The Hotel Where Spirits Speak

hey guys is Stacey and we are still on our road trip we are still in Alabama we are at a place called Anniston Alabama and behind me is a hotel that we're staying at tonight that is said to be haunted it is believed is pronounced the hotel for now I could be wrong but this house was the original house built on his property back in 1888 and they added dis to make it the hotel but what we came forward said to roam mainly in the hallways of this house some of the people who work here and some of the gifts have talked about different occasions where things have happened they suspect your spirits or ghosts so we're gonna check that out okay guys this is inside the home that is there to be haunted and yet is beautiful they haven't fixed of really nice somebody's playing the piano over there this little area you can see out here is all glass tin dining room table definitely tail that parts of this house are old it looks like it has a lot of the same work in well there's little rooms for me too with the stained glass this looks like a dining room I guess the dishes are breakfast in here for the guests of the motel and it's open to anybody who is staying at the motel out through the house and look at it you know a lot of this stuff is more modern but there are pieces that tend to make the pocket some of the original world via streams I guess they have all these tables set up in the different rooms for the guests to eat breakfast another fireplace back here I guess they have all these days I guess they have all these tables set up in the different rooms for the guests their home the gifts to eat breakfast first another fireplace walk back here and walk back here yeah this big beautiful tapestry on the wall the hangs down that looks open to me there's the fireplace right for all you mean there's a big duck on the wall give these old doors I'm gonna come back over here in a little while look there's a kitty cat out there we're gonna come back over here in a little while but um it gets me some habits here right now we're just here looking around this must be where the breakfast buffets sit up good morning welcome to our breakfast birthday I've got a desk over there it's across from the stairs others I guess how they use it for really is to serve breakfast anymore to the guests yeah this is worth of breakfast is that see how they said everything that appear it's a buffet it's free or anyone who stays and you need their rooms so you see though it's good sides buffet and people are bragging about it they definitely like the sewer and it does look fancy it's a pretty place somebody in the room with the piano so we'll check that out in a minute gonna walk up these stairs and that was easy I know that the gifts creams that stay here these stamps but I want to see that is where I hear most of the homeless come on did the homeowners come or not but they is good no check out their light pictures college I'm assuming obvious rooms as the Kirby sweet and we'll sweet look at this fall these are light little tiles they put it in that's pretty neat me Cleo hey sweet okay gas you're in had to jig alphorn yes I'm not supposed to be up here that's why I'm trying to be very quiet that just goes to put the whore that's another suite like a tower suite or something didn't notice that this came down here a very neat place hi guys this is throwing with the P and I and we know it hurts because there was a little boy in here playing a little while ago oops I can't remember it I am NOT Mozart is a pretty new place but I think we're gonna come back after it gets dark and see if we can find out you back after it gets dark and see if we can find out anything over here and did a little bit of investigation around to see what he's a little bit investigation around him just see what happens don't the stories I won't look it up and tell you no more but I want to frame you ever here just killing a lot of the stories I wasn't looking up and tell no more but I want to bring you here to steal a glimpse into it and see where all they had it's a beautiful home definitely is beautiful house beautiful home definitely this beautiful home so like these I think you know let's hook the tail I don't know if they came when they originally built the house if these were all here in this room I don't know these fireplaces and they but a lot of these old doors that pull out that I can't throw out you'll see it this one well it's supposed to pull out I don't know how you do it but they pulled out of the wall and closed those are I think those are probably real doors they have put in central heating there hey guys I know I'm looking like a hot mess right now but it has been a crazy day however we are at the hotel but now still can't tell you how to say it but we have a room and it is an awesome room I want to show you guys where we're staying soon the door y'all see the door okay so you're coming in this way and we're gonna skip past the bathroom because it's cool there is our beds y'all excuse our mess we've been laying around kind of throwing stuff working on videos doing different things but the room itself is really pretty it was very clean when we got here I'm not sure what happened usually me and Patti are pretty clean but we've got all of our stuff scattered everywhere you can tell Patti's been working here I'm over here got my stuff charging up so we can go out tonight and investigate this place we got a closet and then this is the bathroom I love this bathroom guys I think this is awesome it's gonna light up with this shower and it's got all this beautiful tile work glass go showerhead I think it's pretty cool and then of course you've got the turlet as John says it and then the mirror and how the other stuff I really think this room is a nice room I haven't I haven't even looked out to see what our view looks like to be honest I have no idea what the view looks like from outside our window let's see not fantastic just a building but this is in downtown Aniston which I don't really know how big downtown Aniston is or how big Aniston is that I've actually never heard of it until we decided to come out here and explore this hotel so I'm not really sure but I know the house that belongs to this motel was in 1888 so a lot of these buildings and stuff that are around here are probably very old too but we're gonna go out exploring a little while despite going to get dark Patti ran out to grab us a fight to eat for dinner and I stayed here because I had comments from y'all I have not answered in like forever so I went through have had time to respond like I normally do try to get most of them and I had to just kind of heart a lot of them because being on the road we just don't have time I also need to do a shout-out on this video because I was supposed to do it like oh six or seven videos ago probably I'm looking for the names of everybody that had answer me about a shout-out I don't normally do shoutouts but these were extenuating circumstances because I want to shout out everybody I want to shout you all out so I don't normally do them because I just feel it takes your lungs and say everybody's names so anyway I want to say huge shout out to Jennifer d AG bureau jennifer yet here oh I hope I'm saying there right and I also want to say a big shout-out to a mere out they know why I'm shouting them out but shout out to both of them and while I'm talking to you about this stuff I wanted y'all to check out a friend of Mines Channel his name's Blake he is with left-behind times that's the channel name he's an urban explorer and he goes into very old buildings and explores these buildings and when he got into this he was not into the paranormal at all however he started hearing things and things started happening so he does pick up things now his sole purpose is not going in there to investigate he goes in there to find out you know what's in these fields that's been left behind and but he does pick up some paranormal activity he's fairly new to the YouTube world so go in there tell him Stacey sent you and subscribe to him and check them out cuz I think you'll enjoy his channel if you like the urban exploration side of things he's from Georgia so he's a Georgia boy and he sent some pretty neat stuff so I think y'all will like alright guys well I guess that completes this part of the video and now we are Oh Chisholm originally it was a house that was built back in 1888 by a colonel and show and the clearer my clarity I believe from the clear Roy anyway he was a lawyer and he came at this town because it was starting to thrive him and his wife and they built this big Victorian home that I'm fixing to show you they ended up living there till he died which was only sadly three years later in the white state there and from 1988 to 1920 when it was sold at a public auction now the story is this place is haunted and it is haunted by mr. and mrs. and Claire Roy McCleary McCleary sorry anyway says that their spirits roam this um home because this was the last place they were together and was happy and it is beautiful I want to show you and this is the side of the house and what they've done was this was the original house this building back here was the carriage house later on this was sold to a university here in Alabama they purchased it Veon the town of Aniston bought it because it was the last one of his Victorian homes that they wanted to keep it in the town keep it preserved keep it like it was so they bought it purchased it remodeled it but the fascinating thing to me I think is the fact that from the time this house was born until nineteen eighty-something only three families lived in here so in nineteen in sometimes here in the 1980s is when the last tenants passed away and the university ended up buying it and then they sold it to the town of Aniston and now they run it as a hotel if you look at this place it was gorgeous I did take some video earlier during the day and some pictures so I could show y'all what it looks like during the day and at night now they claim that the restaurant is the Honan part but the sad thing is the entire bottom floor is fixed up like dining rooms and it's really kind of hard to tell what was the restaurant at one time and I'll show you where I'm assuming is the restaurant it's over on these glass windows used to be a porch but they've blasted ahlian and they've set tables out there [Applause] they said that the colonel actually got its property because it was the highest hill in Anniston and that he could look over and see the other mountains and look down on the town and he enjoyed the view and that is the view he basically saw of course probably a lot busier now than it used to be okay guys so I'm on the other side of the house now closest to the restaurant area where they believed that spirits and mr. muses annex Leroy actually stay and we're going to see if we can make any contact so if there's anybody out here who was just to speak to us you can do so through this little box where we would really like to talk to you [Applause] space what year did you live here how old are you are you to catch the discounts I appreciate you talking to me thank you okay guys there's somebody you watch coming out here so I'm gonna cut the box off and put that up because like I said they weren't too keen on us being here to be there's the carriage house I can't really see it too brittle bit let's see it that's where they used to keep their horses and now it is the registration for the hotel and also it is a bar they still drinks in there this windows a top Gus now the third floor is a ballroom that we can't go up there there's top windows remind me of the Amityville Horror crazy huh okay guys sorry about that somebody come out and say we're not supposed to film so I just do my outro and tell y'all that I hope y'all liked this video if you enjoyed it if you did please give it a like subscribe as always and please do all that YouTube stuff alright gotta keep it short and simple love you guys see on the next ready trip Mumbai you

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  1. Once again another fantastic video! You are so brave because of they had told me not to film I would have been to chicken too. I love how you picked the perfect time when no one else was around, super quiet. You're the bestest!

  2. Part 2 –sure enough urs also has the ever so slightly movements more difficult to notice cuz of the people in there. Urs also has voices and that knocking. I bet if u guys could've done the spirit box it would've been awesome.

  3. Sorry to comment again but I watched urs first then Patty's. Noted in Patty's all the ever so slightly movements and small shadows. I have no idea of origin. So went back and looked at urs again and sure enough

  4. I ❤️ older homes: the architecture, the craftsmanship, the decor styles, and of course the spirits! Did anyone else hear an exhale around the 5:16 mark? Heavens! It gave me the willies!!! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. ☮️ ❤️🌻

  5. Hi Stacy!! Love you!! I was dying for you to upload. Sucks that I was at work when you uploaded, but I was ready with a glass of wine and ice cream and had my video all ready to go!!! You and Patty are the highlight to my day! Much love and light to you! LOVE YA GIRL!!

  6. Wow, lot's of disembodied voices, but they sure weren't very friendly. Your room is gorgeous! The east coast sure has it's share of beautiful architecture. Gotta get out there someday and soak it all in. ❤

  7. Aloha Stacy! Well too bad they dont want you to film, you just did a great video, & drummed up all kinds of business for them!

  8. A beautiful place. Too bad that they aren't very welcoming. I don't think I would go out of my way to stay there. Loving your videos, as always.

  9. Oops I'm sleepy didn't mean to post yet. But anyway if someone paid to have an event there I'd think they'd b upset if they couldn't film. It's such a bummer cuz the spirits were sure chatty

  10. Hey Stacey!! I was just commenting on Patty's video…I was born in Heflin, Alabama just outside Anniston. Lived in Anniston until my parents moved to Florida when I was 6 yrs old.
    It's a bautiful hotel… wish they had allowed you to investigate more. But you did catch some good EVPs on the spirit box and some disembodied voices on your walk through….awesome!! 💜

  11. Gosh! The female says "poor little thing" to sounds like the owner saying "stop talking in my living room….."!! Sheesh!? They crack me up!!😁 Im surprised they didn't want ya filming ….but on second thought they must know the hotel is super-haunted. Those growls/ screams are chilling!! Yikes!! The 16 y/o spirit sounds like he's having a conversation with you and someone else at the same time. Very cool!!!!

  12. The problem there is if people say haunted they always think it's bad stuff no always the case some spirits just want the story told and are at peace not always bad spirits

  13. So awesome Stacy! It's so amazing how many voices you pick up, and you're right those windows remind me of the Amityville house too! Thanks so much for the video!

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  15. Awesome video stacy. That place is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you. ❤🙋‍♀️

  16. What's up FAM love you Stacee 💋and Patty 😍😍😍💋💋I love you ladies and I smashed into the like buttons 👍💖💖💖💖👻love reading your comments before I watch the video 😍FAM

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