35 thoughts on “This Grandma Cooks Garbage Food Waste To Survive In The Philippines | ASIAN BOSS

  1. what does pagpag translate to? also does anyone know the chemical they are referring to that is sprayed on food waste.

  2. Makes me appreciate all I have. People don’t choose to be born in the slums, and they do the best they can to survive. Making something edible from people’s throwaways is commendable. Starting at 2-3 am to search for the the food, clean it, then cook it. Wow, I am humbled…
    Thanks Asian Boss for sharing this story.

  3. Nice content Asian Boss but I cannot finish your video. This makes me cry and feel bad for my kababayan, especially those children. They deserve more than this. Kudos to Nanay Rosita and her family, I admire their hardwork but I hope they can find other way to alleviate their lives from poverty.

  4. Asian Boss would you please do something about your damn subtitles? White subs to white background make it very hard to read at times. Bloody fix it

  5. This is so sad…. its a crime to have ppl living like this, while the fat politicians, stuff their mouths, steal and pocket the countries money, while they ride around in their sport cars.

  6. lol that guy face was censored then 4:10 happened

    overall Phillipines poverty are one of the worst, even in Indonesia its really rare to see someone who lives in poverty eating recycle food like this

  7. I know how poor the Philippines are… I grew up in it. While our family never got to this point, I saw how my neighbors ate their rice with saltwater, koffee, or any other condiments just to give an illusion of a side dish. My friends and I used to visit dumpsters to get tin cans, plastics, or metals for us to sell. We even walk along the heavily polluted seaside to find scraps. While i see those activities as fun and games, my friends that time were doing that so they can have food on their plates. That is why moving to Germany, and learning the relationship of the people here with food FRUSTRATES the hell out of me. They toss-away huge amounts of leftovers. Every food place has extremely huge servings that almost always end up in the trash rather than people taking it home. Groceries toss away perfectly good fruits and veggies just because they have scratches. Jesus, the amount of food waste here…. My husband used to be a food waster, but after meeting me, and seeing the difficult lives of poor Filipinos, he finally understood why I was always mad when he wastes food.

    I hope First world countries learn to be more grateful of what the have, instead of taking everything for granted. Animals and plants gave us their lives just so we can eat, the last thing we should do is waste their sacrifices.

  8. Omg… I was just searching for some restaurants to try tonight and then I received the notification of the video, and now, I feel so bad and hurt… It makes me realise about the real value of food. 😢

  9. THe environment is so dirty as usual in Philippine.
    Meanwhile I see Filipinos upload so so many high buildings of their proud country.
    Come on, you don't have to cover your poverty, just face the situation and solve it, like the Asian boss does.

  10. Video suggestion: Hey Joshua/crew, can you all head to China and tell us more about "China 2025" (next super power) and upper technology. Artificial intelligence. No crime zone.

  11. Does anyone know the title of the other documentary on this? It came out a few years ago but I haven’t been able to find it again. It was also on youtube

  12. If only leftover food from buffets can be donated to the impoverished instead of being discarded… Or setting up farming communities?

  13. I hope this would not summarize the whole of the Philippines, though this is really a true situation. Sad but it's really happening.

  14. I HATE THIS! For all of you WEALTHY, CELEBRITIES & GOVERNMENTS in the P.I. who think this is okay for our own ppl..F%CK YOU!!!

  15. The title itself already destroy the image of the entire Philippines. If I'm a foreigner I would think All Filipino eat Garbage. 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  16. When people are hungry they'll definitely eat even from.garbage just to survive , some.people.from other countries eat muds.

  17. Whenever I watch Youtubers who order TONS of food for their "mukbang" videos that they never even finish, I think about these pagpag vendors. I know not everyone in the world can be equal but I think we should all be conscious of how lucky we are to not have to experience such misfortunes and appreciate what we have.

  18. Instead she is leaving in tht condition she is so charming all people who re out of these with makeup also no use

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