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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal welcome back to another session with your VahChef at There many times I’ve got urge to eat really really spicy rice that’s when I cook my special tomato rice this rice i make it really spicy because you know if I don’t want to have
to eat with any vegetables i just want to eat some rice that is when i make
this really hot tomato rice so to prepare this tomato rice i love to add ghee and not oil so you know try making it with ghee and
it taste extraordinarily good Add four pieces of red chilli, quarter teaspoon of mustard seeds and add cumin seeds and when mustard seeds splutter add little bit of Channa dal see this channa dal gives a very nice crunchy effect to your rice cook this channa dal till gets slightly brown color than we’re going to add urad dal. Urad dal is split black gram ok and some broken Cashew nut make sure that you get a slight brown color on your cashew nut also then add a little bit of
chopped ginger a little bit of chopped green chilli and a little bit of curry leaves Add little bit of onion, add a little bit of salt you don’t want your onion to be browned
you just want them to sauté till there are slightly transparent and make sure add very little onion, add little bit of hing and then add tomatoes add a quarter teaspoon of red chilli powder and in the medium heat cook thil
tomatoes are half mashed off add pinch of garam masala powder, this is optional if you want your rice
to be masaledar then add add it but remember the garam masala has to be very little do not add that can spoil your rice. Now this masala is nice cooked i’m going to add a little more salt and then
I’m going to add rice; I have boiled this rice and kept it aside so and then mix it up and finish it off with a little bit of coriander leaves; in less than a few minutes you tomato rice is ready look at this rice so you know how easy it is to make this
tomato rice, make this as a variation for one of your parties at home and you’ll see how your guest will appreciate this rice and not only that if you have any
leftover rice just make this and it give some very nice fresh effect to your
leftover rice; so i hope you enjoyed learning to make this tomato rice with otherwise with your VahChef. not only that you can go and check
another variation of the tomato rice one of our users has just posted this week. with that remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring
others to cook so please put your recipes and cooking tips so others can
benefit from your great cooking. Thank you

100 thoughts on “Tomato Rice – By VahChef @

  1. Hi chef,

    I tried this yesterday and it was yum.. one question, do you think adding garlic to this will amp up the flavor even more or take away from the tomato flavor? thanks.

  2. sanjay sir …. this recipe is so…. tasty

    and u r explanation is wonderful

    wah re wah !!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  3. Just prepared watching your video it was so helpful to me. Chala bagundi sir loved it. Your channel is so helpful to me when parents are away. It Reminds me that even i can cook.. Thank you πŸ™‚

  4. i dont understand why you all chef blindly follow south indian style of cooking.Adding chana dal,urad dal with rice….does it realy give any nice flavour?You may have traid your own style….without adding those things…

  5. give some insigights on giving difference in each disttrict old receipe methods from karnataka and andhra

    y often from Karnataka more dry coconut is that their special sweets barfi coconut barfi often idealizing that
    why not fresh coconut reasons is it andra or karnataka uses dry coconut any style of cooking be it chutney to any thing they highly use dry coconut y that done what is specific reason

  6. I cooked this recipe with about 1.5 cup boiled leftover rice and it turned out amazing. I only will not add chana and urad daal next time as I don't like them in upma as well but that's my personal choice, those who like that crunch should add it.

  7. Thanks a lot sir! You always impress us with your awesome cooking skills with minimal variety of ingredients.

  8. Never cook the ginger with skin. Always the skin should be removed.
    People around the world do write a lot and say a lot in the electronic media.
    It is not my intention people should agree to my comment but what i know that in TAMIL
    LANGUAGE there is a say — Inchchikku (for ginger) thole(skin) nanchchu (poison).
    Video makers even some time the famous chefs use none stick pans in their shows using metal
    spoons and plastic spoons. It is in fact to be educate the viewers ( not all need to be) about hygienic and
    healthy cooking. World is so much damaged already by wrong doings needs to be reversed and corrected.
    Together we all can make this happen. I enjoy your postings very much. Thank you.

  9. Wooooowwwww
    I have just seen Ur vedio
    Prepared it ……
    It tastesss soooo good….
    N this is d 1st time I'm dng it…..
    After eating it….
    I feel like….I'm gonna b a gud cook to my hubby in future….

    RIP to Al my relatives….
    Who ran away if I prepared anythg newπŸ˜‹

  10. Sanjay ji namaste aap ki recipes itani perfect aur testy Hoti hai ki kya kahe specially "south indian" mujhe jab bhi south indian dish banani ho main aap Ko hi follow Karti hu ,main aap ki fan hu Lekin aaj pahli bar thank you ji aap ka

  11. Hi! I want to make this yummy recipe but have one question. Are the chana daal and urad daal soaked before or were they boiled before putting in the stove?

  12. After seeing this I got to know that when ever my mom makes tomato curry and mix in rice it is called as tomato rice….🀣🀣🀣

    Just that you make tomato curry and add it in rice doesn't make tomato rice.

    Chef please show the proper way to make tomato rice not tomato curry and adding in rice.

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