Update on the Korean dog meat industry documentary expose

Welcome to the visual uptight about the dog meat documentary in South Korea. My name is James Hyams and I’m the deputy editor of
the observer the documentary is on track however it’s taking slightly longer than
we thought. The reason for this is we had trouble getting skilled volunteers
who had a lot of availability unfortunately a lot of the volunteers
have limitations on the time that they can give us they have to
make a living somehow understandably so consequently we’ve had to do a lot of
the workout self weaving myself and I only go so far we’ve done a lot of
interviews and we visited a lot of places we’ve got great interviews with
dog farmers government policy writers restaurant owners don’t mediators and
all activists undercover investigator now he’s brilliant he’s given us some
footage shot over an eighteen-month period and we have that footage from
himself thank you very much to the person you
know we’ve attended dog bombs one of which was a two-story dog cages on top
of each other or put some visuals out that we went to politicians office with
a particular animal activists were you interviewed animal activists have been
to their houses we went to domain Association and interviewed the manager
of the darkness I see action we followed waste food truck and identified that the
waste food that is thrown out from restaurants are being fed to the dogs
will actually not just a dog’s a lot of the livestock in South Korea offered by
this method so we interviewed the food waste manager got some more information on that what
the doc tom’s of Maine to do so is for the sanitary and we went to animal
shelters thats interviewed vets and poppy painting cafes unfortunately
current film inside but the puppy petting cafes are unfortunately some of
them are quite close to don’t mean restaurants just i I don’t understand
how you know on the same street we can have a dog meat restaurant and dog cafe
complete contradictions of culture while eating dog the other ones petting dogs
are paying two pet dogs anyhow so in summary the dog the documentary is on
track it’s going as planned we’re going to continue through we’re
gonna get it finished better as he said because town and i doing a lot of the
work ourselves we don’t have time for other things but we also unfortunately I
take a lot longer to do the documentary but in saying that we have some great
volunteers on board I want to say a big thank you to Christine young transit
from Macquarie University in Sydney she’s currently in South Korea and
translating for us and will do for the next couple of months big thank you to Wendy who has
translated an interview with baked high and also set up other interviews and
given us inside information very big thank you to Wendys she’s been
invaluable also a big thank you to the undercover investigator we know he was
united haha and thank you so much progress on interviews Syfy has been
great we still have another baby 25% of interviews to do I have to return to
South Korea wants more do those interviews with Townley and perhaps some
other people as well do some kind of ways and then the final it will stop ok
which brings me to the t-shirts these t-shirts will be sent out to the people
who are legible who donated $70 or more and shows that this t shirt was designed
by jane roe’s dot com now dang donated her time to do this to Asia for us she’s
a brilliant design a check out our web page if you want to buy any of these
shirts please let us know they going for $20 plus post each or 30
us’ tools for two plus postage those of you who ordered days as part of your
perk when you turn 18 they will be arriving around February I presume based
on where you are in the world contacted he won this t-shirt also want
to say thank you to the diners thank you guys without your donations without your
support we would have been able to shoot this dog made documentary also I want to
say a big thank you to everyone who’s watched the dog meat documentary trailer
so far and shared it acted whatnot would like you to keep sharing that and also
promoting the documentary if you can and also gives some tips and hints of you
think we’re going off in the wrong direction somewhere let us know this is
your documentaries much these days else to place let us know which brings
me to my next point we need a toggle for the documentary so if you think of one
please let us know we need to hear from you if you have a particular television
network that you like us to present the documentary tour make a pilot for please
let us know if you have contacts that would like to receive this documentary
who were in the media in the press or perhaps choose for networks which
documentary they gonna buy or look at screening please contact with him we
need your support on this so the distribution channels are either to a
television network or to put it on the internet for free now be put on the
internet for free it can have water distribution however will I didn’t
mention daily about we’ve exhausted basically all the funding we got so far
it’s been allocated already unfortunate that puts us in a position where we
don’t really have any more funny to work with that’s why we’re selling t-shirts
and whatnot as well so if you would like to donate some more please do so if we
make a surplus and get a surplus if we sell a documentary always shirt was
certainly look at giving don’t volunteers some money people like dying
and also other people who have gone uncover people are provided us with
footage also animal shelters that we’ve interviewed animal activists that we’ve
interviewed obviously talented I will get reimbursed for it if we manage to
sell the documentary and any surplus will go to the animal welfare
associations in South Korea and maybe even crandall’s old and care who have
both been right in supporting us in this documentary the decision is yours I do
we put it online on the internet for free or do we sell it to television
networks let us know place and also the title and please if you want to promote
our shirts for sale as well please do so I’m more than happy if you guys get a
shirt and then say hi you know we want a few more to sell or whatever please do
that if you want let us know in my contact so that’s basically it for now
once again I want to stress thank you so much guys without your support this
documentary wouldn’t be possible and without your donations once again the documentary wouldn’t be
possible but I want to say a big thank you to the animal activists those people
who work daily against the dog meat industry in South Korea we thank you we
are just journalists we can only cover what you’re doing what you guys are the
real activists you guys need our support we need your support we need to work
together thanks again guys thanks for dan I T

4 thoughts on “Update on the Korean dog meat industry documentary expose

  1. The suffering of these animals is horrific and beyond the pale.   It's cruel, immoral, unconscionable, irrational, hateful and merciless AND NEEDLESS.  WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS! === More and more, albeit slowly, the world is learning of these brutal atrocities and strongly urging S. Korea to close these monstrous farms.   TOGETHER WE CAN ABOLISH THE DRACONIAN, IRRATIONAL, VIOLENT, MERCILESS, TORTUROUS DOG&CAT MEAT FARMS. —– PRECIOUS LIVES ARE DEPENDING ON US.

  2. If you sell this full movie as a DVD right now you can recover all your expenses and get it out to the world, with several hundred thousand dollars profit, from Western democracies alone. The sooner the better. Not that many people in the USA and Canada get to go to festivals. A fraction of a fraction of one percent. Your movie has a huge mass appeal to sell to the public.

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