Village Food in Sri Lanka – Epic 19 DIFFERENT Sri Lankan Dishes!

hey everyone I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens i Meanwell agama sri lanka and it's an honor to be here I'm with David the hungry tourist on his best of Shalaka food tour today is gonna be an unbelievable Sri Lankan food day we've been invited by a cheetah and Nick and lucky and his entire their entire family who are from Willy Gama in southern Sri Lanka they're gonna cook for us a home cooked everything cooked traditional over fire in clay pots we're gonna have a lot of fun we're gonna eat a lot of delicious incredible food today good how are you good to see your guy we got here a little bit early but they have already started cooking some of the traditional dishes from southern Sri Lanka this is a beautiful tropical compound the Nelson family they own and operate a wood mill so there's logs they're making planks of wood it's gonna be all outside everything cooked over fire you can already smell the spices in the air and then aunty is in charge of cooking in the back and then they have the mango chutney prepared the family is very well known for this oh wow oh it's awesome man oh it's so good dude like a Bal it's it's sweet a little bit spicy sour hmm [Applause] smells and dishes going so outside they're cooking dishes – there's a fish curry going there's shrimp that's simmering down with some herbs and spices you're Roma's the steam the cooking everything is cooked traditional most dishes are cooking in clay pots over fire the clay pots just build up the flavor and keep using the clay pots and that's one of the the traditional ways of cooking in sri lanka and this is going to be a feast that i can't wait coconut milk and shredded coconut is an essential ingredient in Sri Lankan food in cooking and they oftentimes I've just seen the traditional coconut road or just on a little like wooden stool but this is the deluxe version it's on like an office chair then over there he is slicing the gotu kola which is in english it's pennywort leaves i remember that from my last trip to Sri Lanka it's a it's a really green really healthy really like earthy tasting herb really good green joker eggplant right is good right it's an it girl competition here kitty-kitty so okay together this piece many spicy okay I'm fortunate combos yeah yeah yeah this is a fish curry with garcinia and then spices there's curry leaves in other chilies in it this is a favorite yeah many in this region and it's basically the other makes it like we come over here to just fine and he makes it the best how do you keep the flavor because it because of that yeah because that's a garcinia is very very sour fish okay taste testing oh wow hmm that's wonderful tell the black pepper in there – there's still black pepper who tastes the sourness of it all the sourness actually like keeps on coming and which it says that adding some coconut balances the flavour so that's the fresh grated coconut on top of that oh wow stunning yeah this is just an incredible tropical paradise the greenery the fruits the vegetables and herbs and spices it's all men coconuts are just bloomin prawns are done well here they come out right now oh what a dish it's getting ready to cook a couple dishes fish roe tuna tuna eggs tuna Roe curry but you just gotta check out these the design on the Sri Lankan stove style traditional clay style so the the charcoal the the wood fire would burn down here the clay pot sits above here and then there's air flow on the sides of it coconut oil there's onions there's garlic there's curry leaves there's pandan leaves that smells incredible already on the dish has just begun chilli powder there's curry powder there's pepper I think that's tamarind there's turmeric he added all the spice in and as soon as you add that in it's sort of like cakes up and actually the fire is a little too low so we're gonna take this back to the to the kitchen where the fire is a bit bigger to continue the cooking I'm following the fish egg curry but I just added in the fishing's those are some big chunks of tuna fish eggs flocking around in that spice mixture with those onions the fish eggs curry is ready now and what he did at the end is he kind of like popped the the egg sacs to spill out all those eggs did you really see that texture going on now and look how many dishes are ready they're all lining up this recipe is so there's there's onions in here there's chilies there's chicken oh yes so everybody has arrived now most of the food I think I think actually all the food is ready but she is just last minute she's crushing up some chilies the traditional way on what I love in Sri Lanka is they use it's like a slab of stone with a stone roller and that just like just annihilates smashes the chillies you can even hear them been sucking on this bad boy well there's not much meat on there left cuz it's on my stomach but I'd like for them just a couple naked seeds oh yeah mark we're doing a durian tour let's do a dirty tour we need to try them all we've got it going out live in oh yeah how's that durian awesome oh yeah it's amazing it will free me okay what you just brought over a family recipe this is a pork curry oh yeah crunches you did that crunch of that chicken deploy I like a k-cup of like curry paste on each piece of meat sweet potato fried slices of soupy Dale guff dig a new truly pop hole man all in another area you always want to do even better softer a hit more of bitterness shredded cassava mash up with some about pork curry that's like it's like shredded cassava so has totally different texture well like starchy hmm packed full of flavor oh that's insane the next one hold on actually okay what them together the chicken salad and sweet potato yeah [Laughter] we're just like snacking out of control right now we can't we can't help ourselves it's too good Moringa leaves we're all whining up self-service there's like there's like 12 different dishes bunch of different garnishes a bunch of different like pickles a bunch of salads there's rice there's it's just a it's a bounty of a feast it's beautiful amazing people amazing hospitality the generosity it's like an all-time high of excitement anticipation and beauty of culture food and hospitality videos show me I may go for a little bit of both rice there's there's white rice and there's red rice for the red rice on here this one is the brinjal curry and you can see that did the brinjal is eggplant it's fried there's shallots in here there's chillies in here kind of gotta like help it put it on penny work mix some ball Oh another dish all that one is the jackfruit curry Jeffrey curry right prawns curry then you can see the cinnamon you can see the curry leaves in here oh wow and I'm gonna I'm gonna go with a little bit of this sauce on my rice another some ball but I think this is like I made with something fried and crunchy dry curry again made with fish eggs fish roe I think this is also some type of a sambal with coconuts over on the sambal side of my plate is a tuna curry but made with the garcinia with that sourness oh wow this is just unbelievable this is the dish that we saw him fully prepare the fish eggs Korean look at that look at the texture that you can see how he pops those egg sacs just to fill it all the eggs just bloom out this one I believe this coconut we can see the curry leaves in here and you can see the little baby shrimp yes I think this is the one I taste it is the jackfruit curry Holton Man party and rich and fulfilling this one is the pineapple curry like string beans Gohan I think this is a fish curry as well right on top all the rice you can no longer see the rice finish this off with a little bit of the mango chutney which I also sampled which is unbelievable good okay there is rice under here trying to get everything a little bit of all of the dishes and there is rice below there but it's just completely covered in just a layer of like there's at least a dozen different curries here plus all the garnishes plus all the some balls plus all the it's just beautiful I think I'm gonna begin with whatever is right in the center I think that's a mix of both I think that's a mix of the the jackfruit curry plus some of the pineapple curry you can see the curry leaves in there got some of the pineapple curry in there you got that sweetheart flavor wash the black pepper in there also it got like tomato weed jam the squid here oh and that's it that's also the the fish bro curry as well you can see that texture left the fish roe just popping out of there Wow the fish roe is unbelievable has a really soft capture a really smoky taste to it and you taste that like roasted curry powder all that spectacular revolve my plate over to those they'll go to Cola mmm really green tasting really you taste the coconut in there too the shredded coconut actually in that bite I also had a bite of the eggplant the brinjals curry which is the eggplant is fried then mixed with the spices it has like a sweet caramelized taste to it okay moving on to the shrimp now I think I'm gonna eat this whole thing what's amazing is a lot of the dishes use similar spices in common but everybody all of the dishes have a different unique taste to them a few different ingredients and then just all of them together just form a harmony on your flip they're all unique they're all like ultra flavorful the spices just stand out the the way they've been cooked over the fire you taste the smoke in the dishes just a jackfruit curry yeah okay awesome I missed the dish this is a jackfruit curry with coconut milk the jackboot is like it's not fully right but not fully young either it has like some it has different texture so you taste the seeds which are more potato II thank you so much this Buddhist onion area it's it's really an honor to be here you guys have taken such good care of us thank you so much thank you anticipating about this the company our entire group and they're in heaven thank you what to do thank you so much and we are still like digging in yeah I didn't realize that plate of food really added up dude that was a that was a pretty massive plate of food I'm still working on it happily and just loving every single bite might my taste buds are just overflowing with deliciousness final bite from this plate I saved a last fish it's almost like a like a tube like a like a shoot the plates are deep the food just keeps adding up that was I was stunning and I almost almost forgot about the crab curry that is the next dish Oh hello there drenched drenched in juice baby had to leave in a couple showers during his love in life I'm gonna have to go for another shower and I think I might join you yeah I had almost forgotten about the crab parry I'm just covered sweat because it's the blue crab it's like easier to crack that okay I got that crab D shelled mix it with the sauce Oh crab is stunning as well oh man oh and you bite that shell just the juices just run out under your chin yeah with these crabs you don't even need the crackers no no I didn't burst you this type of blue crab that's one of the benefits of it huh the shell is so thin and then the juice the the curry just like seeps into the crab into the show it's a mutant coordinate it's called the Oh kitty right welcome to well the gamma Food Festival all right I'm tapping out yes substitution that's all you mark dude I need a shower with you oh the camera is covered in crab my face is covered in crab and curry good thing there's a hose over here at the post curry why this is what's needed your turn that's just too tempting oh yes oh wow that feels wonderful what a meal dude the digestive sweats a chili curry sweats coconut yeah it's like jelly right so yeah baby sweet nectar yes where's the sugar the syrup palm sugar sugar let me tell you if it's good first Raceway okay everybody so shocked so silky smooth just like drowning it in like coconut sugar and palm palm syrup Hickory the convictive that is like a rare breed of a mutant coconut rate of three weeks to get five decreed coconuts yeah and thank you it is a natural wonder of the world without a doubt thanks ray also that incredible immediately they're not kidding you thank you thank you so much that was amazing oh yes thank you so much thank you man he is one of the chef's amazing thank you thank you so much thank you mama for your amazing hospitality and for hosting us in for your food it's incredible and incredible Oh Oh okay we made it back back on that slide after a huge meal I just bottom doubt that was an unbelievable lunch the food the hospitality the culture the Sri Lankan culture that was an extraordinary a memorable meal a very special privilege to have that opportunity I want to say a massive thank you to each it – Nick – lucky – uncle – auntie – the entire Nelson family in well agama they that was unbelievable amazing fluid amazing experience and a learning opportunity I want to say a massive thank you to everybody who prepared the food everybody we interacted with and hung out with them – David the hungry tourists for arranging this entire tour I'll have all of their links in the description box below so you can check them out and I want to say a huge thank you to you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed click subscribe now and also click the little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that I publish thanks again for watching I'll see you on the next video

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  5. Mark, this was a very insightful as well as educational look into Sri Lankan culture and food; the love for sharing friendship and food is inspiring.

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  8. Thanks Mark and the other people who invite him as well as us into their culture and tradition and the food. Pray and love for Sri Lanka and Mark family.

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