately. I’m just kidding. I wanna learn how to cook! (laughs) Luckily we have a master
at all things cooking here. He’s ready to throw down on the grill pan. Say hello to the host
of “My Kitchen Rules”, Chef Curtis Stone. – How you doing? – Thank you for coming. This looks amazing! – Doesn’t it look beautiful? – Yes, and you just opened up
a restaurant in Texas, right? – That’s right. – I’m Texan.
– It’s called– Yes, Georgie, it’s in Dallas. – Okay! – You got to come next
time you’re in Dallas, you come and see us.
– Yeah. Yeah, I’m from right around there. – Yeah.
– In Fort Worth, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– We have the best steak in the business. There’s a butcher’s shop, and we cook the most beautiful
steak you’ve ever seen. – Oh my God, I’d want to
eat it, not look at it. So I’m seeing wine and meat,
– Yes. – so what are we doing today? And I’m in. – Well, I thought I’ll show you. Here’s what you do first.
– Thank you! – You get that in your hand.
– God Bless! – Here’s mine, darling.
– Let’s just cheers the moment! – This is a Cabernet from California.
– Can’t forget about us! – Ah, Salud!
– Cheers! – Yes!
– Yes! – Cheers!
– Salud! – Hallelujah. All right, so you start with hot pan. – Yes! – I’m gonna teach you how
to cook the perfect steak. – Okay. – Well, of course to do
that, you need a great steak. This is a rib-eye, we’ve
dry-aged it, right? Then what you do is you season it on side, so generously with salt and pepper. Come on fellows–
– Yeah! – Don’t just stand there You got a steak over there. – Ya’ll are lazy!
– I thought you– – You got the wrong steak. – A little black pepper over the top. There you go. And then you push that
seasoning down into the steak. – Oh, okay. – And then you’re gonna pick it up, and bring it over to
a nice hot pan, right? – Oh, and you put it on that side. – [Curtis] You drop it
down seasoned side first, and then you can season the other side. So here you go, Kelly.
– Okay, I got ya. – Give it a little grind, my darling. – [Guest] So now you have to drop it that side down.
– And a little bit more salt. – [Guest] Yes, sir. – When I say a little bit, be generous. – Good job, careful it’s hot.
– I’m a Texan, I don’t even know another way! (giggles) – [Guest] Exactly. – That’s it, a little
more salt on the top. So what you’re doing now
is you’re caramelizing that side, right? So you’re going to get beautiful color. You’re gonna turn it, get the same color on the other side. – How long do you leave it like that? (audience and guests laugh) – Don’t mind us! – Put it down, put it down– – Are you all good cooks?
– We’re trying our hardest! – Do you all cook?
– Yes! – You got the professional teaching you. – You all do cook? – I love cooking. – Oh, I’m a great cooker.
– I love eating. – What you’re trying
to do is you’re trying to get color on both sides,
but then you have to rest it. – Okay. – And most people think
about resting a piece of meat or a steak at the end
of the cooking process. But we’re actually gonna rest it about halfway through, right? – Okay. – So we cook it for a minute
on one side, we turn it, another minute on the other side.
– Okay. We remove the steak from the pan, let it rest, chill out. What that does is redistribute the juices throughout the steak, right? – [Kelly] I’m so hungry! – So it’s gonna get really
nice and evenly pink. Then we put it back in
and we finish it off after it gets that first rest. – Okay. – Next, we’re gonna talk about sauces. So, if you have a look
up here, I’ve made– – This has been longer than
a minute, should I turn this? – This is a chimichurri. No, give it about another 30 seconds. – Oh, okay, okay. – So this is a chimichurri, right? – Oh yeah.
– So you’ve got that, have a smell of that.
– Oh my god! – Beautiful fresh herbs,
cilantro, some parsley, a little chili flake. – Smell this, Gronk.
– So hungry! – [Curtis] There you go,
smell it baby, smell it! – Smell it! (laughs) (audience laughs) – Fantastico! – This is a steak sauce. – Fantastico! – So this is like– – Ooh, that’s good! – Isn’t that good? So I add a little Worcestershire in there, so a little bit of spice.
– Yeah, it’s a little tingy, yeah. – And this is another
idea, this is a gorgonzola. Which is a blue cheese
turned into a butter, so you can drop a pat of that at the end. – Oh my God, that’s fabulous, okay. – All right, so your
steak’s had a minute or two, – Okay. – This isn’t crazy hot. So then what you are gonna do is you’re gonna turn it over,
– Okay. – [Curtis] See how we just started. – [Kelly] Oh my God, that looks so good. Look at you, check you out! Check it out!
– That’s it. – [Curtis] Bend the knees, bend the knees! – [Kelly] Bend the knees! (laughing) – [Curtis] That’s it, that’s it, yay! (audience chees) – I love when I’m cooking with men! This is awesome. I love this. – And then you can keep
coming back to this. – Okay, fine! – [Guest] That’s the important part, I didn’t know that. – The other thing that’s
really important is with beautiful red meat,
you want a nice, rich wine. – Yeah. – So this is a Cabernet from Napa, right? – [Audience Member] Woo! – It’s a very rich, full– Yes, baby, that’s right, you know!
– Get it! – It’s full of flavor and so is the steak, so you don’t want
something that’s too light that the steak’s gonna bulldoze. – Yeah. – Once it’s had a couple of
minutes, and I’m cheating because we are. – On T.V. – We don’t have forever, right? – Yeah. – But what you’re going to
do is, is you take it out, put it back on the plate. – Okay. – And leave it rest.
– Okay. – [Curtis] Now, I cheated, right? – [Kelly] Yeah. – [Curtis] I already started one, – Yeah. – You’re going to pop that one back in, we’re going to flash a little bit of heat back through it. – Okay.
– And then we finish it off with a little bit of fresh thyme, right? So we throw that down there. – [Kelly] Okay! – [Curtis] A couple of pieces of butter. – [Kelly} Yeah! – [Guest] I’m out of thyme. – [Curtis] You’re out of thyme here! I got you.
– But wait, can you use the other butter? – Thank you!
– Because that butter is usable too, right? – You can use the Gorgonzola. – Okay, it sounded like a good idea. – You guys use the Gorgonzola. – [Guest] That’s it. – Gorgonzala. – It sounded like a good plan. – Gorgonazala? – Gorgonzola!
– Gorgonzola. – It’s a blue cheese.
– Gorgonzola. – Zola!
– Gorgonzola! – [Kelly] Oh my God, this looks so good! – [Curtis] Doesn’t it smell so good? – [Kelly] I’m so Texan! – [Curtis] So the idea here
is that butter’s gonna melt, it’s going to start to
turn a little brown, – My mouth’s watering. – It’s going to get a little buttery. – Okay.
– And nutty. – All right, so we’re
going to turn it over, and again, you want that
sort of that nappe in, that covering of that butter. – Oh, Okay. – Once you’ve sort of flashed it back, and all we’re really
doing here is re-warming the steak,
– Yeah. – because it’s already cooked, and we’re just finishing it off, right? – [Curtis] So we’re gonna
pull it up out of that pan, – [Kelly] Okay. – Drop it over here on to my board, – Okay.
– You got to flip it. – And then most people try
and cut a steak on a bias. But it’s a wrong thing to do. In fact, what you should do,
because the grain of the meat runs straight through, is just cut straight through that steak. – [Kelly] Oh, that’s what I do. – [Curtis] And see how you get that perfectly pink juiciness, right? That’s what you’re looking for. – [Guest] Woo! – All right. – All right? And then you go through your steak, you cut it all the way
through, just like that. – Oh my God, it’s.
that’s a great knife too. – Isn’t it beautiful? (audience laughs) – It’s like an ad for that knife! It’s like a– (laughs)
– And it’s mine! You can buy this knife from me. – Oh really? It’s a nice knife! I’m just not, I’m not joking!
– [Curtis] A little bit of sea salt, and then you’re ready to go. – That looks amazing. – Now if you want. You like the look of this to do them in. – Yes, I really do them in. – This is a chimichurri. – [Kelly] Mm-hmm. – [Curtis] So I would go
ahead and put a bit of that on the side.
– Oh my Gosh! – [Curtis] And you’ve got
the perfect steak that’s been beautifully rested. – It’s called Georgie
in Dallas, I’m there. – Georgie in Dallas. We have Gwen in Hollywood, if
you’re ever in Los Angeles. – Okay.
– Come and see us there. – [Kelly] I’m often here. Yes. – This looks better already. – I mean, I’m not even
doing my job right now, I’m probably supposed to
be talking about something, but I can’t because I’m so excited about this meat. (laughs) – Here you are, sweetheart. – Okay, thank you! Oh my God!
– You do that, I’ll do this. – Are you all going to taste yours? – [Guest] Yes. – Yes, we’re still working. – Oh my God!
– Go ahead, girl. That’s all you right there. – This one. – That is so good, for real, whoa! – Good steak, right? – Yes it is, you are a god. (laughs) – [Rob] Wow. – All right, make sure
to stop by Chef Curtis’ newest restaurant, Georgie in Dallas. We’ll be right back with what I’m liking. How is yours? Oh my God! – Get it!
– Yeah! (audience cheers) (pumping rock music)

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