The Ultimate Food Tour In The Dominican Republic

we are ready yet the Tendo guarded but pursue area policy is what is a new grants yourself it is the first stop right here we're gonna try it teach our own light we hear from the local that this is the best finish our row in Dominica vinegar we go which I are you ready no no no I'm ready are you ready I'm bored already oh yeah he's not a lot of like the fat honey no see that it's just a mean you can see the me it looks clean in a way it is I love you cop he's not wrong yeah they call this the vagal this is what turns on the teacher on the way to Rome talk about this Olivia named Camuto comment about yeah yeah this is hands down the best Ichiro and at their hand there is the best Shalom Emilia is very safe like super super flavor this is called church around light the reason why because it has little fat on it I always dance with wisdom because it's always this tastes like my travel 181st Street all right so this is empanada yuca be ready right let's do this I like how to skin this off Chris it looks rich no every food that we ate over here in the menu above it all the colors are more bite well because there's no preservatives in it it's actually from here they grow here and that's why it is bad memories Oh oh my god this tastes like my grandmother that your grandmother yeah this is the poor of your grandmother your arms but they put that passion that they've been cooking for years this is okay there is really good he is one of the highest peaks at times we forget a pressure cooker and I made and they made this muffler this is so all the plate within it super soft this is great vo book out well if you can look at the stuff Tom there's more vibrant than anything I've ever seen

39 thoughts on “The Ultimate Food Tour In The Dominican Republic

  1. Ese chicharrón parece carnitas, se ve súper rico. Un saludo desde Texas. 🤤😉👌🏽👌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

  2. Next time you need to go eat some pastelitos and quipes, they are super cheap and so yummy😉

  3. I got a big piece of tender pink meat for your mouth too baby girl👄🍆 by the way just curious why did you cover your ass with that shirt? You a dumb bitch!

  4. Weyyy mi gente yo comi en el meson d bari hoy una hartura como siemprensi tu va pa lla tu va a sali rodando si o si

  5. IM from the BX and my hubbies from DR I love him so much and his culture and the foods the bomb dot com . Me and my baby on 35 yrs DR,PR together

  6. It’s crazy how Salvadorans eat a lot of the same food; chicharrón, yuca, tamarindo, plátanos, aguacate, frijoles ♥️

  7. Oh wish we had this for our recent trip to the Dominican. We just made a video of our time sailing to the Dominican Republic. Check it out if you like!

  8. Uhmmmm!!!!!! QUE BUENO YO TAMBIÉN ADORO ESTA COMIDA ¡¡I LOVE YOU!!!🤤🤤🤤🤦‍♀️👍👍👍

  9. Ummm…. Y los links mi jente de los spots ya went to!????? 😭 I need them asap! And where in DR exactly was this? Y'all never said.. it looks like la Zona Colonial.. loved the mini tour!🙌☀️

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