The reality behind industrial meat: “the green tides”

You are just running along the beach – and you
could die? Hello, my name is Victor Mercier, I’m a
chef. Food needs for me to be an act of love. You know, like ok, this is what I give you
because I want you to feel good. There is this perspective of improvement like
how can I make it better? You can feel the love of French people for
cooking when they watch Top Chef actually. Today I’ll be cooking some pork from
Brittany. It’s important to have no more greens around it. Thyme. A bit of seaweed. So I start on the fat. For me it is really important to treat the
meat with respect it is an animal so I go gently. Brittany is a very strong region for pork. But lately I have been hearing some worrying
things. People going to the beaches and dying. Animals dying too because of something called
“Green Tides”. I met Vincent Petite who is a vet in Paris. He’s going to tell us his story. Vincent was riding along a beach in Brittany
his horse got stuck in algae washed up by the sea Vincent passed out, he was rescued by firefighters. The horse died. It’s just, just insane. So I’m really looking forward to knowing
a bit more about what’s going on over there The Green Tide happens because of the nitrate
levels into the rivers. The nitrate levels are so high in Brittany
because of industrial livestock. Because of too much livestock in this specific
area. So basically it’s all about the animal shit,
the manure. Because of the poo. Now I’m going to Brittany. It’s a place I used to go on holidays as
a kid. Lets go. The more I read about Green Tides the weirder
it gets. Now we are going to meet Alain Ménesguen who
is a biologist. The pristine concentration in nitrate is about
2 or 3 milligram of nitrate per litre. 20 years ago we climbed up to almost 40 milligrams
per litre. Those nitrates Alain talks about come largely
from fertiliser and animal manure. They flow down the rivers, out to the sea
where the algae feeds on them and grows. And they are very fond of nitrate. Dr Philippe. Randomly when he fell on the green algae on
the beach he died. It was a mystery. No-one was able to make the connection between
the algae and this jogger before Vincent’s accident and his horse dying. Pierre, the doctor, stopped authorities from
burning the body of Vincent’s horse and he ordered an examination. It revealed that the cause of death was gas
from rotting algae. And if it could kill a horse it could kill
a man. I’m going to pay my respects to Jacques
Therin the jogger. Hopefully we try to make some things change
so it will never happen again. There was also a man who was actually picking some
seaweed. Thierry was found dead in 2009. Official recognition for the victims has been
slow in coming. Just this year Jeanne and Claude got confirmation
from the Courts of Justice that their son died from his work with Green Tides. André Ollivro has been campaigning long and
hard against Green Tides since they started plaguing the beach below his house. Over the last 10 years animals have been dropping
dead there. Two dogs in 2008 and in 2011, 36 boars. And a second jogger who died in 2016. People are concerned about whether all these
deaths are linked with the Green Tides. André recommends gas masks just in case. Telling me what happened to the jogger It almost seems surreal. What scares me the most about this story is
like you’re having one of the most common activities in the world just running on the
beach and you could die. Can this be from Green Tides? It’s a scary prospect. I’m very angry and very pissed off because political
decision makers haven’t done anything to change this situation. We are on the road to see André Sergent. He is an industrial pig farmer but also head
of the region’s farming union. André shows us around Ok ok. Good. For me, seeing the quality of life of these pigs
is quite upsetting. This is how the Green Tides look in midsummer
2019 – a bumper crop. While we were editing this story there were
two more deaths reported to be linked to the Green Tides – a German tourist and an 18 year
old oyster harvester. What do I think about this whole thing? I’m now pretty sure we need to change our
diet. So I’m going to make another recipe and
this time let’s try without any meat. Just check my cooking of vegetables. It won’t work if we do it just in France. The change has to be global. We do have to eat less meat and if we do eat
meat we have to make sure that the meat we produce is made in a better way. It’s the perfect representation of an iceberg
in a way. The tip of the iceberg is the Green Tide But the lower is actually the whole system
we are living in. If we don’t want to take that iceberg in
our face we need to change drastically and quickly.

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  1. WOW . We have blue green algae in Elk Lake here on Vancouver Island B C Canada that has killed animals and the health department has put up warning to not bring your pets there . All so no swimming or fishing . This is Global ! FFP

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