20 thoughts on “The Marina Bay Sands – Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby: Episode 1 Preview – BBC Two

  1. I can only speculate on the cause and effect—that the feedback of the host, Giles, may have led to Netflix pulling this from view. I had downloaded it last week and viewed it before it was snatched from the listing, and I agree with those who have already chimed in that Giles came off as a jerk and the “chef” that was paired with him to host looked lost in the kitchen. Sadly, the episode focused on behind-the-scenes services. NO ONE goes to the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) to see the parking garage! Having visited there myself, I can affirm the architecture is spectacular, if a bit over shadowed by the smog and cargo ships that litter the skyline. Hopefully Netflix will see fit to produce another episode focusing on the facets of this gorgeous facility that people will actually want to see.

  2. I came to see if anyone else was annoyed by the male host. He was particularly annoying while working with the butler and valet. Please change the host!

  3. Giles' problem is, he thinks that being amusing is what amuses HIM instead of what's amusing to others. Instead he comes off as being rude and insulting.

  4. A pity they ruined the entire series by putting those two idiots front and centre. Our tax money at work, I guess.

  5. I watched this on an airplane yesterday and was SHOCKED by the male host. I have come here to leave a and read the reviews to see if I was the only one that was cringing at his manners and demeanours. Acting like a child, condescending to the staff and poor interview skills when interviewing the gm. I hope BBC realise this.

  6. So glad to see Im not the only one who dislikes the male host who I don't even want to type out the name.

  7. This series could be awesome but what's with this Giles Coran douche going out of his was being an ass thoughout the whole episode by refusing to do little things like properly where the uniform to doing all the jobs exceptionally bad just pissing on management and other workers that are in the shot. People are literally looking at him embarrassed unsure of how to responded to him. 6 episodes in the season that I'm not finishing because the first episode of watching him was awful.

  8. Disgusting and disrespectful display by Giles. I've stayed at the MBS several times and they absolutely pride themselves on high quality service – Giles did all he could to undermine their hard work. First and last time I will watch this program.

  9. A potentially good series ruined by the distasteful manner of the male host who is often rude and condescending when interacting with staff.

  10. Giles acts like such an entitled jerk in this episode. He essentially undercuts this hotel beginning in his opening scene. I am so disgusted by him that I probably can't bear to watch the rest of this series. I hope BBC 2 can find someone who doesn't act like an elitist white male to replace him.

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