we going on a butter hunt butter it can give you eternal life if you find the right type of butter so we’re going go try to find the golden butter The golden butter! so in order to find the butter you want to be able to like get a feel on the butter so I’m gonna make a quick recipe it’s like helps you find the butter so you need chicken stock vinegar almond milk Parmesan cheese and water and rice krispies is optional and then you want to take them all and just blend them together so that you could like attract to the butter to you because they love the scent so in order to attract the butter you want to lather yourself with this liquid because they just love the scent of this and it really attracts it so make sure you get it all over your body and I really want to catch butter so I’m gonna pour this on me so this here’s my butter blind I’ll be hunting me some bu TT rrrrr so there’s some common stuff there’s more rare oh my gosh there’s some right there darn safety I think I got it so it’s been three days now and I had to change my shirt because the scent was so strong the butter tries to start mating with me but I still have it on my pants and on my arms and I’ve got my gun and I’m just waiting for some butter to show up so I spotted what up in the tree it’s right up there lets go get it I think my gun might be too powerful in the future I gotta use my hands so I’m gonna put some of this on me so I can fool the butter so they won’t know I’m coming so you just gotta put it all over you like so in your hair i’ll show you when i’m done i can’t believe i got this kill but look this bullets still inside of it just take it out there’s your bullet and i want to make sure that this is ripe so I’m I i do is I’m just going to take this and just take a big bite out of it it’s a good one so I’m sitting on here next to this nearby crick and I’m looking for me some fish butter because a fish butter helps get the butter fishy smell out of you my gosh there’s a fish butter right there right there oh yea thats it you gotta smell this you you gotta smell that oh that fish butter I have a fishy smell on me some fishy smell ah yes so butter is really good for the skin so I’m just lathering myself up with butter so that I can have healthy skin now this is the common type of butter it’s like the ground squirrel of butter and we want to try to find something like more rare so let’s go try to find something I’m gonna try to find me some some almond butter in some cashew butter any type of tree butter I can find so here we got ourselves an almond tree and I was gonna make me a butter pun but the margarine for error was to big oh sweet Jesus it’s an almond butter look right here this almond butter always good for your skin right here you put on your skin all that oh sweet Moses smell the roses oh but you know what else is good for its for that rash that rash that you got back there hold on hold on I need some more oh there we go okay so we’re just looking around for something oh my gosh look it’s cookie butter grab it immediately it’s really good now this species of butter is a lot gamier but you have to make sure you get it right away because it will fight back and you just have to make sure you grab it and take the lid off and puncture its brain which is like this area right here oh one of the bad things about eating too much butter you gotta Dookie oh wow I can’t believe it is that butter this type is great for hairspray just want to take it and just get it all in your hair what the heck might as well take it and it’s great for help hair gel to just take it and just go through your hair like that I can’t believe this is not butter so in order to get the cashew butter to grow you gotta do a little bit of encouragement with the tree this here is a cashew tree so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna do a little kick snapping dance cashew cashew cashew oh yeah you’re right here so you go ahead and grab this right here is good for them nails you put it you put right there on them nails now this last one I’m gonna find it’s like the premium butter and in order to get this if you wanna do is you want to take your shirt put it over your head and go like this ah look there it is oh this is a good butter look it’s a Kerrygold Butter thats mine thats mine thats mine give me my butter give me my butter open it Oh bu TT rrrrr ol kerrygold ol Kerrygold Oh give me that Kerrygold oh the golden butter now we got this beautiful Kerrygold now I have a eternal life yeah


  1. I skip the whole hunting step and nasty potion and latherin with butter and head straight to my local Walmart πŸ™‚

  2. I admire the Dedication and Creativity you put into the production of this Breathtaking film. An Oscar Award is expected and foreseen.

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