100 thoughts on “Tres Leches Mexican Flan Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 239

  1. I've tried this many times my friends who tried the mexican flan loved it soooo much…this is perfect for Christmas and some occassions.. Many thanks again…and more power to you.

  2. There's something about your cooking and recipes that make me wanna go on a cooking marathon even tho I don't like cooking

  3. I just came back from Spain, and love flan, this recipe with the orange zest looks perfect. I will be making it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I've used you recipe three times and the third I used a nonstick cupcake pan. perfect for a dinner party. each guest had there own Flan with warm Grand Marnier.

  5. Thanks a lot for flan's recipe, I love to bake but I never found a great recipe like this one. It's easy and the flavor is delicious, amazing. : )
    Do you have the tres leches cake? Please

  6. Hi Alia, Thank you so much for this recipe wich I looove and I make ofen at home but with the regular milk only.. Plz where can I find the Evaporated milk in Morocco? Thank you

  7. This really tastes good! I saw this video a year ago and has been super easy and wonderful!! I just don't add the orange zest. This is really helpful and I highly recommend this!!!!!

  8. Hey Alia…
    I tried your Mexican flan today and it came out perfect,
    Alhamdulillah…thanks so much dear for sharing your precious recipes over here,
    it's a great help for the beginners like me…
    lots of prayers for you from the bottom of my heart…love you…keep it up…
    May Allah bless you always…

  9. Great job my grandma bake this wen I was a child. Then I bake Mexican. Flan for my parents. 7000 likes for that 🍴

  10. i ve tried this recipe.its awesome and unbeleivable.u ve raised my confidence in front of my family.thanks a lot!i love ur recipes ur personality.i m a housewife .

  11. Alia? Caramel flan video was wonderful., please let me have full. Written recipe.hope you want mind giving me the recipe.

  12. hey alia for some reason my caramel didn't melt in the oven. it was still hard after I took it out.
    I couldn't flip it

  13. Hi Alia,

    You should tell as about how much sugar and how many glass of milk we should use???
    Can you please let me know?
    Can I use 100% Locates free milk?

    Thank you,

  14. alia I made this but everytime I make it the caramel hardens the moment I turn off the heat and it's so hard to spread it in the pan. can u plz tell me why This happens or am I making a mistake? I followed ur recipe exactly

  15. si es UN pinche flan Mexican porque no dises las instrucciones en espanol que pinche Honda contigo tajuara civilisada🤔

  16. Organic eggs? That makes ABSOLUTELY no difference except that you will waste money. Just use normal large eggs.

    Also I'm not sure why you calling this recipe TRES LECHES as if it is something special. There are two kinds of flans and they all have either two or three milk products. The difference is the third milk product.

    All flans have CONDENSED MILK, the second milk is always EVAPORATED or REGULAR… the third milk product will be some CREAM or CREAM CHEESE.

    I actually checked this recipe thinking that the TRES LECHES flan was some special recipe similar to the TRES LECHES CAKE. Where the flan was somehow layered or different.

    The flans that don't have the third milk product tend to have an extra egg and the consistency is more custard or egg type. You can tell the difference and they are both the same process and great.

  17. Hi Alia, I loved your recipe. I tried it today and it came out great. My family loved the way it looked, tasted and felt. I also liked how you gave the instructions. They were clear, concise and easy to understand for a person which English is her second language. Again, thank you and I am glad you had fun in your vacation.

  18. Great easy direction to make a flan cake, my husband from Cuba and want surprise him by making a flan cake, I watch so many videos on making Flan many of them had so many steps to follow that I almost give up until l seen your video, thanks for sharing you easy Flan cake receipt

  19. Hi there Alia, hope your well and you have enjoyed your holidays! Blessings for the new year. My question is if I don't have evaporated milk could I use coconut milk with the reg milk and the condensed milk together. Pls I would really appreciate it if you got back to me! Thank you very much and thank you for all the great videos! 😊😋

  20. when I did this everything came out great and tasted great but the flan would not hold its shape what did I do wrong 🙁

  21. If we make this at night, and put it away in the fridge for the day after, does the taste differ? Would it still taste good?

  22. I made Flan with ur recipe and turns out great, the only thing is my caramel gets hardened after I baked the flan…Pls advise! Thanks

  23. Hello I love your video. I was wondering how much would I need to spend on the ingredients to make a serving for 60 people?

  24. So disappointed.. literally followed all the steps u did and it turned out 🤢🤮, i was so embarrassed in front of my family when i gathered them around to see the flip…. i couldn’t of done something wrong …. i followed every step literally 😩😩😩

  25. I have made this for years and it has impressed many a persons – so easy too – thank you for this recipe. One guy who used to eat the “Grandmas flan” in Mexico said that it was just like theirs. Oh yeahhhhh 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  26. Have made this several times now and everyone loves it, always thought it was a tough recipe but it's rather easy. Thank u for this video.

  27. Every ramadan i prepare this flan, it is the most delicious flan i have ever taste. Thank you alia and ramadan karim

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