The Shocking Truth about Hybrid Foods and the Raw Food Diet

this is john kohler with today
I have another exciting episode for in what we’re going to do today is answer
viewers questions so i often get questions over the YouTube email system
also on my channel page under the comments and discussion area and today I
figured out the answer one of those for you guys I don’t answer questions the
whole lot on this channel but i thought i’d do that because this is important
question for me to answer because it’s not being addressed by too many people
and in my opinion there may be some misinformation out there so let’s get to that question viewer
named Alan Rodin said hi John a longtime fan of your YouTube videos and purchase
a juicer from you why thank you I’ve never heard you or other raw food
advocates on youtube that i rarely watch mention quote unquote hybrid foods I
understand that foods have been altered for hundreds or more years not even
including GMOs another thing i heard is that you
shouldn’t eat carrots and should not do colonics and should not eat soy I’ve never heard you mention the last
two though some of the raw food is youtubers do have the size colonics all right Alan so there’s a couple
things I guess I’ll answer the easiest question first is the last part of your
question about no carrots no colonics no soy you know I think carrots are
perfectly ok food to include in your diet you know I don’t like this are not
including food you know I want to include foods are carrots the staple of
my diet absolutely not want to make some carrot
juice when I’m traveling I can’t get any good organic fruits but I can’t get
organic carrots and juice them absolutely well I just scared sometimes
in my mixed vegetable juice to add some extra nutrition in there and some beta
carotene absolutely well I only ever juice orange
carrots like the kind you get at the store no I strive to seek out in new pleasures
and food in life so I found you know heirloom carrots and even grown heirloom
carrots that past episodes on heirloom carrots actually have a much lower sugar
content than the more modern orange carrots of today and the different color
carrots and come in different colors like yellow red purple and white have
different levels of nutrition and antioxidants and phytochemicals that are
good for us so you know I would never say no carrots
you know what I say make a diet out of carrots no I would say it some kids in your night they’re
definitely a healthy food you know once in a while that I do juice them also once in a while let’s see no
colonics so my thoughts on colonics real quick you know I think colonics have their
place I think you should not get hooked on colonics and some people may tend to
overdo colonics you know I like to maybe do colonics
once a year that kind of for like a nice to know I filled night lot nice clean
and airy after a club colonic hydrotherapy session but you know I
think we have balance and muscles in our balance for a reason and they need to
move things out and if you do colonics too much then your bowels will get lazy
because it’s like a muscle you’re working your muscles you’re going
to build the muscle and if you’re not using your ballots are going to get lazy
and you’re going to depend on Kalan it’s that being said when i first got into
raw foods i did a lot of colonics actually went on the cleanse program and
did like colonics like once a week for a period of time so i think it can be a
good way to remove some toxins if you are just getting started but of
course you guys need to consult a medical practitioner before you do
anything what I’m staying in this video is my
opinions and what i would do for myself and I can’t necessarily say what you
should or should not do let’s see last you talking about no soy
so soy foods in the way that they are currently being eaten the majority in the United States is
terrible and i do not agree with and what I mean by that is most of the story
is number one GMO soy and number two he didn’t in a
fractionated form so it’s made into tofu made enter you know soy milk it’s made into soy burgers it’s
made in all kinds of crazy stuff and process very heavily you know I think soy is an ok food to
include sometimes in your diet and what I like to look to for answers is nature
and history in the past you know so I comes from Asia and in the past asian cultures would use small amounts
of soy sometimes even every day but small amounts they wouldn’t make their
meal like a soy-based diet be you know maybe 2 tablespoons a day of fermented
soy if you remember anything else remember that fermented soy is very
important to ferment the soy to get rid of some of the naturally occurring
toxins before you consume it Plus once you ferment it actually
there’s no more nutrition in there because there
are some bacteria in there that produce vitamin k2 and also very important
enzymes that can be beneficial for us so I do include some miso soy based me
so and also non soy-based me so sometimes they also include natto which
is craving far better than me so in my opinion is the natto so I do include
natural which is a fermented food in my diet in small amounts next let’s get into the topic of the
hybridized foods and I want to read you guys a few things because people may not
understand the word hybrid I mean there’s a lot of confusion out there the first thing I want to do is actually
define what a hybrid is and i looked at the miriam with webster dictionary and
according to merriam-webster dictionary which i’m going to be going off of a
hybrid an offspring of two animals or plants of different races breathe variety species or genera so for
example if i had ever made love to a nice daughter Latin woman right our offspring or child would be a hybrid
if I made love to african-american woman then our offspring would be a hybrid if
I made love to a white girl you know our offspring would be a hybrid I mean no
matter what the offsprings always going to be a hybrid when you make love or two
animals make love or you know reproduce or whatnot and the same thing goes with
plants when two plants you know get horny I don’t know how they
get horny but they pass their pollen between one another and they kind of
commingle that makes a hybrid so you know in nature hybrids happen
naturally we are all hybrids I mean think about it
if the world was created and there’s Adam and Eve was the first two people on
earth what if we’re all clones of Adam and Eve either little atoms or little
ease that’d be really boring right that’s my
definition of a hybrid let’s get into now a definition found that I found
online what r hybrid foods hybrid foods will
not grow in nature they are crossbred food which must be nurtured and
protected by humans or else they’ll be overcome by birds insects worms fungi
bacteria some common hybrid fruits are seedless apples several date varieties
like Kiwis seedless pineapple the seamless citrus sweet seedless grapes Sheila’s persimmon
seedless watermelons common hybrid vegetables include beets carrots corn
potatoes celery and cauliflower common hybrid nuts and seeds and being include
cashews oh it’s rice wheat wheat grass so I legumes and most beans , in hybrid
herbs include golden co ginseng etchant echinacea can be held on quite a lavera
nutmeg confit garlic hybrid foods are missing vital electrics they are
unnatural and high and low sugar and starch there are devoid of proper mineral
balance that all wild foods contain so when we eat a lot of hybrid food and
vegetables vegetables have heard fruit and vegetables that leads to mineral
deficiencies that cause body to bring heavy minerals from the bones in the
butt to buffer the sugar this hybrid sugars not completely
recognized by the liver and pancreas the minerals and sugar that’s built off into
the urine hybrid sweet fruits and sweet starchy vegetables can overstimulate you
and cause you to lose minerals hybrid foods were taken out of their natural
con content and will not simply in the body completely instead stores a toxin they also damage the mucous membranes
hybrid foods can feed fungal conditions like India where non-hybrid or wild
fruit will not lead to such condition ninety-nine percent of the food to us
available today are hybrid high in starch and sugar and carry trace of
cyanide poisoning fifty percent of these hybrids are more
detrimental than others see acid alkaline chart for complete nutritional
guide of the foods that are less harmful and detrimental to the body so wow now
that’s quite a quite a mouthful right there so you know I don’t know I don’t know if
I believe in that you know i mean people could write anything they want and yes
it totally sounds believable so I tend to disagree with many of the
things in there let’s talk more about some hybrid some other quotes that I
found online says a stay away from seedless food see these foods are not
able to reproduce themselves in nature they include see the surgeons fruits
especially seedless oranges to the scrapes this watermelon some types of
dates specifically medjool dates see this pineapple is raising seedless
grape fruits a note about bananas yes we all the bananas at least most of
its do it seems that to be a complete food so satisfied and healthy however
did you know that non-hybrid bananas contain seeds that resemble hard little
pellets the bananas we are finding our markets with their little soft black
seeds are at a highly hybrid I wow no more bananas
for you 30 bad guys so no more bananas or at least try to
avoid them about see the fruits hybrid see listings are very high in sugar
therefore they take the water out of your body drinking a smoothie very
popular today containing hybrid fruits overload the
body creates thirst note if you find yourself over 30 seller is a good way to
hot rehydrate the body weight didn’t they just say that seller is also
another hybrid food hybrid vegetables many vegetables can
also be called hybrid they are heavily cultivated and protected by pesticides
and fertilizers from insects birds fungi as well as the worms found in nature they’re all grown and artificial
environment and would not be able to survive if grown in awhile estate hybrid
vegetables to avoid beets corn potatoes carrots off alpha sprouts being soybeans
note that this means the healthy carrot juice you have been drinking and also as
a hybrid food hybrid carrots contain extremely high sugar content and do not
contain the healthy minerals God intended the missing nutrients in hybrid food as
a result of genetic altering we can see that hybrid food do not contain the same
combination of minerals that they would contain if they’re grown wild and onion
uncultivated saw that that has not been treated with fertilizer been stripped of
its nutrients by multiple crop plantings if we eat too many hybrid foods our
bodies will begin to show signs of mineral deficiencies something I’ve seen
all too often in my clinical practice wow man so that really got it gets you
guys down on hybrid foods like man I’m not going to eat those things those
things are crappy right well you know there’s like some mix
truths in here there’s actually a lot of extremes in here so let me go ahead and
state my opinions on this matter so number one we are all hybrids most
fruit of today is highly hybridize so hybrid is happening by two plants in
nature in the wild even if there was no man you know being sexual exchanging pollen creating seeds and new
plants and so hybridization would occur whether man intervened or not that being said man can and does and
have been intervening in plant reproduction for a couple hundred years
and what happens is you know the easy thing is that is the roses right there
is a red rose there’s a white rose you kind of like
read those together and you get a pink rose right and is there a harmony of pink rose or
you know same thing happens with fruit you got a red apple you gotta you know green apple and you cross them you get a
pic apple or something like that and so man has been actually hybridizing or
crossing different parents of the same plant family it’s like having my parents make me get
together with a Chinese girl and have kids that they would have the desired
outcome you know half-chinese baby i think my
mom would like that um but you know say i don’t want to get with that chinese
girl plants don’t have you know saying we
just cross pollinate them and umbreon no matter what now I think that this kind of reading
even though we are breeding for certain characteristics whether its color
whether it’s ship ability whether its nutrition in some cases where there is
flavor and taste which is probably not often a hybrid trait that they look for
any more it’s mostly about you know profitability
and keeping the money and you know how long will it ship how early can you pick
it unwrapped and how long will it stay in transport and not go bad and not rot
them so we’ve selected for different traits
of between the same plant species for a long time and I don’t have any issues
with that so you know this text that i read out
what made it seem like hybrids are really terrible so that’s the that’s my truth let’s go
into some further truth about why some of what i read may be true actually so you know there is a section down here
that talks about we can see that hybrid foods do not contain the same
combination of minerals that they would if they were growing a while that uncon
cultivated soil so that has been not treated with fertilizer been stripped of
his new tunes by multiple crop plantings so this is a half truth and believing
this completely in my opinion may get you in trouble so the truth is everything has been
hybridized and in the conventional agricultural system you know they’re adding three minerals
back into the soil n PK and you know if it’s not grown in the wild which there
may be more minerals because we’re not stripping the nutrition out of the soil
and and nature in its own right when left on
its own will take care of its own soil but when we grow things repetitively and
only add three minerals and let me remind you guys the periodic table of
the elements you guys learned in high school had over a hundred minerals in it
and in the garden behind me i’m adding 70 to 90 minerals minimum in the garden
behind me so I’m bringing back the Garden of Eden in my backyard unfortunately in pretty much all
conventional and even organic agriculture they’re not adding these
trace minerals back in the soil they’re adding NPK what they add NPK those three
minerals they’ve done a lot of research show that
if you add those minerals the plants appear to be healthy they grow large fruit which you can sell
for more money you know well there is other research shows you
can maybe add about another dozen more minerals for you know higher quality
plants you know there’s other research shows
that you add a wide spectrum you’re going to get the best quality foods and
you know we were living here in North America like 300 years ago you know the souls be rich and full of
nutrients but we’ve formed them so much we took it all that stuff out and we’re
not giving back and putting back in the soil so in my opinion virtually all the
conventional food and buy most all the organic food you’re buying at your local
health food store and supermarket don’t have the nutrients that they had you
know just 50 years ago before we started this heavy industrial commercial
agriculture that’s why it’s better to support your
local farmers and you want to ask them if they’re adding things like the trace
minerals and asks ask them what are you adding as your trace minerals or better
yet take the power into your own hands and grow your own food and the trace
minerals I do a video on youtube that you know I
go over what to ask farmers at the farmers market so that you can get the
highest quality food also have another video on how to test the food at the
farmers market so you can actually see the quality of the food before you buy
it and you know so and i also teach you guys how to grow your own food mineral dense nutrient dense food in
your own backyard on so I encourage you guys also to grow
your own food so you know it’s not just the hybrid foods which they are all
hybrid are being demineralized and don’t have the mineral content that used to 50
years ago virtually all food is that way because
we’re not putting back in the soil what we’ve taken out over the many years and
it it’s rare to find someone who actually
does so that’s why I got to myself man another comment i want to make is on
this statement if we eat too many hybrid foods our bodies will begin to show
signs of mineral deficiency something I’ve seen all too often my clinical
practice I don’t have a clinical practice but all
I could say is I could comment on my opinion on this subject and i think that
in this day and age many people are mineral deficient and it be prudent in
my opinion and what I do personally is I grow my own mineral dense food i also
eat seaweeds and take seaweed powder for extra minerals in my diet from the leafy
greens no I don’t sit there sucking on rocks or
you know eat like Celtic sea salt for my minerals because Celtic sea salt and
other salts basically our 95% plus sodium and five
percent minerals and those are you know it formats that our bodies can readily
absorb and digest we can but it’s not optimal I want to get the minerals that the
plants have absorbed from the ground from the earth and then they make it in
a more bioavailable form for us and that’s what i recommend for you so
that’s why take the the allergies seaweeds and most of all importantly
leafy greens and also other produce that I grow in mineral dense soil so now that we talked about that let’s
talk about some of the approved non-hybrid foods and so on this list or
vegetables amaranth greens avocado asparagus bell
peppers bro Bananach out a cucumber dandelion greens garbanzo beans I zone a cactus flower cactus leave jicama kale lettuce mushrooms all except shitake mustard greens know
Paul okra olives onion poke salad green sea vegetables squash spinach string
beans tomato cherry and plum only two meteo turnip greens and zucchini let’s see let’s go into the non-hybrid
fruits according to this list let’s see of course no canned or
seedless fruits but you can’t eat apples bananas only the small ones are the
borough midsize ones berries all varieties elderberries any for memories
can look for its dates figs grapes eating limes key limes preferred with
seeds mango melon seeds orange peel this our preferred to be called to find is
peaches pears plums prunes raisins seated soft jelly coconut sugar apples so this would make you think that oh
these things like you eat but in my opinion you know some of these foods are
actually not only hybridize but also GMO so for example papayas papayas are being
hybridize of its a papaya from Hawaii you know and it’s not organic it’s probably GMO and I think that
that’s like the Jeff Foxworthy how do you know if you’re a redneck or
something like that probably GMO papaya or soy or corn so I mean I think they leave out corn
off this list that’s good so corn so I mean I just don’t recommend any GMO
let’s talk about GMO four minutes so GMO genetically modified organisms or
transgender I mean transgenic crops that means it’s
like you know they’re crossing like kale leaf like I have behind me with a human
being or a tomato with the fish I mean efficient tomato would never make
love or trade pollen and so this is something that has to happen with man
interventions you know hybridization through crossing
a white flower with the red flower to make a pink one could happen in nature
if we just planted them next to each other but we just speed up the process
but you know a fish having sex with the kale leaf or tomato would never happen
in nature so I am adamantly opposed to genetically modified organisms that have
to happen with electron guns and all kinds of crazy stuff and would not
happen naturally nature all I’m all about learning from nature and modeling
nature as much as I can as possible and of course you know whenever possible you
know helping nature along a little bit as well like you know nature would
automatically remineralize the soils after time by having another glacial ice
age which I don’t I would like to have any time soon but I like to take the
glacier rocks and actually spending in my garden so that i could speed up the
process because it’s not happening to nature because we’ve you know sucked out
all the nutrition out of the soils some other things on the list here that just
kind of strike me as odd are you know dates for example i mean
it’s it’s well known that you know it says dates are okay on this list but
every little bit different but it says dates are okay on this list another list
and I said it said you know dates are hybrid it’s especially in jewels but this list
says they’re okay all dates that are commercially farmed
are hybrid rise on our clones of the original plant so at some point a date it was planted and date pits actually
have a long-term viability thousand years actually planted a pit in a tree
came up on the tree that comes up or actually the palms are technically not
trees they’re going to date fruit hopefully and then you eat the date
fruit if you like that one then it’s like wow – I like the dates
off that tree you just take that seed and plant again you’re not going to get
the same tree what the date trees of the date palms
produces they produce offshoots and have another video on youtube explaining this
on what I visited the date farm the streets of options and you cut the
option then you plant that so all medjool dates originated from one tree
that cuttings or offshoots have been spread around to share with others so
they’re all genetic clones I mean if you take a date pit and you
plant it you know it will produce another tree but it will not produce the
same day you ate and actually it may not even be a fertile tree may not even
produce dates for you let’s look at some be approved
vegetables on the list it said cucumbers are and approved fruit
actually cucumbers started out as these little things called gherkins and I know in some countries they call
gherkins cucumbers but actually there’s these things called gherkins and I grow up West indie Perkins and
also have grown some Mexican sour gherkins and these are just little small
cucumbers that are like there was the wild components of what you covers
became into what we breed them into and their way different man so you like way better if they’re just
not grown just right there’s plants are stressed out so it will be really sour I mean their trip i definitely encourage
you guys to grow more wild foods whenever you can find him and when
they’re you know edible and not poisonous for example i have grown wild carrots
and carrots or something on the do not eat list and I’ve grown wild cats
because the carrots that occur in nature and wild carrot let me tell you they’re
really small and they’re really fibers there’s not much me too if you know what I mean but they
are edible and you know we’ve hybridizing carriage to make them more
edible for us mean we’ve done the same with corn teosinte was our grain it’s a grass actually that made these
little small seeds and not really even edible and we’ve actually a basically
brought selectively bred into the corner of today that’s now been genetically
modified so that being said I’d don’t necessarily eat corn that much at all and besides being GMO corn is not a
vegetable it’s a grain and I don’t eat a whole lot
of greens in my diet as well but the cucumbers you know most cucumbers nowadays we just
go to the store they’re hybrids man but yet they’re on their approved list of
non-hybrid foods I mean data lines are pretty safe with
data lines I mean every food is going to be more or less hybridized you know
dandelions or something that has not been as hybridizes others especially if
he was going out to your front lawn and picking them in each note certain foods
on the list have been more hybridize another so that concerns you you want to do a google search for the
wild tomato and you know some wild foods actually may be poisonous and we had to
bread the poison Adam so you have to be careful about just
eating any wild food before eating any wild foods or any weed foods you know you want to be a hundred and
ten percent sure it is actually edible so I do encourage you guys to get a little weed
guide to ensure that you are eating you know edible foods if you are picking
wild foods and you know while i do like to harvest my own wild foods grown in
the nature because in my opinion their prime more nutrient dense than food is
grown in conventional agriculture even in some organic agriculture but in my
opinion they’re not as nutrient dense foods that I’m growing in a controlled
environment where I’m specifically adding the trace minerals and the soil
biologics to ensure my plants are being grown in the best conditions because in
nature while it hasn’t been you know harvested the heck out of and plans have
been growing there naturally it may still have run off and not the nutrition
in there that i would like so the best of all worlds got to nature
harvest seeds of the wild plants you want to eat that are edible bring them
back to your garden and cultivate them in your soil in the rock dust in the
rich compost with fungal and bacterial dominated compost and get the best of
all worlds in your own backyard or front yard so one of the things i also want to talk
about it here’s another list i found online is about hybrid fruits they say
seedless watermelon seedless grapes are seedless apples bananas several provided
dates especially with Jules Kiwis see this pineapple seamless citrus fruits
seamless persimmons and it says the tiny black seed and QE and bananas are not
viable well you know another point that i have
is that you know I’m coming at you and giving you guys my opinions on this as
being eighteen year raw foods and he’s been eating fresh
fruit and vegetable diet for the last 18 years and also gardening so i got my
garden behind me and you know I’ve looked into you know different hybrids
and heirlooms and I’ve actually even made my own cross pollination and
varieties and save my own seeds and all this kind of stuff i mean hybrids occur
all the time hybrid natural you know i would say do not be a scared
of the hybrids be more scared of how your food is being grown because of your
by conventional produce it’s basically being grown in fertilizer where they add
NP k which is three minerals which means if something is growing with three
minerals the majority of the content in there is
going to be three minerals and it’s going to be missing a spectrum of other
17 90 minerals so you really want to be
growing and eating some nutrient dense food to make sure you get the minerals
but growing food with three minerals is like for me feeding your kids McDonald’s I mean I
grew up on McDonald’s and there’s plenty of people that live on McDonald’s
without eating much else but you know they’re in my opinion not the healthiest
kind of people and growing vegetables with NPK fertilizers not the healthiest
vegetables but vegetables are still healthier and fruits are still healthier
grown conventionally than eating McDonald’s for example but they’re not
as healthy as growing vegetables and fruits with 90 minerals and eating foods
that have a full spectrum of minerals so that you don’t have those mineral
deficiencies so I really want you to be more
concerned about the way your food is being grown then if it’s pirate or not because in my
definition everything is a hybrid some of the
things that kind of just makes me wonder about this list is you know here’s more
hybrid food that says you know Kiwis are hybrid food and it says the tiny black
seeds and kiwi and bananas are not viable so I have an episode where i show a
banana with the full on seeds and those seeds are viable and there’s not a whole
lot of bananas eat so maybe in the real world of it in high-rise bananas we
wouldn’t really be eating them because it’s a lot of seeds or we just be eating
a lot of season getting a higher fat percentage in our diet but the Kiwi
seeds and Kiwis you guys could try this you guys could take Kiwis take out the
seeds and look up on youtube how to sprout the seeds and you can spread the
seeds and Kiwis so they are viable but yet this list is
are not viable so you know I don’t know where people dream this stuff up if
they’re conjured up and ethereal spirit told this in a dream then they come out
with all this stuff on hybrid why it’s so bad you know I think what it does it just
distracts people from eating more fresh fruits and vegetables i mean basically
it’s a fruit or vegetable if it’s not genetically modified it’s going too far
healthier than a package or bottled or processed food or even animal products
in my opinion and I would encourage you to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
so that being said if you are still concerned about the whole hybrid thing
that freaks you out which you should not be at this point I do always encourage
you guys to do the best you can so if I had the choice between seedless
watermelon and see to it seated watermelon and they’re the same
price I’ll get the seeded one most of the times is seeded one is less
expensive actually i’m saving money because people want to see this one
because they don’t have to deal with the seeds while the seeds are full of
nutrition so some people might say hybrid foods contain less nutrition well there’s a few factors involved
number one it depends how that food was grown so what I rather have a
conventional seated watermelon or uh you know a seedless watermelon I grew on my
property in my soil I’ll do i pick the c-list watermelon I
grew in my soil because it’s going to be for more nutritious than the other one that same given factors so you get a
seedless watermelon and a seated watermelon grown on the same farm under
the same conditions well I would choose the seated
watermelon under all circumstances because the seeds contain nutrients that’s if you’re eating the seeds but
most you guys don’t eat the seeds a really nice way I like to include the
seeds while you can chew them up they’re kind of good actually want to look
really good to get the best extraction of them the way i like to consume the
seeds and watermelons just take the watermelon the red and the seeds put in
the Vitamix you have a powerful blender and blend it up and then strain it out
and that watermelon liquid or the watermelon water you’re making I don’t
call it a juice because we can put it through juicers blend it all
straightened out and then you kind of get some of the fatty acid content off
the seeds into your water actually will taste quite good that watermelon blended
smoothie that you have there with a hundred percent watermelon I always encourage you guys to get the
seated fruits but don’t be scared of the seedless fruits if you know they have
seedless watermelon or nothing and you really feel like a watermelon don’t beat
yourself up over buying seedless watermelon but if you are concerned still about the
Harvard stuff you know i recommend to number one start growing your own food you can go
wild harvest seeds in the wild of plants that you that are edible and I’ve done
this I’ve got some awesome stinging nettles that are harvested the seeds for
in Germany brought back and grow them in my garden nutrient dense soil definitely
really good and besides wild harvesting your own
seat which can be difficult and you might not know what seems to get i
recommend you know getting a seed catalog and they’re currently out of
this year’s seed catalog this is actually a baker creek heirloom seed
catalog and this would make a nice of magazine you know just for your coffee table as a
centerpiece of leave out all there all year long so people come over they can
kind of pick up and what’s that make it look through it and there’s some of me amazing pictures in here and just
reading through this these are all heirloom seeds so these are non
commercial hybrid seeds because that’s a whole different definition but you can
actually grow these save the seeds and they will grow again into the same exact
plant and you know some of these are amazing and these are like
hundred-year-old sometimes seeds or more so they’ve been you know less metal with
if you want to think of it in that way and some are actually more while then
there you know more cultivated counterparts but some may not be but
nonetheless there is genetic diversity and that’s what i want you guys to focus
on is genetic diversity me in here there’s different red tomatoes there’s
white tomatoes there’s cherry tomatoes they have all different kinds of
different plants let’s see oh let me show you the gherkins they got
those gherkins in here the wild more wild cucumber if i could find out so here’s the wild cucumbers i was
talking about are the more wild cucumbers here’s your standard cucumber right here
to Boston pickling here’s the lemon cucumber and here’s
another white cucumber that I’ve grown they’re quite delicious of my favorite
but here’s the West India burger candies are awesome here are some other ones that have grown
before the Mexican sour gherkins in general more wild foods are actually
less we don’t have as much sugar in them for a temperate climate crops although
tropical fruits still probably pretty sweet but anyways in this catalog you’re gonna
learn about a whole bunch of different varieties of fruits that you’ve never
eaten before and each one tasted different plus each one has a whole
spectrum of different nutrients and phytochemicals and vitamins and minerals
than others because every plants just a little bit different and there’s so many
different flavors the melons in here really cool and some of the different
leafy greens as well so this is an excellent way to get more you know airline foods which in on some levels
are better than hybrid and some levels not yes even these heirlooms in here are
technically hybrids because they’re crossing between two
plants that probably you know humans were involved with so you know I want to sum this up really
quick for you guys in my opinion everything all the plants on earth are
now hybrids you know there’s probably not too many
original plants or food crops that we eat now that we ate back a thousand
years ago that being said some plants are less
hybridized the others for example i have two examples here this is when you guys know this this is
a cactus fruit this fruit is one of the seediest fruits in the world if you’re
just trying to eat this you peel it then just eat it you get a mouthful of season it’s such a
pain in the butt eat but because i have a Omega vert juicer I’m going to juice these guys get the
delicious juice out of them and actually compost all the pulp by getting the
juice and I’m gonna get all the nutrition out of there and you know
grind the seeds so I’ll get the nutrition out of the seeds and into me
as well but of course you can also you know just
eat the whole thing to the seeds really well your mouth of those seeds are quite
hard and get the nutrition out of it so i encourage you guys to you know look
for cactus fruits and look for Less hybridized foods cactus fruits they
don’t do a lot of cactus fruit breeding based on the research I’ve done another
fruit that you know hasn’t been hybridized as much are more wild fruits
and that’d be like this this is a low clock that I grew myself
and the loquat let me go ahead and show you guys if we buy into that like I
don’t know like sixty percent of this fruit is just a pit more wild foods have
less flash more pit wow that’s a good one this is going to
mineral-rich soil so I you know but this has an amazing flavor because I grew it although they do have named varieties of
low-quality use this tree was actually off I’ve got seeds out of a low quite wild
harvested and then I just dumped in the ground at my place and seven years later
I got a huge tree making me lots of room so this would be less of a hybrid than a
you know a variety specifically grown for large fruit because they have like
the Big Jim loquat which has larger fruit than this if you want more fruit you know I like
to take whatever I can get and I like genetic diversity and you know
experimenting and finding out what will grow so you know there is a way to
minimize you know hybridization and eat things that are less hybrid but no
matter what you will not be able to avoid them the hybrid foods despite sticking to a
list or not in the end i want to encourage you guys
to eat more fruits and vegetables and more importantly instead of it worried if its hybrid or not hybrid
worry about how it’s grown if it’s grown in 70 to 90 plus trace
minerals or not or whether it’s growing on NPK fertilizer how fresh is the produce you’re eating
hasn’t been shipped from California to New York City and been on a truck for
seven days and in the back room in the warehouse for seven days and it put it
out and then you buy two weeks later after it’s been picked and cut and you
know within 24 hours of harvesting some certain produce items up to fifty
percent of certain nutrients can be lost so that’s why it’s really important to
me to grow my own food to come out and pick it and eat it right after I
harvested it for the highest level nutrition plus I’m growing you know with good rich
soil so hopefully after watching this episode you’re more familiar with what
the term hybrid is and you know more importantly how to get the best
quality food so you won’t become middle of the fishing and you’ll get all the
nutrition you need once again i want to encourage you guys
to eat a wide variety of foods to stony loquats all day day in and day out don’t go on a tomato only diet you know
you want to eat a little bit of all different kinds of foods because every
different food in my opinion is valuable it has different phytochemicals and
phytonutrients and vitamins and minerals and a whole host of other healthy things
that are going to be good for us including its water and also importantly
the minerals so hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode once again my name
is john kohler with we’ll see you next time and remember keep eating
your fresh fruits and vegetables they’re the best

100 thoughts on “The Shocking Truth about Hybrid Foods and the Raw Food Diet

  1. 1 Timothy 4:4-5 KJVS
    For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: [5] For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

  2. Beets can be hybrid all day long. THEY ARE AWESOME. My energy and sex drive goes nuclear from drinking Beet juice.

  3. John, do you have a video where you tell us exactly what product(s) to buy in order to add minerals to our soil when we're planting fruits and veggies?

  4. Its a little disingenuous to suggest that the approved lists do not insist to eat organic.  Those who eat "non-hybrid" foods make attempts to eat organic as well.

  5. How many people have you gotten cured of AIDS or cancer through your knowledge? Dr. Sebi is the only one who actually went to court who won a case proving he cured cancer with his suggestive protocol with the foods you're talking about. A true healing healer legend. Again, have you helped to cure AIDS and was bold enough to advertise it like Dr. Sebi? Thank you for your video and response.

  6. So all these "Johnny come later" in evolution humans, are hybrids bc their dna bloodlines are not original nor indigenous to earth…hm I thought Dr Sebi was right. No good can come from hybrid biracial then I guess. Whew, having a slave history and ancestry in amerikkka worry's me enough, but I'm glad my immediate and past ancestors dodged that bullet. Whew😆

  7. I laughed out loud when you said a fish wouldn't make love to a kale leaf. That imagery was comedy gold. Also when plants get horny…"when a grape loves a kumquat…" And you forgot to mention HYBRID CARS. Is that when two cars get horny? 😉 Good points otherwise. I don't think hybridization is that big a deal as long as the fruits are high-quality. But GMO foods are always to be avoided.

  8. Don't they have hybrid in order feed everyone in the world. I wish everything was the way it suppose be naturally but it's not and people need eat to live also.

  9. @okraw ok John
    1st the man who brought this to the forefront who's list you should have used instead of multiple replicas never says no carrots or kiwi however the carrot must be wild as the modern carrot is acidic. You got your self kicked out of Woodstock with your brix meter and one thing you said on that video lower brix less ripe food is more acidic and you gear towards more alkaline. Well the carrot of modern day is acidic no matter how ripe due to it's hybridization with the yam. However you ignored that the ORIGINAL list allows wild carrot to be good to eat. Kiwi is on the list as fine.
    2nd dates are not omitted even the ones that you said on the list you found are not. It is not the original list from the doctor. You said dates are hybrids because it was cloned. John cloning a fruit tree does not make it a hybrid. It makes it a cloned tree lol.
    3 you said you would eat a seedless watermelon over a seeded watermelon if you grew it. If you did this you would have given up your 70% of your daily zinc 100% of your magnesium and 40% of your iron almost 100% of you manganese. And this is exactly why the doctor made the list about those hybrids. What's the point of putting all those minerals in the soil if you are growing hybrids that are genetically incapable of giving them back to you. All your rock dust flushed down the drain.

  10. I'm disappointed in this guy today. I also found that article and was shocked at the information. I checked on the history of a carrot, and yes it is indeed an invented vegetable invented for the 'House of Orange" in Holland. New knowledge cannot be pushed away because you feel you like what you have already. You have to examine EVERYTHING and keep evolving IF indeed growth is your desire.

  11. The point wth hybrids is that they contain starch. The original God foods dont contain starch.Starch produces mucus in the body clogging the lymphatic system.

  12. hybrids=defile defile=destroy/ruin oh this shit is so depressing oh what to do where to go now the damage has BEEN done.
    don't be mad @ the messenger they say the truth hurts and also ignorance is bliss i guess only for the flesh

  13. only wild fruits have not been inbred for
    3 k years ,eg bananas come from plantains,Apple's from rosehips,carrots from queen Anne,s lace herb etc,carrots feed nerve n brain diseases epilepsy autism etc

  14. colonics can reverse n push waste up into upper intestine,patients say they very exhausted from colonics very dangerous for advanced diseases,salt warm water or coffee enemas no seeds all contain toxins,use young plant leaves

  15. but inbred veggies fruits are not like wild fruits which not inbred to give lopsided development,and weakened,eg incest causes higher % birth defects

  16. The argument that plants hybrid in nature is irrelevant because the variation never sticks in nature. Natural hybrids in cannabis always fall back into displaying the majority of land race's traits within a few generation. Hybrids done by man were bred for profitability not mineral content.

  17. true.. hybrids happen naturally.- people- plants and animals…
    hybrids made in a a micro level is dangerously close to GI..🌸

  18. This guy is an idiot. First of all, children that are product of parents of two ethnicities are not hybrids. According to the bible there is only one race and that is the human race. There are many ethnicities amongst the human race but there is only one race. For example, If humans mated with klingons then their off spring would be a hybrid; mix with both human and Klingon. Secondly and going back to 8th grade science class, in nature each species of plants have a male and female gender base. During the reproduction process, only a compatible pollen particle can jump start/electrify the reproductive processes in that species to reproduce. In other words, pollen from a pine tree will not seduce an oath tree to produce another pine/oath tree nor a hybrid of the two. Natural hybridization does not happen in nature unless persuaded by man. Base on my 20 plus years as a US Army laboratory technician, i learned that everything in life is either natural or man-made and with that being said everything is either a acid or a base. However and regarding foods we eat, the foods we eat are either acidic or alkaline in nature. If we are ever going to reach a state of excellent health and being disease free, alkalinity is the way to go. It is just the way God intended; for no disease can live in an alkaline environment.

  19. I think the main problem hybrid foods that the author is talking about are the plants that are spliced at the root and bound by starch. An ancient practice that’s much older than 200 yrs old but of course we have refined the process to make things even more unnatural. Pollen based hybrids should be fine because it’s possible to exist without our help.

  20. Carrot are hybrid, don’t eat them alkaline diet is the best way to go, electric ⚡️ is what you need, it changes the way you think, people please do your research before you listen to others, as he said, he does what is beneficial for him, dr Christopher and Dr Sebi did their research so I would listen to a professional who has been studying for a long time, and heal people, an acidic body cannot absorb the minerals until its alkalized. People don’t write anything they want they do their research.

  21. I really like this guy been listening for years and been eating organic and was very sick till I started alkalizing, I will no longer listening it’s a shame what is told to the public, but a real healer who has real people to back him up gets killed or put in jail, go figure that out!

  22. Watch a few video's here on Youtube about Dr. Sebi… This guy is a genius. However, I think John also has good points. But my personal mission is to strive to eat as much as possible the so called "electric foods", with an exception every now and then.

  23. SOY is evil. Its miracle grow for TUMORS!!! If you want fibroid tumors (if you are a woman) or other types of tumors if you are male or female eat SOY. Soy is great for growing male boobs also (moobs) and smaller penis NO JOKE!


  25. Most people will die of the stress of working to make somebody else rich than you will from what you eat .everything you eat is a hybrid and has been for hundreds of years .And if you not growing all your own food you have no idea what it is .

  26. This shit is to complicated especially for people who don’t have the money to buy non gmo vegetables and fruit, lets just use common sense things that are not found in the wild shouldn’t be ate

  27. People dont know the difference between Hybrid & GMO.
    Too many times people mistake Hybrids for GMO and get nuts.

    Humans have been making hybrids sense the beginning of time.
    Grapes are one example be it for sugar content or Fermentation.

    Now GMO is a Danged Abomination!

  28. Check out Dr. Sabi for much more information on Hybrid foods and what they do to our bodies and what Electric food does to the human body. Some great stuff and great info here with Dr. Sabi

  29. I have learned a lot from you. The best point to your advice is that you are real and make a lot of sense. Thanks for the info!

  30. Sebi taught on mucus & hybrids are not molecularly complete. Hulda Clark taught on bacteria & said onion, garlic, mustard combined can be weapons. Robert Von garlic poison & any vinegars can cause the eyes to strink in to the head. Polifeast follows Sebi as a guide; said on a vid that everything has been hibridized. Man intervened…Thank. Deborah Tavares said nano particles are in everything, even people.

  31. Damn, what can we eat?
    Organic isn't really organic anymore, the grass and grains they're growing the veggies and fruits with are tainted with hybrid and GMO grass and dirt.
    (If you're using compost, that is from GMO and hybrid foods)

  32. Hi thanks very much for your video I really appreciate it. I would like to add for those interested in bananas dr. Sebi says baby bananas or another name for them are not hybrids. Anyone interested of course can contact me at secrets to youth at or you may call me at 949-520-4685 and leave your name your state your cell number and good hours to reach you between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time. I am happy to help others and we'll be doing a teleseminar as m a consultant to doctors and creator of the secret to youth lifestyle and rejuvenation program.

  33. How are you putting 90 minerals into your soil? What are you using? Where are you getting it? Would love to hear more. Thanks for your reply. What city and state do you live? Blessings to all. Happy holidays.

  34. Anything that is unnatural in nature will have an unnatural effect on the body, very simple but it’s your life, do whatever you like, your detriment or progress will not impact on me one way or the other, in the words of i Robot “save Calvin” before you study health study those corporations that profit from what’s available for you to buy, because what convenient for you to buy is by design

  35. I don't get it, potatoes do grow in nature…? Does he mean if you have to physically cultivate them every time, then replant, or else it wont grow… Then that's not optimal?

  36. Animals and humans are not the same as plants. We can move around. The purpose for plants was there already and MAN came and altered what God created. So the benefits, minerals, and outcomes of eating this plant can be harmful. 1. We're aren't advised of the hybrid plants used. 2. Many hybrids may look and taste delicious but what benefits are we getting from it. 3. Now from these hybrid and gmo foos, vegans are getting cancer. 3. Taking the seeds out of fruit is leaving our bodies viable to cancer. Everyone look up B17 vitamin. It is banned in the USA because of the cancer fighting properties. The vitamin is found in seeds and fruits with seeds.

  37. You are talking about humans from different races, not different species! If a man and woman of different races have offspring, it is still human offspring. Hybrid is more like breeding a dog and a cat together. We are messing with nature and playing God, a dangerous game.

  38. So what he saying about some hybrids and some GMO are good but yet the dates are bad? I don't get it. If you're taking from the date tree whether you plant the seed or you tear off the stem and stick it in the ground, what's the difference when growing different types of cucumbers?

  39. Look a bit more into hybrids. They are formed between species that are to far from each other genetically and for the most part they cant reproduce or give seed.

  40. I feel like eating anything I want and that's it.
    Even water and air are not good.
    Ms. Betty White lives on french fries and hot dogs. Healthy and vibrante. She genuina Lady who loves life, people and animals.
    She is at peace. Maybe that's the way to go.

  41. Love Dr Sebi!!! Thanks John, always bring such balanced perspective and focus..however
    From a Bio-Chem perspective..hybrid foods are ones that are not of (a)carbon based, Sebi and this practitioner is correct from my pov, I see it with clients too, additionally look at all the vegans/raw vegans and their "failing"diets…HIGHLY DE-MINERALIZED.

  42. GMO and Hybrid by definition are not the samething. GMO are genetically changed in food originations. Much of its nutritional value is lowered or gone. The person has confused the two.

  43. Hybrids are of the natural enhancement by nature or natural occurrences. If man-made, then the purpose is not to lower or take away, but to ENHANCE.

  44. Some on the List are GMOs he has really confused the understanding almost not to eat any good thing. Please do your definitions in short. Research your food in the long haul. Never stop researching. Live well on what you find. Take Hybrid and plant. Get a known GMO and plant. You will discover your truth. – CJOMs

  45. I'm sorry but you are very misinformed about what a hybrid is… It's not mating, mating is mating.. hybrids are human intervention in specific traits desired, example.. canines, if a human being desired dogs with a long mouth then it would continue to breed dogs that way until the next generation of dogs acquired what you desired, completely against nature, the dog would suffered from multiple health problems, plants and animals breed based on health and increasing chances of survival.. making hybrids is making what the human desires and not what the species needs.. hybrids are not good, stay away from such foods

  46. Not sure if anyone else noticed how he disagreed with the list but in summary agreed with it with the same stipulations from which the list was comprised. Maybe if he did more research of the origin and intent of the list, he would've spared us the "one up" attempt of his content in this video…. smh… Nice try ole super grower

  47. Dr. Sebi said burro bananas an baby bananas are good for us .. I love bananas an I eat like 4-5 a day

  48. I recently find out that all foods in USA are hybrid. What are they doing to people. It is really sad. They are only thinking about money not about people. I want to cry, there is nothing to eat but thanks to Jesus Lord, he said everything will be clean with prayers even if the food is poison. May Jesus keep us safe.

  49. NO OFFENCE but this topic clearly isnt your expertise and I think you should stick to what you now. youtubers ego getting to you.

  50. No doubt that some hybrids are bad for you when you think about the harm that cannabis has done to young peoples minds.

  51. I analyzed the shit out of this and have been experimenting a long time. My conclusion as of now is this. "REAL" foods does leave room for eating less, potentially, creating stronger genetics as it has better mineral balance IF one wants to be a survivor. A carrot needs to be nurtured, yes. We are what we eat. Do we want to be surviving… or coexisting nurturing one another. What intelligence are we moving forward through us?
    Wild foods left me rather alone up in here. Carrots and their likes has me connecting with the matrix i have chosen and the people in it.
    Even though they seem to create a need for compensation. Leading to eating more. Experiments continue. Right now the experiment is healing gumline recession caused by Those got darned bananas(yes, major mineral imbalances and demineralization due to fruitarian diet in my case). The carrots and brethren tubers are what can grow in my climate. Eating out of climate context may simply have been the cause. Altho actually it happened just as much in the tropics the gum line recesssion…
    So now experiment is. Root veggies and milk, and eggs. Hybrids. Balancing each other out.
    Connecting to the herenow of where i am, in the north, in my somewhat mew hometown. The whole synchronistic story makes sense, hopefully it was not just a fairytale and i will write a book about it someday 🙂
    Back to the turnips.

  52. Oh and you obviously are managing – as you are on top of the MINERALIZED foods!
    The idea is that if you would go on all non hybrids, berries, you might not need vegetables at all – we were many in the fruitarian communities that turned back to animal foods a few years back as our health declined – one of which i do believe still holds the idea of fruitarianism to be true, having found a german – Walter Schaub – who is supposingly living on some 500 grams of berries per day since the past 20 years.
    If you relate that to what lockman seems to be doing – 1200ish calories of watery fruit(are there wild meoons of papayas at all? as opposed to berries) if thats all true it seems superior.
    My interpretation is it may be real, but if so that berry lifestyle goes beyond this world almost, whilst we are in this matrix of earth likely to m'er f'in enjoy ourselves, have fun and play, so eating whstever one likes to experience – why not?! 😀
    Would be super cool if someone like you john would test this concept, trying to go on all wild berries for a week seing what happens 😀

  53. Due note i am one crazy yogi not having found the least bit of truth yet just plsying out stories and doing experiments 😀 fun to share some of those stories tho!

  54. John, you talk long, but you make a lot of sense! Somebody had to say the things you said in this video, so thanks for saying them.

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