Trying TRADITIONAL Eats & Local Street Food in Macau China | OMG EGG TARTS!

good morning Randy ah I'm on my way to Macau which is really not far from Hong Kong about an hour ferry ride of course Macau has the reputation of being basically the Vegas of Asia but also has a really deep food culture influence of course by the Portuguese the Chinese and of course of local people so it's gonna be really fun food day let's go so there's a few way to get you Macau from Hong Kong one is the uber posh will be just to fly in a helicopter which this disparity provides the most common way which is what I'm doing is by like speed ferry like really fast ferry boat you could also drive them but this is the most common way it will be there in less than half an hour and I just wondered instant noodles that was dumb but it was free it was including my ticket price so the Asian doesn't mean wouldn't let me not water it oh it's actually pretty good I figure they just give me a couple Moodle or something but we fancy the thing is this boat is really wobbly so that is just be careful otherwise just Robyn's gonna end up on my lap this is definitely instant noodle and they may have added a piece of meat in here again this is a mistake this is a food tour of Macau I shouldn't even be starting right now but can't turn you down through that I already before pretty good noodles first official fight of the day there's some foods are very signature Macau one of them is a pork chop sandwich this place supposedly sells one of the best one of them say kee cafe and this place has been around since 1965 over 50 years so we're gonna go get a sandwich and it's already online look at this already it just looks like a regular pork chop sandwich I see what's so special about it all right as I'm getting closer to the store I smell it now it smells incredible just the smoky sweet fragrant aroma of the pork it's just punchy and that nose right now this tastes half as good as it smells my being for something special here all right finally got my order so it was a fairly long line took about 20 minutes to get my order there it is the pork chop sandwich it's literally a massive for cha between two pieces of toasted bread this pork chop still has to bow in it some fatty parts some lean parts everything deep-fried sitting on a toasted bun it doesn't look like they did much to this pork chop this is when the Asian squad really comes in handy you know the places sit but you still got to eat something gotta watch over you take a bite I mean there's still polls in here all right couple bites in my assessment is that it's a good sandwich I mean it's a fried pork chop that's pretty much always gonna be good the pork chop is slightly seasoned it's got a fantastic fried aroma to it but it's not the most flavorful but before chops in I'm kind of confused what it's doing in this bun I almost wish there's something to dip this in like like some mustard or maybe some sriracha or something to get I feel like it's missing some sort of sauce the bun there's really nothing on the bun it just toasted bun it's a good pork chop sandwich but that's all it is a pork chop in a couple toasted buns again the pork chop is fry so it's got a nice aroma it's got good texture most of it is juicy I liked the fatty parts from the middle is a tad dry I feel like this isn't worth standing in line for like half an hour for I mean it's good and you should definitely try if you're ever in Macau because there's good thing to try but it's okay I mean for four bucks that's all right not a bad deal it's pretty big okay just remember don't don't just blindly buy down on it otherwise SAP it really wouldn't be a worth if you have to go fix your team after this we're gonna go try some Portuguese food I'm on type ha Island right now if you can see there's a lot of a historical feel behind it and the alley I just pass there's tons of snacks almost every stall is selling some sort of eats almond cookies really popular in Macau of course egg tarts so we're gonna go try all that but there's a restaurant I want to go to first they're supposed to have really amazing Portuguese for walk probably Portuguese and Chinese influence food you don't see vibrant colors like this in Asia like walking around kind of reminds me of my grandparents place just like a charming village setting look how of course was a Portuguese colony for hundreds of years so there's a lot of Portuguese influence and of course Portuguese food of course for authentic Portuguese food got a Portugal but my friends told me if I'm in Macau I gotta try it this restaurant that sells some amazing Portuguese cuisine I'm mainly here for this one dish called clams booyah patio and it's just clam stir-fry with lemon and garlic have to get that I also want to try their traditional Portuguese ooh how super Alain Tiana sorry from mispronouncing that and then some beef this is the soup aisle and Johnna right here there's a poached egg couple of pieces of toast shredded confidence this is a really traditional Portuguese children and this broth is added after the ingredients are brought to you and poured over the poached egg and the toast and the cob fish and there's a little bit of olive oil in the broth as well yeah this looks amazing I'm gonna try the broth first this is so pretty and the way they did it it's so intricate and beautiful and of course the hosts have since expanded the soup is very light a really nice taste of the fish it's garlicky taste the cilantro the soup is really meant to be eaten all together the coffee just brings a nice texture because everything is so shocked from the some bread to the egg and the broth is gentle as well and the confit is provides that nice shoe and I thought the soaked bread will be just like you know who loves soggy bread but again that just brings a slight difference in texture a mouthfeel to this whole dish I think a little more garlic let's go get the fall I just smell my clams being cooked right now that garlicky lemony aroma from here this is the famous Portuguese clam dish stir fry with onions garlic cilantro it's aroma it's basically driving me insane right now that's the best bite of food I've had all day oh that's amazing fresh clams a little citrusy little buttery really garlicky there's a kind of clams out where you're when you're eating you don't want to just eat them more so you want to just put the whole thing your mouth like a lollipop and just suck on it in the cilantro what a perfect complement to the clamps only bad thing I'll say about this distress I'm a bit still got little grains of sand it's time this is so good I'll put up with this hand Wow this is when bread really comes in handy that's great this is the beef tenderloin dish that they recommended so pieces of bacon on top of me just a ton of garlic had is a tender piece of beef and you can see the Jews easily coming to the surface you see a piece of beef like that you gotta just gently stroke it with your fork be nice to it the beef is just all gravy and on the side you have crispy fried potatoes as a gray stricter roasting is so garlicky I love how liberally they use garlic like every single dish garlic actually I need to go to Portugal because if they love garlic as much as I do that's my type of country and the potatoes you'll need to dip it and ketchup just dip it in this garlicky buttery sauce here that is the way to do it you want to take it up a notch dip it in the sauce I had a piece of bacon to it feel like somewhere in the world at that moment Emeril Lagasse just said BAM I love that all these dishes allows you to get your bread involved is their time and this is a popular Macau's dish called syrup Dora and it means sawdust basically this is sawdust pudding and it's got that name because it kind of looks like mr. salt that's in there but it's just crumpled biscuits there should be layers of cream and in this case it's just one layer but usually there's layers of cream basically clean and crumbled cookies as awesome as I was saying the words cream and crumpled cookies I'm thinking like what's the big deal it screaming crumpled cookies but Dishman oh this is so deliciously premium a little espresso flavor the combination of the soft cream and the little cookie crumble this is so irresistible this dessert is like hang out with your soul mate there is never enough now let's go do some more I'm at a restaurant called the twirl which serves local Macanese cruising these places right now I'm here to try a couple dishes one of which is known as the national dish of Macau that mentioned which is sort of like a breakfast dish basically minced meats over rice with eggs sounds simple supposedly amazing and the other dish is called African chicken now this is also some people consider a national dish of Macau which is really weird because it's called African chicken and the reason this dish is really popular here is that when we call was the colony of Portugal a lot of the officers who were in Africa they retired to Portugal and started opening restaurants and they start cooking dishes that that they had over in Africa and they brought it over here and this became a beloved dish for the past I think 5060 years or so this is the men'she rice potatoes minced beef and there's a sunset in here oh I was getting emotional when I do this yeah whoa golden yolk blown but that cover all that meat and potatoes this is like Macau's version of corned beef hash and eggs with rice my really I don't feel like eating any rice because of the potatoes it's good it's really meaty there's just a ton of meeting here tons of potatoes in here the egg is cooked perfectly I think this dish though needs a little bit of we'll get look at that me they give you I mean they definitely did not hold out on the beat thumbs up leave cook with caramelized onions I mean this is a good dish I feel like there's a reason they give you the rice it does need some rice that's the stuff there's a little overwhelming too much without the rice but this is a perfect rice dish for me this Aussie which is aching for some rice to grab on to I think what some chili oil this thing will be amazing it's already a dish that just looking at it I love it half of it it's just beef that's like what I want for every single dish I have they brought me some chilies Wow that's spicy I think that's what this thing kind of need it those getting a little too beefy but now a little spice counteracting that fat this is pretty darn good I could see why because a breakfast dish I mean it is a heavy dish especially if you eat all that potatoes this thing definitely will fill you up and make sure you're carrying a food baby for the rest of the day I'm finishing on dog this is the African chicken dish it's basically Macau's version of curry chicken – slaps of sauce and some pickles over cuts of chicken oh my goodness this is a good size dish this is gonna get a little messy gotta use my hands for this love everything about this except that the chicken is really dry sauce is amazing little free little spicy really mild but fragrant curry belies just dripping dry and there's a chicken leg it's hard to make a chicken leg dry if it wasn't for that there should be a really good dish I don't think they actually cook the chicken inside the curry I think they cooked the chicken first linen covered the table with curry so even though the curries good the chicken is not I mean I much rather just eat the curried put it over some rice that's good it's a shame because the flavor is nice the core is great but man they really tried this chicken up even though the crease nice this is a Miss for me all right enough with the savory dishes let's go get something target I mean that's that's really why I'm here this is the famous Lord stones bakery is supposedly there were the ones credited for creating the egg tart they're literally thanking everything and there's so many people here that whatever is freshly out of the oven it's pretty much so right away which is good for us this looks and smells so amazing I basically came to Macau for this I mean all the other foods gret I wanted to explore the culture of course all the other Macanese cuisines but I basically follow my nose of my heart all the way here for this amazingly flaky crust the beautiful spots of golden liquid is just peeking through the charged surface cheers Macau as one of those foods that when you bite into it you almost hear it before you taste it as your teeth sinks into that crusty surrounding for just a few seconds the world melts away like that creamy custard that's inside this egg tart close your eyes and just enjoy those couple of seconds where you're basically floating down the clouds in heaven where this was probably made big on merit don't just buy one get a box this will buy you about a minute of complete charlotte's you're worth it just you and the egg tart tofu and y'all call gelato bet you never had this combo before that tastes exactly like tofu it's not bad it's just kind of like a sweet soy milk you know anything yeah called touches turns delicious this ice cream shop during your ice cream is spicy ice cream all right they're out of this spicy ice cream but Steph the durian and that's something you're supposed to try in Macau so you're one of those and they make this with fresh durian doesn't really smell all that pungent this actually tastes really good mmm it's really creamy and nice and that texture fits pretty well with ice cream ah I was really hoping to try the spicy ice cream before cuz I heard about it never had a chance to try it but this is excellent no it was really really good two ice creams in a row that's how we roll on a food aventure so one last dish I wanted to try before I head off back to Hong Kong it's the shrimp roll noodles now the place I'm a dad is very very touristy place there was one place I wanted to go to but I was really far eating I gotta make bet make it back for my theory so don't have the time to go all the way over there so I just wanted to try this dish just kind of get an idea of what it is so it's basically shrimp roll shrimp eggs dusted on top of like dry thin noodles I mean this is kind of prices like ten dollars for like a small portion fine not worth it is this thing is I wouldn't even call this a free appetizer and to eat it just mix the shrimp roll and I feel like at least this place doesn't give you a lot of shrimp roll I mean it's kind of covering the outside of my noodles and that's basically yeah and it's kind of crumble together so they're gonna cut it a bit for me it smells really shrimpy it smells good whoa mind the broth is good Oh I'm very crabby so the shrimp flavor even though I mean these are tiny little shrimp roll packs a mighty punch this is actually really surprisingly good I mean I still don't know it was this is worth like 10 bucks I don't know like shrimp roe is really hard to get or something this is a pretty tasty dish don't you those are very old ginger chewy like I said the broth is good too chili oil a little bit see what happens good hot oil god I got to taste this before I left from account because this would have been a fruit oh crap this is really good oh I finished that real quick all right one more thing I gotta eat before I head off I know I said it last time but I really mean it this time I already tried one version of Sara deride the restaurant but who that woman's umbrella almost ended me but I want to try a different version here this is a bittersweet you can see here high five layers yeah two three four five yep we make it and then we put in the freezer mm-hmm and then when the customers older we put in new fresh ones so that's the sawdust this is good stuff it's a nice creamy and I see it's like an ice cream cake and then it melts your mouth a little smooth last time I'm putting my mouth before I came back to Hong Kong this kind of way Neeta after that spicy prawn noodle what an incredibly fun day here in Macau I wish had more time here next time I'm actually gonna kind of get a hotel here because there's so much more of the city to explore I mean guys come on it's not just the casinos I mean I know this is like the Vegas of Asia but I mean just walk around for a dick or already see I having to scratch the surface of this beautiful vibrant city so thank you very much Macau for all the hospitality and I'm taking a piece of you with me or five pieces of you till we eat again guys see you later

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