24 thoughts on “Thailand – Thai Cuisine and Tastes

  1. i always gain weight everytime i go to Thailand. i cant help myself… cheap food, snacks, and massage. did i mention i stop by massage palor three times a wk! At the rate theyre chargin i can get a massage everyday.

  2. I just love thai food! I feel like eating right now, but it's impossible, since I live in a crappy city in Brazil…
    Thailand sure knows how to cook, haha.

    Greetings from Brazil!

  3. i want to go home.:-((((( i miss thailand so much when i,m stuck in england. beautiful-country-food-people. guys, just split with the wife? turned 40? feeling a bit down? 12 hour flight sorted.

  4. Oh..I really miss Thai food. Last vacation I went back to Bangkok and I ate everything I saw. My weight now went up to 69Kgs from 63Kgs

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