Ultimate Disneyland Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney Treats

– I’m, for no reason at all whatsoever, just gonna eat my way
through Disneyland today. I am armed with antacids because this is gonna be a
heartburn-inducing journey. Stay tuned, I guess. I might die. This gorgeous and thicc dill pickle is just a thing of beauty. It’s also really cold and now I have pickle brain-freeze. It tastes like my childhood. I don’t know why my childhood
tastes like pickles, but it’s so good. We’re going to get a churro at the castle, which is the pinnacle of Disney food. (hip-hop beat) There’s cinnamon up my nose. It’s really good, though. This tastes like if you had a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
but heated it up first and ate it on a hundred-degree day. Highly recommend. I’m about to eat grey stuff (laughs) of “Beauty and the
Beast” “grey stuff” fame. – [Lumiere] ♪ Try the gray
stuff ♪ ♪ It’s delicious ♪ – [Tess] This is the Grey Stuff Twist. A little unclear as to
what’s happening here. I just feel the urge to smell it because it doesn’t look so nice. This is like if you dipped
undercooked Pillsbury dough that you’ve rolled in Oreos into pudding. It’s not a bad thing. I’m just gonna chase that
grey stuff with a little Red Rose Lemonade Freeze, which is so much prettier
than anything I’ve ever seen. We’re walking into Adventureland. At this little tiki stand behind me is the home of the famous
Pineapple Dole Whip, which is what we’re gonna do right now. This is so famous. I feel like I’m in the
presence of a celebrity. I don’t even wanna eat it with a spoon, I just wanna go right in. Oh, it’s so good! Eat it on every 90-degree
day for the rest of my life. Despite the fact that I feel
vaguely like vomiting (laughs), we are going to order a Mickey
Mouse pretzel right now. If you could just hold on for a minute, there is a band so rudely interrupting my gluttonous Disney eating. No, I’m just kidding,
it’s magical and great. (band playing) – If I vomit, will you include
it in the video? (laughs) We just got a three-pack
of Mickey bignets. Insider tip – I’m told: In
order to evenly distribute the sugar – because, God forbid,
that sugar goes to waste – you’ve just gotta shake
it up a little bit. (gasps) They’re really cute! I would just like the start
by saying this is burning hot, which is absolutely something
that should not exist in this park at this point in time. Anyway, he’s powdery,
sugary, and delicious and I really do love him. He’s also hot as (beep), though. (blows raspberry) So we’re here, about to
get creamy clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, because, even on a day like today, I’m told it’s a must-have here in Disney. It’s looking pretty dense in there. (hip-hop beat) It’s so good. It tastes like bacon and cream and all the things that good New England clam chowder should taste like. Can I please have the
Mickey ice cream sandwich? (stately music) It’s so great! It’s like an ice cream sandwich but it is lodged in
between my every tooth. Can I just get one corn dog, please? I don’t mean to be dramatic, and I also have no gauge for how the normal width of a corndog – the girth on this feel very large. That’s dirty, I shouldn’t
say that at Disney. Can you look away? It doesn’t feel right to
make direct eye contact while I’m doing this, but — Can I please have one of the
Minnie Ears candy apples? I’m told you can’t come to Disneyland and not have a candy apple. Not only is this extremely heavy, but I already found sprinkles up my nose and I haven’t even taken a bite yet. Oh, God! (laughs) I just tried to sink my
teeth through many layers of miscellaneous sweet
things and I literally couldn’t even get to the apple. I got it! Sticky… And sweet! So, straight off that candy apple debacle, we’re gonna go get a Matterhorn macaroon, which has some kind of
candy snow-type thing and coconuts and whatever and it sounds sweet. (electronic music) We came here with the
intention of only walking away with a Matterhorn macaroon
– which, by the way is extremely heavy and also looks like if my mom set Rosh Hashanah on fire. I said, “It looks a
little bit like if my mom just melted Rosh Hashanah. (laughs) Do you know
what I’m talking about? She’s gonna see this and won’t be happy. It’s fine. There is super dense coconut to the face. It tastes like Passover,
not Rosh Hashanah. Yet another thing that’s just all over me the second I take a bite. (stately music) So now that we’re deep
into this Disney dive, I feel like we I’ve
realized that the best way to get into these is just
to bite from the top, so I might do that, no matter
how ridiculous it looks. Oh, that wasn’t good. Instead of when you split
the Oreo in half and you eat each half, that’s
when you just go right in and it’s just too much. Look at that! That’s – oh my God, what’s in the middle? Lemon curd? Passionfruit? Yes, it is a known
thing that unicorns poop passionfruit flavored,
so that makes sense. So I know I said I was only
gonna stick to Disneyland and eat everything there, but Pixar food – how
could I possibly resist? (hip-hop beat) Tastes radioactive. I mean, it literally tastes like it looks. This cookie is so large and deep, it’s a little intimidating
from the outside. I’m ready to make a mess with it. It’s like if a deep dish
pizza were a cookie. It’s so rich! This is a one-and-done kind of deal. I mean, probably not, I’ll eat more. (hip-hop beat) Alright, I need a quick protein break. I don’t know that I have it in me to get a giant turkey leg so here we are. It’s spicy and super meaty and I’ve honestly never
felt less attractive in my whole life than
when I was just taking a bite of that chicken leg right now. If it were 2 am and I could
choose anything to eat in the entire world, this would be it. I am quite literally dripping – all the things, but
chicken juice included. I don’t care, I don’t care. (mariachi music) This is it, we’ve made it to the end. Just gonna have a Señor Buzz churro and then I’m probably gonna die. It smells as scary as it looks. If you melted down a
million Red Hots and then just coated a churro in them, I guess. I’m scared I might have an ulcer. Oh God! Oh, it hits you in the back. I thought I was fine and now I’m not. It tastes like Red Hots. At this point in time,
I have eaten just about everything there is to eat here. I have the battle scars in the form of chicken juice to prove it. I’m just gonna go lie down somewhere, maybe on a ride, maybe
right here in the street. (laughs) I don’t know. (mariachi music)

100 thoughts on “Ultimate Disneyland Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Disney Treats

  1. Why get these skinny weak chicks in for doing a food taste for multiple food items, rather than talking about the food they are just complaining how sick they feel, at least get a fat chick that will enjoy it ffs

  2. theme food park always look delicious, but when you are there its even worse, its the smell, they attract you with the smell,then charge full price because they know your addicted those smells those dirty bastard

  3. at the disneyland hotel they sell dole whip (just saying this because i think that some people think that you can only get dole whip from that place in adventureland

  4. I think… My opinion is that she swears to much ! I know they bloop it out but all these places she goes to are full of little little kids ! And they hear the real swear words which is not nice as a mother i wouldn’t be too happy 😕

  5. I see all these people defending her cuz of the comments but where are the hate comment. Tbh I think some of y’all haven’t seen any hate comments at all and r just commenting just because.

  6. I thought she was being honest and I found that refreshing. ..now we know what Disney has to offer. .
    Nothing! A hotdog or corn dog. …Go to her Dolly Wood trip and you will see a big difference. ..we do things right in the south ☺

  7. y’all just check her HARRY POTTER WORLD FOOD CHALLENGE VIDEO if you’re looking for more “positive” vibes [shes doing her best peeps]

  8. bruh some people are really hating on her bcoz they think she complains a lot. I mean it's hot af there and I can agree with that. when I first watch the video I thought she was such a fun person and normal apparently. but y'all sensitive ass really calling her for such unnecessary reason. bruh why can't she just be herself without damn haters bashing her either the way she talks or behave, like boi she's human. I mean tbh tho the video ain't scripted either not like Insiders review

  9. GREAT video! I had to try the chicken when I was there last month because of this video!! I also made a few copy-cat videos of some of the mickey cookies. Check them out. You don't have to go to Disneyland to have these treats, you can make them! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLfIrXVNpTc&t=60s

  10. Tess is seriously the most likable and charming gal I've ever watched! I just keep coming back to her iconic eats videos!

  11. People complaining about people complaining about her…. but if people did complain about her, I guess you just don’t know how to read people. She just has a particular way of talking. I found her perfectly likable and feel like we’d get along well. The only thing is that if she was my friend I’d tell her to pull her shorts down just a bit because I like to make sure my girls look good.

  12. What did they do with all the food she didn’t finish

    Like did she eat it all did the camera person eat it what’s happening

  13. I’m so mad, I went to Disney land, and I asked where to get the grey stuffs and they said it’s only in Disney world 😩 liesss

  14. Here's the thing tho- if you knew you were gonna do this, why not just take a few bites of each thing? Or even share with a friend off camera?

    I'm assuming money was not an issue here, and that she wasn't doing this already, based on her stomach comments

  15. I feel like she is tying to joke around and see what the person behind the camera reacts but….they don’t seem to react that much 😅

  16. Massive props to your stomach omg 😂

    I literally had the Abominable Snowman parfait and wanted to cry immediately 😅

  17. Interesting how we only ever see her take one bite, and a very small delicate one at that. You don’t retain a figure like that by eating all the food. I’d like to know what they did with the rest of the food though. If they threw it away, that’s so wasteful. Waste of food, waste of money (probably not even their own money), and a symbol of everything wrong with my generation. I hope they didn’t do that. 😕

  18. I never understand why people go someplace cool like disney land and get stupid food like popcorn… You can literally get that anywhere anytime, it's a waste of money and stomach space..

  19. Is something wrong with this woman’s teeth?She looks like she is in pain when she is taking a bite.Her face looks like she is not happy or hurting.

  20. Hey yall! I wrote a blog on DCP! I based it off of my friends that have participated and off of vlogs! It's a quick read so go check it out! @t

  21. Tess has a great sense of humor and is a real trooper for marathon-eating a wide variety of very different foods in hot, crowded Disneyland.

  22. Who else is frustrated by the crazy amount of food waste that is clearly happening in this video and all the other theme park food videos – like what is done here? She takes a bite and then a couple of the camera crew have some, then after like the fourth food item everyone’s too full and it all just goes in the bin??

  23. There's a theme park in Santa Claus Indiana that's holiday themed, it's called Holiday World and literally every part of the park is a different holiday. I used to work there when I was 16 in the thanksgiving part of the park and I think it would make a really interesting video to eat your way through the park! There's even a waterpark during the summer with it's own food.

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