32 thoughts on “The Electric Hotel 1908 Silent Film Segundo de Chomón

  1. I don't know about you all but if I was alive back then and I'd seen this I would have gone bonkers. It's charming today, but imagine how people would've reacted…

  2. People looked sort of different back then, like with their bone structures and features. And I'm sure you've all noticed how people's bodies looked different too, had rounder less defined structures with their body and face. To me, this is proof that evolution is real.

  3. Increible 100 años después tener que admirar esta reliquia, para los que estamos en este mundo de la imágen, ahora lo tomo con más pasión todavía estár detrás de las cámaras, dibujando o dirigiendo, que bello es el arte.

  4. Even though you know how it is done, this is still an impressive movie.  But, but, what is that guy wearing?  He looks like Noddy Holder from the rock band Slade.

  5. Such a creative film , well put together then what most people make today . Just the amount of effort is like wow

  6. Hace 108 años. Los pelos de punta solo de imaginar que esto acabaría en YouTube a un clic de verse en (casi) cualquier parte del mundo. Wow

  7. 107 years old! This is unique and funny too. I wonder what the public reactions where back then looking at the technic.

  8. para ilustrar mis clases sobre cinematografía pensé que lo mejor era empezar por el principio

  9. You laugh about the premise, but this is waaayyy more entertaining than Family Guy because it is only 100 years fresher.

  10. So a guy checks into a hotel with a polka dotted suit with knee high boots and a funny hat with a feather in it…..and things happened to HIM ???

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