The Biggest Korean Fish and Seafood Market in Busan, Korea | Eating Raw Fish at Jagalchi (자갈치시장)

good afternoon good afternoon guys I’m
Busan South Korea the winds are howling and it’s like raining horizontally
outside so I’m so happy to be in Jagalchi Fish Market (부산 자갈치시장) at the moment this is the Jagalchi Fish Market (부산 자갈치시장) the biggest fish market and most famous attraction really
in Busan if you come to Busan you absolutely have to come to this
market it’s just a feast for the eyes you see all kinds of exotic sea
creatures you see fish you have the opportunity to purchase either fish or
seafood have it prepared for you go to the second level of the market and have
a delicious lunch and so that’s exactly what we’re gonna do while we’re at this
market we’re gonna take a look around show you what it’s like basically a tour
of the market then we’re gonna go upstairs and have a delicious Korean
kind of sushi like Chobap way experience can’t wait to do it let’s go check it
out so what happened is we made a mad dash from the one building for the
others it’s still part of the same market and this part this area is a
little different this isn’t where you have the restaurant this is where you
have more of the fish and the seafood I mean it’s easily a few hundred vendors
here yeah as you walk through you got to be careful it’s a little slippery
because it is like water pouring everywhere it’s like it’s like literally
like a water fountain oh yeah every single stall yeah and yeah I mean in
terms of seafood and fish you have the biggest variety overs in my life you
know this huge flounder yeah you have eel
you have I think this grouper you have like the squid some Korean squid let’s
little different then you have never any Lobster over here while a lobster looks
nice huge fish to like these minutes this right here let’s look down here the
other down here Wow how big is that and then after that you got king crabs
stone crab more lobster more clams right do we have all the clams Wow holy smokes
an interesting thing too is that every stall is numbered there’s a number and
there’s a person’s name reigning Korean you also have their telephone number and
their mobile number so if you have a good experience at one of these stalls
just come back you can order some sushi by the phone
easy yeah it’s pretty cool so there’s just flounder she’s
II really like sashimi flounder yeah with some rice we already found a guy
in the other building who’s super friendly guy speaks English giving us a
great deal and once we’re good back there we’re gonna go upstairs and get
the amazing yoga I mean you can see this is how it is here you see them you know
cutting the fish preparing it for everybody here you can actually buy it
like this just take it home they’re so delicious man I really want to try the
eel though that he looks amazing right there this just options galore here it’s
never-ending man this is this is like if you like seafood you’ll die here we’ve been kind of lingering in the
market for a while some stalls that are a bit inactive as others where people
are preparing fish preparing seafood we saw customers come in and order things
right on the spot what was it what did we see it was like a squid or octopus it
was a big octopus you pulled that out pops the hole in it popped it and put in
the bag it was using its suction cups basically to hold on for dear life yes
exactly it’s is the biggest fish market in the country the one in Seoul is
smaller obviously because we’re on the water yeah and this like this floor is
made of three long rows each one has over 300 vendors it’s crazy man it’s
crazy oh my gosh it’s fascinating because you have people coming here to
eat obviously at the restaurant but you also have people coming here just to
purchase their their seafood and fish for a family consumption and yeah it’s
just bagged right up here yeah and then they bring it home and a Sanae ting and
I’m sure restaurants in the area by the fishing here as well oh for sure I mean
absolutely what else would you buy it yeah exactly
what a fascinating experience I’m working up an appetite are you ready to
eat I’m ready to eat let’s go let’s do it I’m the guy gamsahamnida you get it all okay guys so we crossed buildings back
to the first one crazy winds outside this area now that I’ve seen both
buildings thoroughly this area where we’re heading now is more of the
restaurant zone the other place is more of like a wholesale area I’m here with
my friend hyung joong we walked into the market and he’s a very friendly nice guy
and so we want to have fish with him here at stall number 7 yes master number
7 number 7 lucky seven lucky number seven and we’re going to be having like
a Korean style sushi it’s a called chobap choke ah yes so we’ve ordered the large
size it’s a salmon 140 thousand Korean Won about 35 US dollars at the moment
and he’s gonna prepare a delicious feast for us we’re gonna go to the third floor
and we’re gonna eat it in a restaurant so I’m very excited thank you for doing
that for I know thank you so we have made it to the third level
and we’re gonna start off with some beer if you’re gonna come through a Korean
restaurant and how traditional fish like this you gotta sit down low to the
ground on the table and we’ve got Hite extra cold gotta love that something
like cold beer cold beer goes too good with everything so we’re gonna pour some
of that then make two height one of the four major brands here in Korea there’s
also Cass Caffrey OB I think that’s all four of
them you some David Korean beers be great um what else has also arrived we
have some of our banchan already looks like we have corn we have some ginger
yeah and edamame would have carrots these look like jelly special some young
sauce like this is looks incredible it’s the soy bean gochujang but this also has
looks like some spring onions and sesame seeds
and then of course we have garlic as well we also have the gochujang the red
pepper paste sauce and the Kang Jung the soy sauce these are gonna be fantastic
with the chobap when they arrive you can alternate between the two different
sauces water is also arrived at the table too we have the two products and
subtract we have Korean style chopsticks metal style chopsticks metal spoon so we
are all set only thing left to do is it gumbai gumbai back hmm
and it is ice cold as it says on the bottle lunch has arrived check out this
plate of sushi unbelievable and Korean they call it Chobap this guy’s hooked us
up with three different kinds of fish it’s incredible like we saw it being
kind of prepared it’s basically eight per fish eight eight eight and something
cool that I want to show you guys is that he puts the wasabi underneath the
fish so the only thing left for me to do is to try eating it so I’m going to try
the first set I’m gonna use the the Kong junk sauce just throw soy sauce and then
I’m gonna try a few the other sauces we have available let’s try this to be
honest I’m not entirely sure what these fish are so I’m not gonna pretend it’s
basically like three three kinds of white fish let’s try this take it for a
nice swim here oh yeah oh so delicious doing just big thick
slices of fish juicy fresh tastes so good with wasabi adeb and the kongtong
sauce soy sauce absolutely love it okay time for round two you know what I’m
gonna dip this one in the ssamjang sauce give that take that for a swim this is
like homemade so I’m Jung it’s amazing it has so many extra ingredients sesame
let’s try that oh it’s so nice having two different sauces to alternate
between because it really changes up the guys for instance this gives it a bit
more of a spicy kick and a richness and I have to say the second fish is even
more tender than the first one moving on to the third and you know what
I’m gonna do guys I’m gonna put it like this and I’m going to take this red
sauce I’m gonna put it on top I don’t know if this how you do it locally but
and make sure I don’t touch it oh look at that guys spicy red sauce you pick it
up into the mouth oh those an even more spicy food my gosh dude this Chobap this
Korean sushi is unreal unreal just so so delicious you know what we only have 12
pieces each I feel like I could double that or triple that that’s how good it is
I get walk out of here eating 20 or 30 pieces I mean I probably need a siesta
after but it’d be worth it are you doing that chobap David yeah I
have to say it’s probably one of my best sushi meals ever Chobap meals joke yeah
and something that we’ve both been discussing is that how thick these
pieces are we’re not used to it it’s a little different because of the type of
fish right you know usually you go into a you know a sushi restaurant Japanese
restaurant and they’ll give you like you know tuna salmon and a whitefish those
are the three always yeah here there’s like 50 different fish so they give you
different fish that you’ve never heard of you know and I’m gonna just show you
a little bit of how I’m gonna do this I grab this one and I’m actually gonna go
oh it’s like sticky like super sticky right this into the caviar Wow I just
let it like I’ve absorbed the caviar yeah yeah and then while I’m there I was
gonna put some of the super spice that sauce is amazing dude this is like the
most unique thing I’ve ever done in terms of sushi like pudding sauce is
different sauces not just like wasabi and soy sauce
yeah the best part is that it’s hot yeah it’s nice and fresh
then it’s hot again with the wasabi then it’s sticky and then with the caviar I was like a bite for the ages hmm way
more filling this sushi than any other sushi have had you gotta say like when
you come to Busan this is the number one thing you have to do
come here explore the market get some fish choose it go upstairs eat it yeah
repeat do Gombe man come hey dude come pay soju and beer beer beer I was gonna
ask you do you have a preference between beer and soju for fish you know I think
like clear alcohol beverages get better with it
yeah but light beer is also good – yeah today I’m going a little hardcore with
the soju this is the fresh ginger ever oh my gosh haven’t tried that one yet it
was the best thing for your stomach it also like you said your palate – you
don’t have that fishiness in your mouth after that yeah yeah yeah guys if you
thought the meal was over with just the chobap no way so the nicest thing is that
the lady who’s serving us offered us the option of a stew and we’re like yeah
it’s only mountain one 10,000 won so maybe like 850 US dollars for the two
of us to have this big stew I entirely sure the name of it I asked her in
Korean what it was and she talked about the Mori so I mean it has like fish head
parts of the fish I believe there may be some squash or some potato it’s
obviously got a spicy broth probably go to Jong it has those long stringy
mushrooms and it has also I notice it has some paw which is the green onion so
yeah we’re just cooking that and I have a feeling she’s gonna come over and turn
it off when it’s done we have a couple bowls each with the meal that’s good you
don’t want it to end so I’m glad that we have like a round – alright it’s time to
try that so that out if you’ve left us with a ladle go on and try to grab as
many ingredients as I passed we can put it right in there I’m sure I
got some of the soup it’s so good oh wow it’s not a big bowl so I don’t want to
put too much more in we can we grab a bit of fish looks like the kale part I
will leave the head for now put that in not in bad oh there is heads I’ve seen
there’s a few heads I’ve seen ah that totally makes sense
because obviously you can’t serve that part of the fish so why not make it into
the soup right it’s gonna try the broth for now oh ha oh nice and spicy man
really spicy not as fishy as I thought it would be mmm subtle taste of the fish
I’m gonna try a bit of the veg mmm not so strong well mushrooms really really
good there is some meat around here I’m just gonna try a little bit of fish
cross over the fish oh yeah that is ridiculously tender I mean it’s
obviously been cooking them in the boiling hot pot so a little bit of flesh
that meat that you have available with the fish mmm tasty alright guys we have
a lot of bench and sides that we haven’t showed you
let’s try them all I’m gonna try the garlic here you sure you want to do that I’ll pass in the garlic you’re gonna
have the pepper okay oh my god then we have corn mmm-hmm cool it’s still really
tasty of course we have carrots that’s nice and fresh the beans
let’s try the jellies oh that is really hard to pick up look three whoa what is
that mmm the super slimy in the mouth I love
life let’s get that to get that taste out of the mouth the fresh ginger mmm
absolutely delicious wash it down with the bitter beer that is some real potent
ginger tea Wow so yeah overall what a fantastic meal I mean that chobap is next
level and just getting the whole experience being on the moment into the
fish market here experience it in the two different buildings like meet
someone as friendly as the guy who we bought the fish from see the whole
process of how customers buy the fish how locals buy the fish I was prepared
put into a plastic bag how they take it home also the process of how it was made
for us it was chopped up prepared brought
the third-level the traditional Korean seating we couldn’t have had a more
authentic experience eating Korean food in this style I hope you guys enjoyed it
if you come to Busan be sure to do just what we did if you enjoyed the video
give it a thumbs up leave a comment below subscribe to both of our channels
and we’re gonna have so many more Korean food and travel videos coming for you
soon hope you enjoyed this ciao

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