TRYING the BEST Street FOOD in New York City!

(bass-driven upbeat music) – New York City is a melting pot of different cultures and food, and today we’re going to
hit up multiple food trucks to sample some of what New
York City has to offer. (bass-driven upbeat music) All right, so now we are
trying out some Halal food. These Halal food trucks are
everywhere around the city. You could probably find
one every other block when you’re walking around. So we’re going to start off here and try some Halal food. Can I get the lamb and chicken on a pita? Thank you. So I was just talking to
my friend there, Kamal, and he is from Pakistan and he says they make similar food
to this, actually better, over in Pakistan. I think it’s because
they serve it with rice, and maybe they’re not
cooking out of a truck. So he’s from Pakistan, he’s
been here for over ten years, and apparently he’s a pro
Halal street food maker, but he can do better in Pakistan. We’ll have to go there. Here we have classic
Halal food: this is lamb and chicken on a pita with
some hot sauce, some lettuce, you can pretty much find
this on every street corner anywhere walking around New
York, all times of the day. Never been to Pakistan,
but the flavors are very similar to the gyros
I’ve had over in Greece, which is pretty close, you know, when this food was made
back in the Ottoman Empire. You know, you’ve got that
kind of Middle Eastern flavor. This one is extra spicy. It’s good, and it is full of meat. It is just all falling out
because of how packed it is. And the pita bread is really amazing. It’s like sourdough bread, incredible. And here we have some Mexican
food at this Mexican truck. So guys, this is Henry,
and he’s been working here for 16 years, and you’ve been
just on this street, right? For 16 years? – This block exactly. – And you said your family is from Mexico? – Yes.
– Where in Mexico? – They are from Oaxaca and Guerrero. – Oh, I’ve been to both
of those places as well. – There’s a lot of pyramids,
a lot of culture there. – Yeah, yeah, exactly. I love going back there, going to Mexico, and having street food
just like this all around. Having pambazos, flautas, all those, like, Mexican street food carts. What’s your favorite
thing to cook for people? – We try to always keep
consistent, to give the people what they want, and what they need. I see all of the kids come
in and it starts fresh like from the start, from college, they grow up and they always
keep on coming back as well. – Oh, that’s a good point, yeah! So you’ve been here for 16
years, so seeing the kids grow throughout the years–
– Yep, sorry. – You’re next to a school, so yeah. – Most of them become lawyers,
most of them come back with a lot of different people,
and it’s a good feeling. A lot of people know us. – [Cody] So if people
did want to find your specific cart, how would they find it? – [Henry] We are here on 59th, between 59 and 8th and 9th Avenue. – All right, so we’ve
come out to Queens now, and we actually found
a Jollibee over here, and it’s not exactly
street food, but it does kind of fall under the
cheap food category. These are all over the Philippines, specifically in Manila. We’re going to go check it out. In America, a lot of our sides are fries, but over in Asia, a lot of them are rice. So we’re going to actually
have some kind of meal, and the side is going to
be a ball of white rice. Typical Asia. Hi there, can I get the
Jolli spaghetti with the two-piece Chickenjoy and drink? (laughs) Look at this,
we got fried chicken and spaghetti as a fast food,
and a huge cup of gravy. I remember in the
Philippines they love gravy, and this is a big cup, I
think, even for America. There’s chunks of hot
dog, so it’s kind of like, if you ever had SpaghettiOs
as a kid with the hot dogs in it, that’s what it’s like. Or mac and cheese with hot dogs. It brings me back. It’s not bad for a fast food spaghetti! I mean, I remember having
this multiple times over in the Philippines,
even when we weren’t filming we just went to Jollibee. So to have, like, this
over here in America is pretty amazing. All right, let’s try some
of their fried chicken. It is really good, really juicy, and I don’t know, it’s just
an amazing fast food chain. (uplifting slow electronic music) So this right here behind
me, this is a classic Central Park kind of dessert place. It’s Wafels and… Is it Dinges? I’m going to ask this woman how to say it. Hello.
– Hello. – Hi there. Could I get one of the waffles and is it, how do you say it?
– Dinges. – Dinges, it is dinges, okay. Yeah, could I get a waffle and dinges? Maybe the World Fair waffle? – [Worker] With strawberry
and whipped cream? – Yes, strawberry whipped
cream sounds amazing. – Tastes better. (laughing) Here we go. – Thank you. My waffles and dinges, and essentially it is a bunch of powdered
sugar, some strawberries, some whipped cream, and a
Belgian waffle, which is known to be sugar-infused already. So this one was about seven dollars, so it’s a little bit of a expensive dessert, but in New York City it’s not too bad. Oh my God, it’s so sweet! It is so, so sweet. It’s a little warm
outside right now, but it doesn’t really matter
because this tastes so good that I don’t really care. I’m going to eat the whole thing. Man, it’s like, I used to
have these things on Sundays. Every Sunday, I’d have like a waffle, we’d make Belgian waffles at my house. And this reminds me of
that, a nice Belgian waffle covered in powdered
sugar and strawberries. Just like mom used to make. (upbeat dance music) All right, and so for
the last meal of the day we have come to Times Square. Now, if you’re a New
Yorker, you’re probably not coming here, but this
is where you’d be coming if you’re visiting for the first time, and you’d probably see a ton of street food signs all around. The most popular one is the
blue and yellow Sabrett, and this is where they
sell all kinds of kebabs, hot dogs, pretzels, everything like that. The fast, the easy, to-go
street food, so we’re going to grab one right now. Hey there!
– Hi. – Hi, could I get one hot
dog and one chicken kebab? (background noise drowns out worker) – Ketchup, mustard? – Yes, both, please. Awesome, thank you.
– You’re welcome. – So guys, this is the
dirty water hot dog. Now, I don’t know why New
Yorkers gave it that name because it doesn’t sound appealing, and I don’t know if the
water is that dirty, but that’s what it’s called. The dirty water hot dog. And this is a staple here in New York and something you need to get. – Want some hot sauce?
– Yes please. (meat sizzling) Now, the hot dogs you’re
going to get here in New York, they aren’t the best in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but you’re in Times Square,
you’re walking around, you grab yourself a hot
dog, you stroll around, and you’re good to go. It’s street food, so we’re
going to have a little dirty water hot dog. While this hot dog is
good, it’s not going to be the best hot dog in the
world, but I gotta be honest, this makes you feel like
you’re in any New York TV show or movie. You could be walking
around here and you feel like you’re in the show Suits. You’re Harvey, you’re walking around, you grab yourself a
hot dog at lunch break, or you grab yourself a
kebab, and that’s really the feeling that you want
when you come and grab street food here in New York City. (bass-driven upbeat music) All right you guys, and that is the video. Thank you so much for watching. Leave a comment down below
which food you would like to try when coming to New York, as well if you’re new here, click that Subscribe button down below. And I want to give a
massive thanks to my patrons who support these videos and
help keep me on the road. But that’s it for today, Rogue Nation. Until next time, explore the world. (bass-driven upbeat music)

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