Unagi (うなぎ) – GRILLED EEL Japanese Food at Obana Restaurant (尾花) in Tokyo, Japan!

good morning hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens in Tokyo Japan this is another line up restaurant and I am here at about 10:30 a.m. the restaurant opens at 11:30 a.m. and everyone is here unagi which is a grilled japanese-style freshwater eel which is a delicacy in Japan this is one of the classic legendary restaurants in the in a neighborhood in Tokyo and we're going to wait out the line and try some of this famous unagi I cannot wait for it the Sun is pretty intense today and actually I've read that wanagi is especially common to eat in the hot summer months so it's not it is it is the summer right now the Sun is strong a lot of people have come prepared with umbrellas but but not me but look like I do have a little cloth for shade well then people if it's still an hour before they open but people are people are really starting to come you got it this is one of those places you got to really get here an hour before they opened to get in and make sure ensure you have a seat we've got about a 30-minute wait still but they came around to see how many people are in our party since they only can seek well they can only seat so many people so they come around to take your account of your party but I just wanted to come take a look at the line it goes all the way around the corner and down the block this is why I love Japan food apart from a mild case of sunburn that was one of the more entertaining line weights but a restaurant that I've ever experienced in Japan and we are now being led in it's a whole house compound and beautiful actually there's a there's a garden in front here and you I know this is a traditional style Japanese restaurant so they have the tatami mats on the floor and we're going to sit on the floor I've been just dreaming about eating eel that entire weight take off your shoes get weird Wow just entering the restaurant while this is the cool place let's just an open open like living space do you feel like you've taken a step back in time here is a traditional Japanese style they even have an English menu but I'm definitely going for not doing hi large rocks 112 – large black pan we should finish yes yes thank you I had to start off with some simple appetizers got a bowl pickles and then 'wait obsession me just arrived but I know that they drill the heel fresh so it can take a little bit of time it's only like salty briny very clean but what I love it the texture and so it's so refreshing we crisp the other appetizer got I got it shamea this is fresh rock carp sliced in the really delicate beautiful slices there's even an ice cube on top here to see Betty cold and refreshed there's a sheet to leave some garnish and it's served with a with a top don't know if I've ever had this to put sauce with sashimi it says vinegar the meat so so I will grab one of these even look how they've just arranged that thin slices of white meat fish and I'm going to dip that into the Amazon the fish is virtually like a neutral tasting but it is it is tender it does sort of dissolve on your tongue and that's miso sauce my god it tastes like a really condensed into yourself with a sweet sourish taste to it and with almost like a mostly the roasted I almost taste like a little bit of Marmite have a flavoring in there in that miso that is elegant I couldn't get a real close-up look at how they're making though Nagi but they do have a window and you can see from a distance and it looks like they actually seem that yield first they seem it and then grill it but I know cooking eel is the real the real skill and it's a real delicacy in Japan it's a very delicate delicate thing to cook if you do something wrong it could just collapse and fall apart it's very fragile they definitely know exactly what they're doing when it comes to cooking yield they are extremely efficient and very very organized here but it doesn't take a long time for your eel to arrive but you know it has finally arrived this little box is the reason that everyone's willing to wait in line and wait it out for the contents of this box we got two different types of Wu Nagi to split and actually I didn't know that they were both going to be in the lacquer wooden boxes but only only one of them which is the nod you came in the wooden box and then the other one that we ordered it called comma Y axis which is a bigger eel becomes grilled on a plate with a separate bowl of rice so two different styles of presentation this one this one is the classic traditional style I cannot wait to open this I'm going to start with the box oh yeah all that just all that just felt great to open that box that's like what that is that that's like opening a gift and it's just so so pretty the way they present it with the box with rice of bed of rice on the bottom and then the grill do not give Bo on top I'm ready to dig in I'm going right for the the box and I'm going to go on that edge there you can just get glistening oh it feels so incredibly buttery and look at that well with some of the rice for a while with to the skin and I just completely melted Oh dad okay buttery would be an understatement that is like like cushy boilie but like here that's that's insane I have had wanagi before but nothing of this gourmet of this level of this quality that that is seriously just it's actually like hard to even believe how how creamy how soft how melt-in-your-mouth that is that is that is the bite that everybody waits in line for here that's at sensational another notable component wanagi here is the sauce how do not give before in previous places and the sauce the sauce is more overpowering it's more more salty more sweet this sauce is very very light you just can sense a slight glaze almost and that's about it but it's very very light sauce it really just highlights that yield and we can absolutely conditional that is wondrous to say the least it's insane have never tasted girl deal like this before just on the next level next I'm going to take that other type of yield and it's served on the plate oh yeah that feels that feels buttery indeed as well look at that cross-section that's insane as well oh that one might even be creamier I don't even know I'm just done a little bit of an eel euphoria right now that's amazing okay try somebody people's I'm very light very crisp and maybe just lightly very lightly salted that went down way too fast and way too easily that is one box of food that you're going to want out you're going to want to lick Queen you don't even want to leave a single grain of rice behind oh that was just just amazing that was a New Deal experience that I've had I've ever had I did not want that head I got though wow that was so good and you pay up at the front there our total bill came to thirteen thousand eight hundred and twenty for you and so that is that it's not a cheap meal that you can have and that is a as a gourmet delicacy version of unagi but it was so worth it that was that was that was unlike any other piece of grilled eel that I've ever had and I've had I've definitely had it a number of times but the quality one thing one thing I just love about Japanese food is that you just you when you pay for a meal like this you you it's worth it you know you got the such a good quality such a such an art and it's part of the experience that was amazing I want to say a big thank you to my friend David Khalifa for recommending this restaurant and also I want to say a big thank you for you for watching this video please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below and if you're not already subscribed click subscribe now for lots more food and travel videos thank you again for watching and I'll see you on the next video

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  1. This is a very famous unagi restaurant in Tokyo. I'd have sake with shirayaki before the unaju meal. Thumbs up!

  2. Imagine you’re just walking down the street and all of a sudden a man comes and whispers into your ear

    “Goodmorning hope you’re having an amazing day it’s Mark Weins in Tokyo Japannnn” 👁🕳👁

  3. His meal report is better than  Japanese entertainers.  his  impression has  datailes  about  tastes of   Unagi   and  full of fresh impressions.

  4. Mark that was a fantastic video.The Unagi looks absolutely mind blowing.The traditional & legendary restaurants you are exposing to everyone in japan is really something to be appreciated.😊

  5. Love watching Mark. His diction is clear and so is the overall volume modulation that makes listening pleasurable.

  6. That was awesome, and all the stuff looked DELICIOUS! For that price though, LOL, they should have let you take home that box!
    hehe <X D

  7. First time i saw Unagi bento in anime Isekai Izakaya. And i can see the real food ! Thanks Mr. Mark !!!!

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