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– (FBE) Today, we’re going
to have you all compete in an iron chef challenge…
literally. – Woo!
– (Faith) Literally? – (Troy) This is crazy.
– (FBE) Literally. – (Faith) We ’bout
to cook up some stuff. – I’m excited,
’cause I’m gonna try my best. – With my past experience,
I feel like I could do well, you know? I don’t know if my competitors
know about this. Maybe keep it a secret.
– (laughs) We know. – When I was 12,
I was on MasterChef Junior, the first season.
I came in third place. I lost. But…
– Okay! – You know, third place is pretty good.
– Third place is not bad. That is not bad.
– Third place is awesome. – (FBE) So, for each of you,
we’re gonna be giving you 45 minutes to prepare
the best meal that you can. However, the only item
that you can use to cook your foods will be an iron.
Not a waffle iron, not a cast iron, an iron. It’s right over there. – An iron?
– Ohhhh! Snap. This is gonna be fun.
– Are you serious right now? – Let’s go. Let’s get it.
– (FBE) Today, your primary ingredient will be beef, but again feel free
to throw in a wildcard dish if you’d like.
You’ll be presenting your dish in front of our three judges,
so whatever foods you make, you must complete three versions
of the dish in order to present them to our judges.
And you’ll be graded on three components:
taste, plating, and originality. – All right. Let’s get it! All right!
– Oh my gosh. With an iron? That’s it?
– (FBE) You get an iron. – Screw it. Let’s get it.
Makes it fun. – I had some confidence going into it,
but this is game-changing. – (FBE) So, you may begin cooking
in, three, two, one… go!
– All right. I’m gonna do the patties. Eww. Oh, man. ♪ (suspenseful music) ♪ That looks good, right?
That looks solid. That’s a good chunk of meat.
– So, I think I’m gonna make a Philly cheesesteak.
I was gonna use ground beef to do that, but I think I kinda wanna
maybe try to thinly slice this beef. – I’m gonna season a couple
of these meats here, ’cause it’s a fajita taco salad,
so I wanna mix both of the meets together.
So, we’re gonna put some paprika in there.
We gonna put some salt on there. Put a little cumin.
And I’m just gonna ground it up here. – I’ve never cooked
with an iron before, all right? This is a lot harder than it seems.
I just hope I don’t burn my– ahh! Burn myself.
That looks good. I could smell it. All right.
That didn’t even make se– (sizzling) Oh, wow! This is so cool!
I would never do this at home, but this is a great experience.
– Chop the top off. Get this guy going. All right.
So, we got it pretty flat. I think I’m just gonna, I don’t know,
just julienne it, super thin slices. Cut in a little bit.
Take the outside part off. Take these two.
I’m trying my best to keep all the onions the same size,
all the peppers the same size so they cook evenly.
Got my reputation, man. Can’t let Gordon Ramsay down. (sizzling)
– (Faith) You hear that sizzle? Oh my– (gasps) This is working!
Oh my word! That is very cool! You see that steam?
Oh my gosh. This is almost done. And then we’re gonna put this here
and mix this right here, so we can cook this separately. All right. I think that is gonna
be a medium well right there. Ooh, child! Okay, let me just
do a little taste. You better shut up.
You better shut your mouth. – Bam. Bam. I’m killing time.
Oh my god. Even bad burgers are still enjoyable if you
drench it cheese, which is what I’m gonna do.
I’m so scared to see Troy’s and Faith’s cooking.
It’s probably gonna be so nice. Okay. Screw it. Screw it.
Those look good. – I should probably take care
of the cheese. I do have a grater. Okay. I think I’m good.
I might need more later. You never know.
Think we’re just gonna… I don’t know how much
I should oil an iron. (sizzling) Okay. [Bleep]. I kind smell fire. I think I’m just gonna have
to cook this in a really weird manner, pick them all up
then flip ’em. Be careful. I’m a trained professional, guys.
So, don’t worry about me. – All right.
This here… I’m gonna take this…
I’m just cutting up lettuce people, okay? – (FBE) No technique?
– No. I’m a home cook. I don’t know what
you’re talking about. (laughs) I’m gonna put the lettuce
at the bottom. Presentation. I’m not trying
to be messy. I’m going fast like I only
got 10 minutes. Look at that.
You see the different colors? You see how wonderful the presentation
of that is going to be? Yes! All right. We’re gonna
do some tomatoes, because we gotta have tomatoes.
Okay, so I’m just gonna cut this avocado across like this,
so when I get ready to put it on as a topping, it’ll go on. – (Izzy) Oh, this one
doesn’t look too bad. Okay. I’m not so mad at that one.
They don’t look bad. I’m not angry at it.
Okay, I’m ready to slap some cheese on there.
I’m gonna drown it in cheese. Ahh! Should I grill it?
I like my onions raw, so that’s my problem.
But I know most people don’t, so let’s just throw it on here! Okay, maybe not everyone
likes tomatoes either. These are too thick!
Screw it. (chuckles) – So, we’re gonna do
butter instead for this one. (sizzling) Probably not even enough,
but whatever. They’re gonna be uneven cooked,
so I gotta deal with what I have. – (FBE) Feeling good?
– I’m feeling a little bit more nervous now.
I think I underestimated how long it takes
to cook on this thing, ’cause of the surface area, but…
– (FBE) You have exactly 10 minutes left.
– 10 minutes? All right. Plating’s
gonna be a quick one. [Bleep]. I’m running out of time.
I think I gotta get this going, get onions. But these puppies
are gonna go quick, so that’s on the bright side.
– Oh, and the cheese. Oh my gosh. I almost
forgot about the cheese. Oh my gosh.
I’m here to win. Some hamburger… (chuckles) Since I have time.
So then, I think we’re gonna layer with some cheese.
Wish I could melt this cheese with the iron.
Is there any water? Yes. How– let me see the steamer. (triumphant laughter) Is it gonna work?
Oh my lord. If this works,
that is crazy! Oh! Look at that, baby!
Look at that! (steam puffing) Oh my word!
– So, I’m going to try to attempt to put an egg on my burger.
Oh, [bleep]. Pfft! All right, another egg!
Oh my god. Oh my god! This is talent, by the way.
Can you guys take a second and enjoy this?
Woo! Okay, next one!
– All right. I gotta get this bread out. I am so goddamn talented.
I think these need to cook a little bit longer. Five minutes?
(clicks tongue) Psych. You’re done. Gotta butter this bread
as well as I can. That’s a lot of damn butter. Ooh, I got the cheese too! [Bleep]! This bread’s gonna be probably
a little undercooked, one-sided, but we’ll be fine.
If anything, that’s my downfall. – Okay. Let’s put some tomatoes here.
Okay, so let’s put a little steak on the top each.
Let me put more cheese on top. We’re gonna steam that.
And then I’m gonna end with the avocado on top of that,
and then I’m done, baby. (steam puffing) It is melting like nobody’s business.
That is awesome. I think I’m ready. I just need to clean the sides
of the plates up with the situation, And I think we’re good. All right. That is ready. That
is a BEAUTIFUL plate of goodiness. – I love the smell of bell peppers.
Does it look like a smiley face? (chuckles)
– (FBE) Yeah, it does. – Yeah! Let’s get it! Yeah! (claps) – Need to get my three plates going.
These gotta go pretty fast. How’s my bread looking?
It’s literally not even close to done.
I’m not gonna finish. Oh my god. Garnish.
Get some meat going on there, a couple peppers.
Low-key gonna jack one from here, ’cause I don’t have enough.
We cool. We cool. The onion action, not too much,
’cause I don’t have enough. – (FBE) All right. That’s time!
(bell rings) – Boom. – (FBE) Welcome back, everyone.
Let’s first introduce our judges for today.
So, they are Mikaela, Tom, and Sharon. Guys, how do you think
you’ll enjoy today’s dishes? – I’m hoping I’ll enjoy everything,
otherwise I’ll be really upset. (laughs)
– I mean, wasn’t Troy on MasterChef Junior?
So, you better be coming with some straight fire, boy.
That’s all I’m saying. – All right.
– I don’t have high hopes. I mean, let’s be honest here.
– (all laugh) – (FBE) So judges, you’ll be grading
each of these foods on taste, plating, and originality. For each category,
you’ll be giving them a score of one to five.
The highest scoring dish overall will be declared
the literal iron chef. Your first dish today
will be a Philly cheesesteak. – Ooh, okay!
– Don’t mind if I do. I like that my bread
is different ways. I think that’s kind of–
I don’t know if that was on purpose, but it’s kind of artsy.
– Well, and see, to me, I’m like, “You can’t
even put the bread together?” – (Tom and Mikaela laugh)
– To be honest, I don’t know if the cheese on the side
was an artistic choice or they just missed.
– They always says the messy plates are the best plates, you know?
– That’s true. – I feel a wetness in it. – Yeah. It’s literally sogging.
– I mean, that’s good. – It’s a little chewy.
– Yeah, it’s a little bit chewy. I wish maybe there was
a little more cheese, but there’s still good flavor.
– Whoever made this one was like, “You know what? I’m gonna
just have to put butter on it.” – (chuckles) We need taste.
– A little butter never hurt anyone. – (FBE) Here is your next dish.
This is a hamburger, but it has some egg at the top,
so keep that in mind. – Oh!
– I love egg on my burgers! – That’s adorable.
– Oh, that’s so cute. – look how thick that tomato is.
– Oh, that is a big– that’s a THICK tomato. It’s stuck to the plate.
– Oh, no. – Look at it.
– Oh, it is stuck. – It’s stuck to the plate!
– Oh, she is stuck to the pl– oh. – Plating might need
to go down a little bit. I like it actually.
It tastes really good. It’s hard to mess up a burger.
– Well, that’s the thing, right? – But they were cooking
with an iron. – (FBE) For your final dish today,
you have got a fajita taco salad. – (Mikaela) Look at
how pretty this is. – They added some avocado.
I really like the colors going on in this dish for sure.
– Yeah. – It’s not how high can you
stack the plate, right? – I don’t know. In my eyes,
the higher you stack it, the better. Keep bringing that.
– I am impressed that this is fried up on an iron.
– Yeah! – Yeah. Like, the meat’s
cut up nicely. The cheese looks
pretty melted. Ooh! Flavors!
– I know. Is there spice in here? – This is really good.
– I’m making a mess. – Yeah. I really enjoy this.
– Mm-hmm. Oh my god! This is REALLY good.
– Now it’s getting down to the nitty gritty.
I got mine. I’m gonna lock it in. Final answer.
– Hold on here. Hold on. All right, I got it.
– (FBE) We’ll start with the Philly cheesesteak.
Can we reveal who made that? – Hey! Okay! Surprising.
– I gave it an eight total. Three for originality just because
I wouldn’t have thought with those ingredients
that’s what I would make. – I gave it a seven.
Originality was definitely your strong point.
As soon as you had so much oil in your hand, it was kind of
hard to enjoy it as much as I could’ve.
– Overall, I gave it a six. For taste, I gave it a two. There was just so much butter…
– (imitates whip lashing) – I know.
– …that it was– like Tom said, you just COULDN’T get past it.
– (FBE) Let’s talk about the burger.
Who made that? – Ayy.
– Ooh. I gave this one a nine.
My highest score for it was taste. I gave it a four, ’cause I wanted
to eat the whole damn thing. – I really liked the smiley face,
but I had to take a couple points off, because my bun stuck to the plate.
But overall, a nine. – I gave it a total of six.
For plating, I gave it a one, ’cause I feel like you should
be able to pick the food up. – (FBE) Izzy, that does give you
a final score of 24. You have taken the lead
in this challenge. And so, finally, let’s talk
about our final dish. – I gave this one a 10,
because… the flavor! – (all laugh)
– DAMN! I was like, okay! – I said a 10 as well.
The taste was amazing. Definitely, you got it with the meat.
Flavoring the meat is definitely what made this stand out.
I love the plating. You might not have liked it,
but I like when there’s a lot of food in front of me.
– I gave it a total of seven. For originality, I gave it a three,
because who’s gonna make fajitas on an iron?
– That’s for damn sure. – That’s pretty good.
– (FBE) With a final score of 27, that does mean that Faith,
you are the winner! And we hereby award you
the prestigious title, the LITERAL iron chef! (confetti popping)
(kazoos sounding) – (all cheering)
– I feel great! That was awesome!
It was so much fun. – (FBE) So Troy, you came
in third place on MasterChef Junior. – I know.
– (FBE) You came in third place here today. How do you feel you did?
– This is rigged, dawg. – I thought I was gonna be last,
and I’m happy. I’m happy. I’m happy. – Better than
I could’ve done. (chuckles) – Oh, 100%, all of this
is better than I could’ve done… – (Tom and Mikaela laugh) – …which is why I’m a judge
and not a chef. – Thank you for watching
the Literal Iron Chef Challenge on the React Channel.
– If you liked this video, and you wanna see what
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– Hey, guys. Ethan here from the React Channel.
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  1. Faith was Really smart putting the iron on TOP of the food & Not putting the food ON the iron!!!!! (she's the only one that used the steam too)

  2. I really liked this competition and I'm glad Faith won. She was thinking outside the box, didn't give herself more than she could handle so she wasn't rushed, and her excitement about the whole thing was just super adorable and made it fun to watch. Congratulations, Chef Faith!

  3. I always think Mom's are the best cooks and Faith proves that. ❤❤❤

    From the flavoring of the meat, the colors of the vegetable presentation, and down to steaming the cheese, literally! Faith has won the competition from the get go. She also presses the Iron on to the meat to cook it & not cook the meat with the Iron upside down, cause that is the natural way to use an Iron.

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