"The Mayor's Cook" | GMOD Trolling

excuse me a it's a lon Allen yeah yeah uh do you know where I can get a gun just a gun get away all right cookies in your pocket uh-huh all right why did you take it re gennady's to come here thank you here because I'm feeling good all right you too oh my a buddy nice you're breaking an alarm all right mm-hmm hey zooming hello there agent uh how are you good how are you I changed my RP name what does it read one thing gold yeah here had that thank you very much yeah uh yeah I have a problem that you that s true I was problem how can you hear me what's the problem okay um so basically I was walking around that part of town it's like the corner we're like the intersection is and two thugs I run up to me okay and one has his gun out the other one has a knife and they start just berating me calling me the N word the F word all sorts of stuff like that so they said well we got we got we got a raid going on we're gonna raid some people do you want in and I said sure I want in so the thugs are knocking on the door and they're saying we want in we want to raid your stuff right you following me here okay hello yeah I've got I got you all right can you hear me yeah hello hello are you there I'm following don't worry keep going yeah yeah you're a little muffled all right try talking again hey can you hear me yeah you're better now all right so as I was saying um and I have my gun out it was like one of those really expensive guns some guy gave me and what ends up happening is they tell me to drop the gun and I don't know how right and I end up getting shot and the three guys that are in the building are chasing me now they're calling me the N word and they're screaming at me and I don't know if that's a good common theme on the server but I find it kind of disrespectful and a little off taste I don't know your positioning is it comes to that I understand what you mean yeah I don't like it but according to the rules and I was wondering you know after the whole ordeal if I can get the gun back or at least some kind of compensation of money so I could buy another one there you go man that should help you out alright thank you so much I'll my return you I got I got a bunch of things I apologize you okay here that's no problem but that's just I can't do not to face our rules you're a good knight in return you thank you monkey man monkey man hello yeah yeah I got a problem no can you help can you help me yeah mm-hmm I'll lead you to the people all right just follow me do you have a gun all right I do yeah a gun you got a gun yes I do Oh where's it all right yeah yeah just follow me can you do that follow me can you hurry up thank you oh no don't leave me behind now thank you all right yeah over here these guys are the guns yeah they were shooting at me can you do something about that hello hey can I help hello can I help no fucking man I don't have any mess but the cat fire extinguisher oh excuse me yeah look my gun nobody gotta look gone a gun go yeah gun and I don't pack what you're blocking my body armor like I don't know yourself armor can i buy some from you just on the show thank you come on thanks a lot yeah can I can I get one of those knife or a gun yeah please I don't have done what's okay asked homeboy what's that this Kevlar like a like Kevlar armor what is it it provides you additional extra protection count how does it do that what now how does it do that okay he can't just buy it or make aliens I want to buy something if I don't know what it does trying to scam me is that what you're doing fuck are you looking at paint only you can find by going odds huh who'd you say list that where did they go by one name well what is it I want to know what it is what am i buying flying armor what kind what kind of armor is it like kill Oliver oh my got a knife whoa what's this gun wise they're gone what the fuck he's going on Jay oh he's going to Edmond you don't look like fucking sadist like that was scary he'll be the 900 second do you guys want to go there do you guys gonna go down there hey what's going on hello hey yeah can you put the gun away I thought you were different bubu plugs in a cop car yeah can you put the gun away No hello no dang hey can I see your house I'm interested Kos excuse me just getting a gun thank you all right and then the gun pick up noise came in at some inventory all right sorry it was – I think cause 1000 something thank you I appreciate it hey yeah I guess what I will come to the bank your money as well what sorry that bitch Jack your money as well well I did buy a gun and he stole what Kermit where are you no no I said to give you money until to steal that as well I think it was a citizen it was this right here yeah just buy a gun yeah annal our bud hmm all right get fuck out here I'll drop it again see if that helps you I dropped as well hey prestige oh hello there how do I pay bill yeah hi there the mayor needs to speak with you so give me um huh hello hello all the way down here yeah yeah hello alright now I would really love for all my officers to harass this man in this cell just do whatever you please just make his day worthwhile on him and I got permission open the salt doors to harass this man well if I did that then well all this all those little it's okay he's okay but there's nearly there okay over there so what did you do to get on the mast bad side I don't know what you do to get on his bad side did you forget to maybe pay him something back yeah no I'm here for uh I'm here to be the cook the cook for the PD mm-hmm all right okay thanks for letting me in yeah I'm gonna be the cook yeah the cook the cook for the PD James get out he wants you to get out James he wants you to get out came here to be the cook ordered by the man yeah I'm here to be the cook hello yeah mayor's cut hello uh hello yes you'd like to speak to me my friend and yeah I'm here to be the cook cook for the police department personal assistant the cook you here to what to be the cook for the police department light personal gourmet chef yeah alright cool yeah I can start right away yeah whenever you're ready put you on bail for free and then uh gentlemen let him in all right thank you hello yeah I me to be the cook all right thank you all right through there hello greetings all right no I'll start cookin all right man could be something good okay I want everyone in this room to look at each individual object and tell me what they see everybody get in a line look at the hotdog and crouch and stare intensely at it it will speak to you this was hotdog it will tell you something including you mayor and prestige this is important that everybody understands what's going on here look at the hotdog what does it say we'll go around the table what is it what does it tell you eat me eat me right but wrong what does the orange say no eat me here's the interesting thing about the orange finger the orange is a bitter peel can but within it lies a sweet fruit if you can penetrate that bitter peel you get rewarded you know what I mean how did that taste sweet or bitter bitter try the beans everyone feast and let me know what you think

42 thoughts on “"The Mayor's Cook" | GMOD Trolling

  1. Trying out a new font this video! Let me know what you think about me using it for future videos or if I should go back to the old font.

  2. Swaggersouls: hey can I help
    * Old man walks pass by with a shotgun and goes in* * gunfire and bullets flying and screaming*

  3. I love the way he gets guns and money
    Also at the end by killing everyone from tricking them for being the cook

  4. Why are these people so slow on this game wtf it takes them so long to answer and then when thay do itโ€™s some shit that doesnโ€™t make sense to what he is asking wtfff๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. I fucking lost it when he started stealing the guys guns and died over and over๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. I knew the assassination of the mayor was coming and I still laughed my ass off. Swagger, please make more gmod videos!

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