Types of People Who Stay in Hotels

You ready to go? Checkout is at 11. Just a second! (laughing) Look at this room! We got an ice bucket, a microwave, AND a fridge?! Whoa… Awesome! I think we get HBO… We do! (laughing maniacally) Alexa: turn on the fan. (phone ringing) (on phone)
Hello. Front desk. Yes, give me another glass of the bubbly, and perhaps an artisanal cheese plate, please. (on phone)
Uh…we have a vending machine downstairs…) Oh perfect! Bring that up, room 305. Thank you. Mmm this is the life. (alarm clock beeping) It's time! (air horn noise) Unlock your adventure in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The key to the South. Special thanks to the city of Vicksburg for having us back again. We had an amazing time! There's so much great stuff to do here, no matter what type of hotel person you are. Unless you're the noisy one. Then, just…stay home. Be sure to check out our other videos and subscribe to our channel.

23 thoughts on “Types of People Who Stay in Hotels

  1. How about the CHEAPSKATE? I have cleaned rooms in Pocatello Idaho…tips were pretty good. In eastern Oregon…nonexistent. In Dickinson ND my supervisor and her daughter took them so I don't know, lol

  2. Lol 😂😂 I think I'm probably the one who brings all of their own stuff! Lol 😂😂😂
    Loved this video! Great job!! 👍

  3. I'm the one who acts like they've never been in a hotel before and the one who brings things from home and the one whose key card doesnt work lol

  4. For me, it depends upon why I have a hotel room. I may be too busy to actually spend too much time at the hotel. Or I may be there for a convention, and going in and out of my room all weekend.

  5. The things I do when we first get inside the hotel

    1. Take deep breaths, smelling that nice hotel smell

    2. Wishing that we can get to our hotel room quicker

    3. Looking for the pool to see how big it is.

    4. Riding on a Hotel Luggage Cart

    5. Making sure I'm in the front of everyone else so I can click the elevator button (The sound is always nice)

    6. Clicking the button inside the elevator to what floor we need to go on.

    7. Jumping around in the elevator because it's super exiting.

    8. Taking the Key for our room and sliding it in the slot to get inside our room.

    9. Finally asking for help because I can't get the key inside the right way

    10. Running through the hotel, looking at all the rooms there is

    11. flopping on the bed I'll sleep on to see how nice it is

    12. Going out onto the balcony at looking at the view

    13. Looking through the fridge to see if there is anything there, which there never is

    14. Trying to figure out which remote controllers go to which TV

    15. Helping unpack everything even though it's the thing I don't want to do…

    The Great Things About Hotels

    1. The great hotel smell that is at every hotel.

    2. The sound of your shoes sliding across the smooth floor in the entrance (For the best experience use Flip- Flops)

    3. The sound of the buttons being pressed on the elevator

    4. The feeling of the elevator going up

    5. The feeling of the carpet on the floor you're on

    6. Seeing the cleaness on the bed

    7. Going to the pool and taking off your shoes to feel the hard floor under your feet

    8. The smell of chlorine

    9. The feeling of the towel when you are soaking wet

    10. When you go down the elevator the next morning to get breakfast

    I Probably Forgot Some Special Moments Of Hotels
    (Whoops :P)

  6. Working at a hotel in North Carolina I will say the ones I get the most are people who lack common sense and can never get the lock to work. Usually from ohio. I honestly don't get it. I get less questions and issues from a foreign traveler from Germany then from 4th generation middle class American citizens.

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