The CRAZIEST {Catch Clean Cook} EVER!!!

that's my boat I came here to get my boat and go fishing that's not an option and I couldn't find my sunglasses somewhere knees silly looking dang we're about to go steel-blue games boat because I think it's at my mom and dad's house when you're dealing with my dad you never know what you're going to run into so we got a boat I went by blue Gabe's house picked up his blackjack and now we just ran up here to a place we don't typically fish I got the net we're gonna look for some live bait and then we're gonna try to catch fish I mean it doesn't matter snook Jack Marfa trout redfish flounders snapper grouper Peck we could even catch a stingray anything we're just looking to catch a fish take it home clean it and cook it this is our last fishing trip before we head to Saudi Arabia so we're just trying to have a good day and get our mind off the big trip and just have fun in the day we got a pin fish we got a mullet we got some rod and reels and we got some time to hook them right through the nostrils that's not gonna hurt him allow them to swim and I'm using 50 pound leader tied directly to my braid people ask me all the time what's the best look rod what's the best tarp and rod what if you want a spinning rod a spinning outfit something like this is ideal can use it for inshore offshore freshwater saltwater it doesn't matter it's a great great combo as it often happens when you're filming I was up here I had that live pin fish on the spinning rod it gets absolutely pounded I bout ripped out the front of the boat I dive up here cut my leg and the whole time we're not filming so sorry you didn't get to see that now I'm gonna use the mullet and see what happens that's the whole reason I brought this bigger rod I didn't know if I was gonna find any tarpon or not now that we know they're here this is just a phenomenal setup for them oh I just got picked up I just got picked up right here that's a tarpon holy cow and it is leaving town off on me so this afternoon dude I think I got a sawfish on I'm not even kidding you I think I got a saltfish on bro said the Gopher as he go for running real these other rods in real quick you're gonna have to keep them from going under the bridge go to the left more we're going to try to cut them off okay now come around to the right hard right ooh okay slow down so I'm using fifty pound leader here and I don't have any earthly idea what I have what do I have here what a tough fish a lot of people make the mistake when they're fighting a big fish like this to chase them too much with the boat I like to get the boat close to him close the distance and then make him pull the boat make him fight as hard as he can 50 pound leader with a little circle hug or fighting a giant y'all how epic is this this is a strong strong fish look we were going that way he just turned around now he's going this way you know what he's fighting like he's literally fighting exactly like an alligator hooked in the tail when you've got an alligator hooked in the tail the line will go like warm whoa on by the way who's ready for alligator season keep your arms straight and you can put your back into it if your shoulders are in front of your hips you're gonna get very fatigued so if you go just behind your hips keep your rod straight or keep your arms straight you have that triangle and you can really maintain a lot of pressure for a long time mind you we hook this fish all the way over there near them people on the beach the fish has pulled us all the way across here and now he's pulling us out to Davy Jones locker I don't know here comes the leader right here we're gonna see him right here Oh freezin 4190 to that I love these rods see how I did that I went right around the front still got him one of the most dangerous sharks in the whole world I have that Joker hooked and he's got mud on him I got him hooked in the pectoral fin I've never seen anything like this I don't even have him hooked I have that jig hook this is the craziest thing I've ever seen in all my days of fishing hi just broke it right there there he goes on his service see you later buddy nice and healthy and here check this out I got my hook back I did everything I could to get the other hook out of him couldn't do it you just got a striker I caught a shark that the Hulk never touched him the video just took a change we just caught that bull shark we came back over here to fish and there is a car stuck so hey you guys I got to go to the boat ramp right over there I got a strap in my truck I can get you out I've never seen or done anything like I've gotten people I'm stuck before but never like that all right hey you always got to be ready to do something cool are you guys so the actual we have one big dilemma the tide is coming in very very fast right now we got a heavy south wind with which means this place is flooding with water okay just like that we're clock cocked ready rock got the boat on the trailer we're heading there got to give Paul fig pin Chevrolet a big shout out whenever I got this truck I got it to pull things I never dreamed I'd be pulling a truck or an SUV or whatever that is out of the water when the tides coming up but you don't look that's humanity that's life you've always got to be willing to help somebody said I want to stay in fish yeah I wanted to stay in fish but I would rather help somebody the main goal here is for me not to get stuck myself okay so if I just pull them out I'm gonna get this huge stump so because see if I would have just pulled you forward that thing would have we would have destroyed your vehicle now am i tight on it yet drive you're the bat amazing think it's so my words you know that's what I want you to do go to Instagram look up Paul food pin and flood it with comments tell them yo your truck pulled this thing out of the beach and save this guy's day and just be like you picked the right guy when you pick brah bearing dear me dear me for dinner for my boys I got the fresh catch guess what we eat for dinner tonight shrimp yeah buddy give me some skin bottom at the schmuck nook y'all check it out this is what we're eating for dinner shrimp and jumbo blue crabs actually I had those crabs because I was gonna use them for bait but ain't gonna happen now y'all see whose house he comes to when he wants a legit meal Cody oh god here we go let the talk and begin check uh sit I will show you this is the way I like to peel a shrimp like this pop the head off then take a fork just like that and just slide him down the fork and he'll you will peel them and the venom in two seconds this is a tricky learn he brought my boat with his YouTube so he doesn't have everybody harassing him while he's trying to concentrate and finish but now that I'm doing YouTube I'm trying to concentrate fish and I hear me hey y'all keep doing it that's all I got to say y'all keep doing it drop a thumbs up if you think this is a cool way to skin a shrimp we got a pot of boiling water I added some sea salt and olive oil to it egg noodles I'm actually very excited about this dish yeah this is all I did I call Gabe hey you got anything at your house yeah came over here raided his kitchen got parmesan garlic old bay ginger and kimchi we're gonna go to work these shrimp are locally caught they weren't caught up nor this that's locally caught homegrown organic wild shrimp is because you can get organic before Organic was cool I bet you never caught somewhere around men's these learned how to how to spell organic when they were in shrimp school but you didn't know that butter gotta use a lot of butter though it in the pan once you get that butter going take a little old bay I know there's someone in Maryland right now going oh my gosh easy is an old bag take a little bit of this kimchi just uh about that much we're making it happen like wide open right now y'all little bit of garlic not that much take some of this called ginger don't go overboard this will be not that much and then just make it start coming to life that's your sauce that's the happy place that's like the local swimming pool and our shrimp are going swimming guaranteed there's all our shrimp exactly four dozen is straight out of the snook note good take them and let them start making just swim in a few laps just swim a few laps y'all look at that I know right now someone is looking at their computer going dude I would eat that we're done literally check it out when I walk away the kitchens gonna be clean now drain it then settle this in here now pay attention what I'm doing throw your noodles in there you don't want to make sure you don't overload about that much if you just throw everything in there Stephanie stop drooling I'm gonna shut up it's it's David Bell straight out of the bait tank at the snook nook one of the most famous bait and tackle shops in the entire world and ladies and gentlemen we have dinner top it off the Parmesan cheese dear God thank you for this day and thank you for this food thank you for my family my friends and all of our many opportunities please nurse it to our body and forgive us of our sins in Jesus name I pray amen are you guys now let's eat our bait look at its David Bell backing up you don't like the trim no dude last time we filmed the video at your house I'm looking at awesome filming and he's like well you go grab the camera we only grab the camera next thing you know we're gonna have a hook on our mouth jump around there's gonna be a smoke outside with a fishing pole dragging us out the front door these right here are way better than what you get probably a line on the doors with me now David can we get back to Boog a video yeah are you guys here school this is full-on amazing shout out if he can hook up for the kimchi that sauce is bomb you're probably not gonna see anything else until we start heading to Saudi Arabia we start packing tomorrow and we're off so that's all I got for you tonight this is amazing you're amazing gave thanks a lot go check him out that's blue Gabe how many subscribers you up to 13,000 and Sarah dear mom is up to over 75,000 life is good and I thank you take care god bless we go

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  1. Bluegabe doesn't look too happy, let's cheer him up by gathering a ridiculous amount of likes and views on his next video. His channel is kinda small, so I think would be hilarious to give him 3 or 4 times as many likes as he has subscribers at the moment.
    [If you agree please like this comment to keep it on top, must be read by a lot of people for this idea to eventually work out]

  2. Robs sooo drunk while he's cooking 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmao slurring words and staggering 😭😭😂😂

  3. Robert I have been a subscriber for a while now I enjoy all you videos especially the cooking portions as I enjoy cooking myself. And I like to take some of your cooking recipes and implement them into my kitchen, having said that I strongly recommend putting away the bottled parm cheese and try the real thing it’s called parmigiano reggiano don’t buy this pre shredded or bottles as most of them are not the real cheese buy the slice of cheeses with the laser markings on the casing ensuring your getting the real thing fine grate it and enjoy. Let me know what you think.

  4. Good call on the PGT winguard system, they are awesome windows. If you ever need free servicing let me know I am a glazier of 17 years. All I request is a fishing trip LOL just kidding I got you anyway bud.

  5. Of course its a good way to peel shrimp.. Thats why the ORIGINAL POSTER of that fork trick has 8 mil views on the vid lol you should say • This is the way i found how to peel shrimp on youtube and decided to add it in the vid and pretend like i thought of it to get views and try to look cool•

  6. you my good sir is everything a man should be. i love the fact that your a family man . i hope i get lucky and find a guy like u someday

  7. Robert bro,, If you need any help I am here in Saudi Arabia , I am one of your old fan since the beginning of your channel Don't ever hesitate if you need anything ?? I am a dual citizen, American Saudi Spend my whole life between the two countries, So I know everything. Call me on my cell phone: +966557103541 you will be more than welcome and it will be my great pleasure to be there for you if you need anything, god place

  8. Good you on Brother Rob on getting that guy off the beach. Humanity is what it's all about, helping each other when it's needed and not asked for. Good luck in Saudi, USA all the way!!!

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