The Queens Of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" Dish Season 4 w/ Carson Kressley

hey everybody Carson Kressley here thanks for watching the build series today we have a very special group of ladies in the house it is the cast of RuPaul's Drag Race all-stars for everybody yes go crazy we've got Monet exchange Latrice Royale Trinity Taylor pheromone Valentina Monique Hart Jasmine masters Naomi smalls gia Gunn and Manila listen yes this is where you can go crazy and we can get to know the gals that what I love about all-stars is that we get to kind of know all of the ladies on their original season and the first season that you're on the show even as a judge the first station just like oh my god where am I what's going on on my inside you're just kind of there's a lot going on right and what I love about all-stars is that you kind of get the second chance that after you've like learned how to swim then you get to like really be a superstar because you kind of know what to expect and I'm sure you probably all went through that so I'll just you know we'll just throw some questions around we also if you're watching you can tweet us your questions we have questions from our fabulous audience right here in New York City so um let's just start with let's start with Monet exchange when you walked guest give it up for Monet New York City so when you walked into the workroom and you saw all the other contestants who did you think was your biggest competition to be very honest I did think that naomi was my biggest competition because you know naomi was top three season 8 she's the tallest she's a tall it's like this is like physically she was my biggest competition me the mouse I'm she weighs over no but you were taught through your season but also I feel like sintra season I've heard from other Queens like kimchi and Bob and detox like this bitch is fucking fierce and she's a really good competitor so I was like she's gonna be the silent killer like a silent fart you know Amy you never know who dealt it with that bitch will slay the entire fucking room you know what I'm saying so I thought I thought you were really big competition oh that's so sweet I would fart all over you anytime I'm on the same stage that Dan levy sat on I'm very excited okay I want to sit it shits Creek nobody the brows yes now I get it okay on the flip side I'm gonna ask the same question of Trinity Taylor who are you most excited to see when you walked into the room where their friends were there how friendly faces what was it like you know all stars is a different beast than your original season because you walk in and you know pretty much everybody and so I was actually really excited to see everyone but most importantly Valentina we became really good friends after season 9 and when I saw her it was just like yeah I have a sister okay I have to send her home but yeah well you know you got to do what I got what you gotta do and then now some of you this is kind of interesting I think some of you got to do all-stars more than once and that would be Manila and luxury and that I think is great did anyone have any thoughts about someone maybe you know getting a second chance at all-stars I'm here hold I'm back into the competition you have such an upper hand like you know how the formula works aha so not only to come back once but twice you have an even bigger do you think there is a formula blonde in white I'm just kidding me don't be zooming into me bitch Alaska naked she may be black I'm just saying okay too funny but you guys John it was it was it somehow less stressful for you because you had been there before I would no absolutely not no no I mean that's the whole misconception everybody think all they've done this before this is that okay first of all we're gonna have a silent prayer for season one of All Stars because it was absolute shit show they were making that up as they were going honey we all knew it honey they didn't I have a clue or vision and so for us to have to go and endure that monstrosity of a mask this time coming back was our opportunity to really shine on our own and not have to have our feet lie in someone else's hand yeah I mean all-stars one was a amazing experience and you know when we got there we didn't know what the new rules were gonna be and when we were put in teams we all gagged honey but you really were forced to like really play well with others and so that really did help me like go back into the competition but the rules were completely different from all-stars one because it that it was judged more like a regular season of RuPaul's Drag Race and the new season you know we have to make sure we're not here to impress the judges you know we're here to impress each other so like it is about the relationships that you create with your with your Queens your sisters absolutely I love judging it cuz I'm like we don't have to do anything I just sit and watch the show girl where's my beverage I love it this is full of champagne right now but you can put it in a coffee cup and no one knows also works at the office just this little help plant let's ask a question gia Gunn how did you approach all stars um did you approach it any differently than your original season um on my season I think I was like really confused of who I was and I really didn't have a good grasp on who I was as a person so this time going in mentally I felt so much more whole and walking into the room of these lovely fishy ladies I thought wow it's not a room full of dudes so I was really happy to see these wonderful ladies in the room did I approach it any differently um absolutely not I think I went in there on my a-game I prepped just as much as I did for season six and just tried my hardest yeah and I think what you said about like being more comfortable with yourself allows you to do better because we tell the Queen's all the time like don't try to be this or that try to be like the most amazing version of you in that particular challenge and that's when everybody does their best when they do their thing within the parameters of what we're asking them for so obviously I feel like going into all-stars that's when I really got that it was like mmm do not go on the show to try to be this thing that you think that RuPaul want you to be bitch she brought you on here like he will he want to that like in my season I felt trying to be something some Rui Ruis see me as a certain way I'm gonna be a comedy Queen this week just always do you within those parameters and that usually seems to work okay so season 10 and all-stars three delivered on the mames the main mean all-stars for continue that trend let's ask let's ask Valentina oh dear Lord bitch yes I did I did not have eyebrows but you know I I mean but you know the thing is the thing with that is it's just like if it becomes a meme or not no one's trying the people just do it and it's just a chance and I don't think that anybody's intention is like oh I'm gonna go and snatch a meme trophy there's no trophy for being a mean well not yet but the WoW is are coming young I would gladly accept award if it comes with money and an applause really me me me me but let's just definitely just make the boys go crazy there you go I just happen that might turn into a meme who knows obviously RuPaul's Drag Race has become a huge cultural phenomena but could you talk about the importance of the local drag scene and we'll ask I'm trying to spread it around let's ask Jasmine masters but I mean there there is you know where's your local scene is where do you live now Los Angeles in Los I've heard of it yeah and do you think that the LA I mean that's maybe not a good example of the local drag scene because it's such a big giant city like New York and LA I feel like other own things but maybe like I would love change to that I am that's one of my platforms for being on season 9 is advocating for local Queens I come from originally come from a really small town in Alabama and I had to fight my way to become what I've become on my own there's no resources there and so I know how it is to really truly be a local Queen from the middle of nowhere and it's really important to to when you have a platform to give praise to give a light and a voice to those who don't and I think that's important for for drag race girls to do stunning didn't my sister but I didn't want him to change the question without me tagging on today no go ahead as someone who comes from a small town you see the champagnes kickin she's preaching she's no really I really okay and someone who comes from a small town where they were not looking for drag they no one's come from Kansas City I try to make sure that I always show on my Instagram the girls who inspired me as well as drag survivor is a Kansas City version of RuPaul's Drag Race that is really like pushed the girls in Kansas City to like come harder each week so that's really inspiring to go home and go I need to stay on my game because my small push push them which pushes me so it's great can I say something on that that's of course pheromone everybody I I want to echo exactly what she said but I also want there to be awareness of the unfair treatment of local girls from gay bars I feel like these girls are pumping out new fucking looks every single week and they are working their god damn ass off so Kate's the interweb you can curse god damn ass off and they're getting paid fucking pennies and they're they're investing more into their and to their crap than what they're receiving and I I think that that's very sad because like I've traveled all over as all these girls have and we've met so many amazing talented Queens that just you know don't have the platform that we have and they have to work quadruple quadruple is hard and they're getting nothing nothing I mean local Queens at one time so the way the local Queens we wouldn't be here very true exactly yeah well the great thing about it is that RuPaul's Drag Race has made everyone in the drag scene step their pussy up because we're all local Queens at one time and we got onto this competition and now we're back and we we step our pussy's up from that point so um I think it's really cool because we have all these new Queens that are now inspired to do even better than the Queens that they watched on TV because I you know coming back to all-stars for like every single one of these Queens like is so much sickening more sickening than the Queens when first season of drag race or the first season of all-stars have ever been I only had ginger on Gilligan's Island everybody that's the only person I could look up to see you're so young they're like what's he talking about with Shannon German no but your point is well-taken because drag race has become so popular and because you guys are so fierce and are so sickening and are so talented and I think that's what the show is really showing the world is that drag is this amazing art form that had been hidden in the shadows of clubs and not everybody was lucky enough to be exposed to it and now little kids I mean have you all been to drag Cohn I mean there are you know little four year olds and five year olds and they're not like who this is gay or this is straighter this is they're like this is just fun and this is just expression and this is just art and it's so wonderful to see because of you guys little kids in Alabama or West Texas or wherever that didn't have a place they're like well I could do this and I could be really fierce and I mean in in 2020 the Queen's on the show you're gonna die I mean they're gonna be so every year it keeps getting better what is that these little kids walk into Drakon with higher heels than us you're fresh little achilles tendons prancing around here most amazing part is like seeing all the parents bring their kids in support and like us being able to be these role models that I'm sure their parents thought maybe we're just like freaks like already in a nightclub one day right we're like successful and like living our dreams and it's so inspirational for these little five year olds to well I think that's what's really important about the show is that it not only shows the glamour and the sparkles and the fun times and the glitz and the cattiness and all that good stuff that we all love but it also shows you guys without your face is on and being vulnerable and being real and talking about your personal trials and tribulations and how hard life is so I get it yes to have a question hi yeah sorry me again I just wanted to add on to that just because it is so true like seeing so when you do tour you know touring is fun marine eater in the Voss tours they bring in different audiences that wouldn't traditionally come to a gay bar and I've met a lot of mothers that are Christian moms and you know I love the Jebus crispy okay wonderful and for them to come to a drag show at a theater it's still a drag show you see you're gonna hear the same shit you still gonna see drag queens and they're like I'm bringing my son or my daughter to this and there are a pseudo Christian I think this just speaks volumes of the growth and of the platform that RuPaul's Drag Race has really shown the world and it just means a lot to me thank you well said it means a lot to a lot of people all over the world okay let me who do I still have questions to have six minutes and five seconds to fill oh yes here we are since you all have these massive platforms now what's the most important thing you want to accomplish with your drag and let's just let's go to Latrice you know especially recently with the election and the political climate that we are in right now I just got my voters rights restored amazing so you know what obviously you know I I was I'm an open book when I came into my season I let everybody know that I've been to prison a my mind my trials and tribulations my mother during that period and my rise to where I am now and I think it's important that people like us who have a platform to be able to help people and share our stories so that not only are we relatable but we're teaching you that there is a better way and that your problems are temporary and that's not the end of the world and it's so important that now we're aware that it's important that you use your voice for those who cannot speak for themselves you know I just got my my voters rights back so four years right I didn't have a voice in this world and I'm pay my taxes but I couldn't vote so it's like if everyone does their part and spread the word and use your voice for good and your platform for good I think we're gonna be on the world to success so I think it's important that we all do that let's hope that so and thank you for that mitrice for president yeah what are you doing in two years you can make one now that I got my bonus right yeah set your sights high girl president guys let's restore Al 2020 do it these days write me in April of trees over shale Obama on the same ticket bitch I'm going everyday I would love that me too does anybody else have any thoughts on how you're using your platform I feel the responsibility not politically but just just generally to be an example of Latin excellence what I try I do the same yeah I just think I feel that what I can feature through my culture my upbringing is just putting forward the message that being Latino is beautiful and that people like me that come from not very much can achieve so much and very big and that it's achievable and that if you really believe in yourself no matter where you come from no matter who you are if you work really hard at it and you have a push and a drive they can achieve these things that where you come from is beautiful and that you should embrace it and use it as a platform and that what I do is not necessarily political but it can be because through the representation of how much you love yourself and your culture there's many people that will love you and can identify with that and push the conversation forward that being Latino is beautiful and that we're not represented as criminals or rapists or anything like what Donald Trump is representing but through what I'm doing I'm featuring the music and the beauty and the fashion and the glamor of being Latino and I hope that with my platform I can push that forward through the beauty of it all I do feel a responsibility now with my platform especially being on all-stars to bring trans visibility obviously to the drag world show people that drag is an art form it has nothing to do with your sexual orientation your gender it's open for everyone non-binary men women trans whatever you may be drag is such a universal art and I just want to spread a little bit more love and a little less hate and I think we're we're getting there my main mission for the next year is to really convert into the trans activists that I feel that I am in my heart and also never forgetting where I come from being a showgirl obviously is the reason why I am the proud trans woman that I am today but I do feel that trans showgirls in general and trans artists have been kind of left in the dark a little bit and I'm trying to bring light to that and I will bring light to my community good for you thank you you know piggy backing up above these girls as well I you know being a black gay man and being a drag queen I do feel so empowered by bringing drag to more urban spaces there's no for a long time even though gaming of it at the epicenter of the of the ballroom scene in vogue culture you know it's going to go into Drakon and seeing like gruesome black moms with their little boys this year at drag Con and it's at the Javits Center and this happened to me there were all these like fabulous black women and they were like with their kids I can't believe they're all here but there was there was at the black like Bible conference going on the other level we all have to use the same bathroom sounds like these girls are fierce and we were like walking mime and I was like this is a strange combination was there for drag race but they weren't but they loved it yes my point Monique and I we will go have Sunday service are you guys doing the Sunday service to see these black Moslem and black dads and just marry it being so loved and accepted by communities for a long time growing up would we would shun it why not welcome to such a community it's really awesome to see that happening with drag be more mainstream no that was that was a very cool moment at DragonCon if you guys haven't been to drag Con it happens here in New York every September you may owe me 20 for 20% off exactly tickets not the merch and only at specific booth exactly alright so we are perfectly on time right now we are going to take some questions from Twitter now this is we have two Twitter questions this is from at bone underscore ma that makes me uncomfortable which format you prefer lip-synch for your life or lip-sync for your legacy format twist which you can't answer I person even ask that question but yeah who likes for your life or for your legacy what's what's the difference I like for your life because you're like fighting fighting fighting right stay there and it's like so dramatic but it's also really cool to lip-sync for your legacy like the Queen's doing that and to possibly participate I mean one obviously beam more fun and less nerve-racking because totally and you just go and show you a hundred percent talent and what you're really good at yeah and sometimes they're better that way yeah I mean especially because lip-sync for your legacy if you win you get $10,000 right bitches home no this season with ten thousand pesos they change it yeah you know budget cuts which you prefer men I'm sorry lip-synching for your life or for your legacy oh I don't like neither one I would like to say that I would like lip-sync for your legacy more than lip-synch for your life mom was kind of I didn't really i lip-sync two against charlie hi really doing much so right get the full the full the full fight wasn't a satisfied do for that I would time sorry trying I didn't mean to cut you off twice I'm sorry pull up your wig bitch I would say lip-syncing for your your legacy because it's tough like you really don't get to lip-sync which is what we do is drag queens so when you get to lip-synch for your legacy besides knowing that you're gonna win ten stacks when you win it's like bitch I get to show the fucking world with no extra unnecessary pressure yeah and you know your save your life the stakes are so high it's like it's like going to see a Broadway show that never has a peak it's like where are the stakes in this story but when you're looking for your life you are literally trying to you know you do try cartwheel so a crunch we're gonna go on to our second Twitter question this is from at K underscore al underscore ly how sickening were RuPaul's looks the season without giving away too much right the promo we're going there yeah and see what great in the promo always the same aren't they we're gonna go to a commercial what she meant to say was and so have you I think I think um RuPaul is achieved such a level success she has a beautiful team around her legs aldi starting graven working behind her to make her look gorgeous and beautiful and she was definitely delivering her best to look gorgeous and it's always such an honor to like stand there and to stare at her and study how the glamour when the success behind that team be so yeah is it from this season no sometime oh season tail will tell us what it was it was the white the white Oh was it the outlined jumpsuit yeah tell me about this promo shoot it was it's very like Louis XI and that one infection no I mean your guys experience with it I loved it I loved the color scheme I loved the lighting leisure and like breaking into the crown did like that it was fun hammering that ice block yes all right we're gonna take questions from our esteemed audience here oh look you're already on deck that's that looks like a show Harrah's tweetybird look from season I can't remember this one what's your name and what's your question gorgeous my question is in reference to the lip syncs that took place on this season what could you how could you describe them in one word epic the lip syncs this season how would you describe there you have it thank you you'll just have to watch the show and I think I mean you're already sitting down honey but I think that this this season there's a lot of performers like really good stage performers so I think you guys are in for a trio I do think it's one it's it's a fan plastic all-star season and you get that all-stars level of quality because these bitches are prepared and they are hungry to win all right we have another question coming up on deck okay what's your name Alex yeah I just wanted to address it to everybody what is it about drag race that you find so enticing to want to go back again for a second or third time money money money and pheromone answer this one because I feel like when you do drag race the first time and it doesn't go how you would have hoped or envisioned you really want to go back and show people you know like I guess when I was on season nine I was in a very weird place in my life like I I kind of just put my audition tape out there just to see what would happen not necessarily fully intending to get the call back and then when you get the call back you can't say no so you do what you can and you know like it's all a new experience or it's your first time being in front of cameras there's all these people everywhere telling you to do this or that there's people Mike I mean it's it's a very overwhelming experience and I think that I mean me personally I wanted to go back not being scared of the production of it all and like my Lady Gaga revealed that never happened on season 9 like a Mike person told me that I should not take off my jacket because they didn't know what it might be in my latex but it wasn't the actual Mike girl that ended up my god I mean it was just like it wasn't either like sabotage and with All Starz it's like all in or all out you know what I mean like this is your chance to fucking show the world who you really fucking are as an entertainer and what your taste level is and what your sort of mine what your creative ideas can come up with and I think that I I would never go back I think the really cool thing is is that now that we have like you know proven ourselves and we've gotten to to around the world and make some coins it's really nice to come back and have the opportunity to show the world what we can do with our creativity when we have a little more money okay so that's the the runways are going to be sickening season I am so feared watch watch all these bitches run down the runway so Monique and I came from season 10 I got nobody okay honey I am still using Chipotle coupons okay just to be very clear no but you two you do have that bad experience when you go on those tours I mean you learn so much and that's a real confidence builder when you can like work a room and Antwerp when they don't even understand English or something that's your chops get really fine-tuned and it shows and I'm telling you the looks the performances all of it season four yes what she said hi what's your name Michael David congratulations on how far you all have come you all look so sickening so big thank you so much yeah now when you guys walked in on the first day of shooting what was the thing that you were looking forward to most taking my shoes off amen I mean what's way way way into that more is actually when you come back for all-stars is it actually fun and exciting in or are you invigorated or are you like freaking out like you were the first time you get to like on your season you build such a strong bond in that filming span right girls it's kind of like summer camp really close really fast yeah and you're all kind of terrified and you need each other exactly and all-stars is like that is not different at all so it's like being in the trenches in war but with glitter and glue and I laugh but very similar it's really cool to have a bunch of new really close sisters friends yeah you're right friends acquaintances coworkers colleagues I feel like when you go back like you like I'm I come from pageants so it's like it's like a pageant like kind of you know if you're really competitive and you're going back you just it's another fire that's lit under you to like be competitive and be the best you know hopefully and it's just when you walk in you're like okay I'm ready to compete ready to pounce now when you walk into that workroom you say I just increased my booking fee but also I feel like for me I can see for myself is walking in walking into all sides just like your regular season like you hear the rumors of who might be there right but like when you walk in and you actually see who really is your competition it's like oh those were the rumors were true this vision really is there and I mean so it's like the anticipation and to be honest for myself scared of who the other competitors were gonna be was like my biggest anxiety walk into Oscars you never know who is really going to be in the room right all right well I think that's all the time we have this was super fun give it up for all of the gals for all of our amazing contestants for all-stars for you must watch there's an amazing holiday special this Friday December 7th and then the season kicks off Friday December 14th on vh1 [Applause]

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  1. @all stars 1
    manila: it was a great experience!
    latrice: it was a SHITSHOW
    akhdaldjakdjaldjal honey

  2. "if you work hard enough, you can be anything"
    False. So much of it is luck, privilege, timing, connections etc. It's not just about working hard. That idea of hard work being the only thing that determines success implies that people who don't make it are to blame because they didn't work hard enough when it's much more than that

  3. Shangela was robbed last season, and now Manila too. I felt they really deserved to compete at the end.

  4. I had to see this after watching s11 one to see how this ish is done everyone being quiet when one person is asked a question, letting people talk , it’s refreshing

  5. "I just wanna spread a little more love, and a little less hate." Gia. Gurl. I agree with her 100% on everything she said, but coming from her horrible and nasty self it just sounds so fake. Like she kept trying to say all season and in the promo stuff that she's a different person now, she grew, but her actions and behavior on the season show the exact opposite. The way she treated Farrah and how she talked about everyone else was not okay, and definitely not loving.

  6. It's kinda funny how Carson exposed who the winners were when he immediately asked Monet and Trinity who they thought their competition was and we just had no clue.

  7. Monique Heart seems pressed that she didn't end up in final 2 for the crown with Monet (her friend). She seems mad at Trinity for taking her spot lol.

  8. So so so proud of Monique and Monet, even after being on season 10 and so fresh in the this competition, they managed to reach top 4 and give such amazing performances

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  10. They are uncomfortable. This is the weirdest shit I’ve seen. I watch all the seasons and this is a true representation of where this show is at.

  11. The queens are so respectful to each other in the interview not as s11 interview talking over each other

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