The AHA Simple Cooking With Heart Kitchen

(upbeat rock and roll music) – We are the American Heart Association, and this the one and only
Simple Cooking Heart Kitchen that we have in the country. And in this kitchen we teach people how to cook heart healthy meals
so that they can cook at home and eat healthier. – Oh my goodness, you’re
going to learn things that you really never knew. Tia explains everything. Tells us how to dice,
how to cut, what spices go with which spices, the
different techniques of cooking. And it just helps a lot more. – Before I learned about this program, I would just not cook,
I would eat out a lot. And this program has helped me so much. I’m learning how to experiment
with different foods. Learn ratios, and just make
it edible and also healthy. – I figured out from my girlfriend, that I probably need to
cook a little better, a little healthier. I use a lot of fat and salt, all that delicious stuff that’s not
really very good for you. (laughs) – We’re not really
competitive, but kind of. He’s very serious about his cooking. His facial expressions, and
I often tease him at home. But he’s definitely cut
back on his salt intake which is great. – [Tia] Our target, obviously,
is our local community, but everyone has a heart and
the idea is to start young, all the way up to the seniors. To try to teach you how
to, either prevent having a stroke or a heart attack. Or, if you’ve already
had one, how to keep you from having another. – I had a stroke 13 years
ago, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk, I was on a feeding tube. And it was six months
or so before I was able to swallow enough to take food in. And even after I got
home, I would continually watch the Food Network. I tried cooking healthier, eating healthy, and it doesn’t really work that way when you’re trying to do it on your own. Several years ago I
went to a stroke support group meeting, and they had the flier that this was opening, I thought let me come take a class. I was lucky enough to take one of the first classes and learned
how to use a knife safely. – [Tia] The classes are only
five dollars per person. What you get is we provide
the raw ingredients. We provide the nutritional
lesson, budget tips. We provide a cooking
lesson, and then we also let you take the food home and
share it with your family. And that’s a deal. – It’s a good time, you learn a lot. And it’s a pretty cheap meal too. – Chef Tia taught us not
just how to make recipes, but how to think about
making healthy food. And she teaches you how to build flavor, how to make things that you’re willing to make over and over. – [Tonika] I was not a
great cook when I started. I’ve taken about eight or nine classes, and since then I feel like
I’m a little more confident in the kitchen, and
making better decisions. I still think it’s a
really good resource for me and for anybody that’s interested. – No matter what’s going on in your life, just try it, you never know what you’re going to like until you try it. And once you try this you’re gonna be hooked, just like I was. You’re gonna love it. (upbeat rock and roll music)

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