Toy Hotel has a Bug Problem !!!

[Applause] what a fluffy buttermilk appendix will melt in your mouth hmm sweet won't be demand in the second oh thank you I have you down for three nights and the thing going sweet beginning July 8 thank you so much for choosing with 20 Hotel [Applause] [Applause] all the commotion about Bob cockroaches in a room haha I couldn't work with this Cartman's in the kitchen disgusting oh dear this is not good this is not good Maya oh dear okay I can utilize what are you gonna do okay girl I'm gonna move you from the shopkins meet the LEGO Friends sweet for now oh I would like to see another room bellhop Jason I need your assistance reporting for service how can I talk wonderful and we need you to move these to grow from these factors beats the little friends we immediately right away then I'll need you to call an exterminator stats yes ma'am ladies follow me to the LEGO Friends suite ah and nothing makes me happier than vehicle vacuum lines in the carpet I'm suggesting just free surfaces make me so happy – oh dear it sounds like help keep her navigate down some more bugs love like a fun room hmm I don't know which one to belt first what do you say daddy Mia's tree house or Mia campervan it's so hard to choose maybe the campervan okay hey there pillows oh yeah smooching mushy pintos I never seen these before adorable I've got yummy peppy pop Penelope pickle and Kelly's pink fuzzy fuzzy box and here's Marlo avocado in this beauty and you can make contains out of the nyah check them out awesome Maddie and we even checked our dresser drawers you're right me too but not that make toys [Applause] thank you for meeting me out here it is no longer safe for you to be inside the toy hotel addy and Maya I've decided I'm going to send you to another hotel temporarily until we get the bug situation figured out oh but we love the toy hotel yeah don't look but daddy good point Maya it will only be temporary bellhop Jason has already scheduled an exterminator and we'll give you a call as soon as all the bugs have been removed good and does hot cheese and I'll have you escort the girls to their new hotel yes ma'am I'll wait for the exterminators my hotel and my problem is a handle okay 100 I'm back it up if you need me come on girls I have a car out front waiting for us this is look so bad Maya no no yeah it should be fine yeah I hear you have a bug problem oh he's here boy am I glad you've arrived I understand you have a serious bug situation here yes we do we spotted cockroaches scorpions a tarantula stop right there oh okay centipedes dragonflies and a praying mantis Oh trust me there is a praying mantis here Oh get rid of that too then lady I'm a bug removal expert when I'm done here your hotel will be completely bug free well get out of my way so I can get my job done no no toys here no toys under the mat either single toy in the hotel room I can't believe it this hotels no fun what so ever I want to go back to the toy hotel me too aha scorpions also known as predatory arachnids of the orders for Fiona's come with me you eight-legged creature yep narrow segment to tale ending in a venomous stinger you will not be stinging me today goodbye scorpions I recognize that cockroach stench anywhere I found you and here I come para Planeta Americana you're coming with me now where's your friend gotcha bull what'd they do this night on quesadillas for sure okay I'm gonna get the cheese pizza I'll go order yes we'd like to place a room service order from room 202 a cheese kisses and cheese pizza please there wasn't no one for sighs Maya hmm have them surprise us good idea you can surprise us please I don't know what they're gonna surprise us with maybe lol or none of them yeah or maybe even the mat remember of five surprise well I guess we're gonna have to wait and see send two beads highly venomous arthropods I'm on to you you're coming with me come here you now for the rest of you ha you thought you could outsmart me dragonflies didn't you well your transparent wings any long eight bodies are no match for me or mine it now to find that praying mantis good man it's delicious too but hey if your daughter sign you know what I'm gonna give that kitchen a comb hello this is Ron Zolo – we just ordered room service is there been a major mistake you forgot our signs there's that you're kidding great good what the French fries are a size you gotta be kidding me apparently this hotel doesn't have toys signs well this place is just one bummer after another event no kidding hopefully we'd go back to the toy hotel soon mm-hmm all is going well it's just time to find that elusive praying mantis to the gift shop please be sure to keep all of your hopes that one gets clear of the area no praying mantis I will find you where are you not there either I found it wonderful is the gift shop look a little messy you're welcome I love babies she's never good to go back awesome let's get out there's no toilet town yeah it's all good to be back in the Toyota [Applause]

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