WAG Cooking Show: Friendlier Fried Rice

[Rory] Hey guys Rory Mckernan here alongside my man
[Tommy] Tommy Marquez [Rory] And today actually Tommy’s gonna be your teacher I’m gonna be one of the students because I’m definitely learning this stuff but we’re
making friendly fried rice. [Tommy] It’s a great post-workout meal, it’s got some carbs, got some protein, a little bit of fat just enough for what you guys would want after a workout to get those carbs in get the protein and then you
know stay satiated with a little bit of fat as well. We got all of our
stuff lined out here, got the skillet a little bit hot, and we’re gonna go step-by-step to get you guys through these ingredients. [Rory] So oil in the pan I’ve been
told by smart people, smarter than myself, that a great way to reduce fat also
would be, you were saying, you use the sprays. [Tommy] Right, yep.
[Rory] A non-stick pan would help out with that as well but we’re gonna do oil, throw in the
shrimp right away and the lean ham steak and get to town. [Tommy] And the key especially with this one in particular is balance. Even though this is a post-workout meal we want your carbs you want your protein in it we’re gonna include a
little bit of fat as well to kind of keep you satiated as well as to make
sure we get some of those healthy fats in so we’re not just piling up fat at
the end of the day or not going over early on and then you basically have to
eat protein powder and coconut water. [Rory] Yeah but then again we’re talking like this is a great post-workout one. You got that little magical window afterwards where your body’s a little bit more resilient for carbohydrates you got a
great time to absorb them. [Rory] This thing’s calling for one tablespoon.
[Tommy] Yep, right there. Wild-caught shrimp we’re gonna use 200 grams of this. [Tommy] Got the shrimp out of the way
[Rory] Looks like the ham goes in immediately. [Tommy] Lean ham steak, yeah.
[Rory] I’m gonna get to work on the onion because all this stuff’s supposed to go together for like a minute. [Tommy] Nice cool thing about these ham steaks is they’re super lean, per 2 ounce serving there’s only 1 gram of fat so there’s 3 grams of fat total in this
package and tons of protein. So once again getting a good amount of protein. The shrimp’s a pretty low fat protein source as well. [Tommy] So this is cooked a little bit we’re
getting back into the recipe up next we have the rice, we have 40 grams of rice,
this is weighed before cooking so pre-cooked but we’ve already got it cooked for ease of use once again for this recipe. We also need soy sauce that’s one
tablespoon. For the big guy here we got low-sodium soy sauce because it keeps the blood pressure down you know. Don’t want him keeling over mid-workout. I was actually impressed with how fast you cut that onion. So we’re gonna reduce the heat here for about five minutes, got mushrooms, we got chopped broccoli, we got some corn that’s already pre weighed out. We have some egg whites and cilantro that we’re gonna add later but broccoli and mushrooms we’re
gonna use as some great low carb things to kind of spice up the the recipe and they
have a great micronutrient profile because we’ve got to get those in as
well. So yeah low sodium salt here [Rory] Oh thank God!
[Tommy] Because that’s where Rory drew the line. You’d have everything else but if you add sodium in this salt you’d be out of here. This one’s pretty cool just because you can make some easy adjustments to add more stuff
to it so we added shrimp right here and if you want another low-fat protein you can easily just add chicken in. You know what Ro, I’m gonna have faith in you and put in these big old broccoli florets.
[Rory] It’ll be easier to avoid that way. [Tommy] Yeah. Daddy why are there trees in our food? Just give it a little bit of flavor. [Rory] Dude I can do this for breakfast every single day.
[Tommy] Oh yeah. [Rory] Anytime there’s eggs, it’s breakfast to me and I’ll eat breakfast anytime so it’s not a knock, but this could be breakfast on daily basis. [Tommy] Oh yeah. Between the burner pumping things up and Rory’s general
level of attractiveness we knocked the power out. [Rory] Special effects!
[Tommy] So during that time Rory got some cilantro out.
[Rory] BAM [Tommy] We put a little bit in here and it’s cooking away right now. Well the cilantro is the last part of
this recipe and it’s obviously optional because some people don’t like cilantro.
A little science lesson some people have an olfactory receptor gene specifically
that allows them to sense aldehydes. Aldehydes are something that’s
present in cilantro and soap hence why if you can pick it up and you have that
gene it tastes like soap to you. [Rory] Aldenoids?
[Tommy] Aldehydes.
[Rory] Aldehydes. Aldehydes. Now you know. [Tomy] So since we’re trying to be as specific as possible…
[Rory] Oh my bad, my bad.
[Tommy] Yeah see… [Rory] I’m all ready to throw the scale out the window man.
[Rory] And now you know why he misses his check-ins. [Tommy] I’m doing a terrible job of plating this but now we have some friendly fried rice portioned out for two people. High-protein, decent amount of carbs, something tasty to come home to after your workout. [Rory] Cheers.
[Tommy] Cheers.
[Rory] Bon appetit.
[Tommy] Enjoy guys! [Tommy] It’s okay to eat this, right?

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