The Muppet Show – The Swedish Chef

it's time to play the music it's time to light the light is that it's time to put on makeup it's time to dress up right it's time to raise the curtain on Papa Joe tonight hey have I got an opening joke for you tonight this tutorial of this is it for now let's get started on the most inspirational good mortgage negative Bekele screwed me Bradford Tooting yes sir and abroad metal spear dissolution alerts leutis after Lu testers furs gas working here has big dishes and her latest Fuhrer's made urban American spirit clan do is forced emeritus gear first-ever divorce yeah the room is made to her hip ruining Burton the blue lavertus nice food is burning burger Asher came over the bridge a professor who the who in search of food and Smith deburr make the food hammer the Percival Susie booth district complete as weakness tech daily the Hamill Brutus very severely food video control hey says whoa cuz there's the roof roof hey mr. Hamill hey I'll get your bloomers food desert mad Greek Topanga loop lingers be home anywho good a sitter liebherr spear horn there's here in English bill Disney dish me boom is here resource me Heymann do stephen given the genome sugar to eat he serves a burger you see his name is you here is hurt you speaking of lunch I wonder what the Swedish Chef has up his sleeve summons from the Board of Health by wager spearing the hula-hoop waiting the flapping second hookah it's their Lord yes you heard about the brooding Eastern nor did mr. bored their horns fear or dare dispute theory they scoring to here to flip-flopping is I could detect back-to-back ears for newborn deer near more scared beep good let's keep Elena Luther first point dear my dirty whores he's here who can dig it is her v tuck in the group just fear dinner yeah and for get dirty I've heard they get the bloom dilution here dear bear scare you but is Kinnear he's here more spear there a mister you never heard a good spaghetti espera de Guiche began to be her here scheme evolution excuse me guy your yard – groovy scoop miss Cooper this keep here the oldest corner you really worked or escapee word is your biggest weakness you be dutiful and here they give you Bing is good a heady move in see the movie where he Boomer hidden his victory he's here – who here in this room he who mislead us table the species kcg reduce Peru the specie space you hotsy-totsy hey IVA Lou construct this rudy papers awesome this yes before she watches this you thought for more specie spices easily do decision be heard with the versatility in school as here the papers awesomely mr. Schock CCC's this is she was reversed everything okay it's a peaceful mean speedy who is she a forced earmark bear scaredy maliska dear he bore Forestier bear for work work work scared yes give us the sword the cool condition a spirit award agreed discreetly for pesky mr. with her it's give it room boom beer scared newborn skipper cubed Mickey Rourke you keep asking receiving mr. mr. yes here gun yummers fear the work he's feeling really good catch cable yes given screw ya all not here one over here is convertible here yomo no you you you you you mana deal and scare girls for despair cover yo sure to divorce fear hinges who are in the cake and smoocher my gosh commercial issue what do you think it's sitting home watching television lumina

22 thoughts on “The Muppet Show – The Swedish Chef

  1. The Swedish Chef was my son’s favorite Muppet character. He did a mean impression of him doing the Chocolate Moose bit! My boy passed away 3 yrs ago at age 29 and every time I see the SW, I think of my James. This video was not on my home page 15 minutes ago but it is now. Jamie? Is that you trying to make me laugh? I miss you, boy.

  2. The Swedish Chef. The only chef to consider a blunderbuss a necessary ingredient in half his recipes.

  3. they brought the Muppet show back a few years ago for about half a season but kids today didn't get it

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