Thai Street Food – Giant RAINBOW LOBSTER + Monster Seafood in Hua Hin, Thailand

Hey guys it’s Trevor James And today I’m hanging out with Mark Wiens from Migrationology We are going for a full on Lobster Quest Lobster Journey When you travel to Thailand Tasting the seafood is a must So I joined up with local food expert Mark Wiens in Bangkok And went on a lobster journey to Hua Hin Make sure to watch until the end Because you won’t believe the insanity of the lobster And just how crazy the lobster scene is in Thailand First up, we stopped for lunch on the way to Hua Hin And found a packed seafood market And some delicious Thai street food road side rice and curry So we just made it to Mahacai We are here to explore a seafood market Walk around a seafood market A big wholesale distribution seafood market This little seaside town had a huge selection of fresh and dried seafood And to see it all being bought and sold really makes you hungry You can literally explore for hours With tons of freshwater prawns, crabs, squid, cuttlefish And a huge selection of dried seafood You’re going to be impressed walking through here First, Mark and I tasted some super potent shrimp paste And made our way for a delicious lunch So this is all the dried seafood You can really smell the dried fish and dried squid What about over here Is this shrimp paste Shrimp paste, yep We can taste this shrimp paste Yeah he said we could taste it, so let’s try Ok lets try it out It’s really good Dip the mango in here? Yeah That’s really nice, quite salty, and it has a strong It’s all used for flavoring curries, for flavoring dishes That is surprisingly really nice Really salty It’s basically preserved shrimp or kill and with lots of salt And now for one of the pure joys of Thailand You’ll bask in the joy of eating it while you’re here And you’ll crave and long for it while you’re gone It’s the roadside rice and curry There is really nothing better We’ve just arrived at a curry and rice stall And just looking at this incredible selection My mouth is watering man You can just point and choose whatever dishes look at good This is masaman curry There is whole onions Carrots, potatoes I asked him to give you an onion Good And some curry please Look at these It is bamboo shoots with chicken Bamboo shoots with chicken Oh, and some blood Blood cubes This looks incredible I think we have to start with the masaman Curry and rice stall That gets the mouth watering And you can see there is peanuts on top You can see lots of black pepper as well You can smell the peanuts Oh and the sauce is just soaked into the rice Oh yeah That is good That is really good That peanut fragrance That is better than I expected actually That is actually delicious Masaman can sometimes be overly sweet This one is not that sweet though I don’t think it’s that sweet Not too sweet It’s actually so good that I want to go ask for some more sauce We might have to go get some more sauce That sauce is just loaded with peanut fragrance That’s loaded Oh yeah That is so good right? That is delicious After feasting on rice and curry We made our way south to Hua Hin for beautiful lobster So we have been driving for a couple hours now And we are coming up We put the lobster directly on the phone We are 51 km from juicy lobster Lobster is in the GPS You getting hungry Yes It’s going to be good Hua Hin is a peaceful seaside tourist town with a huge seafood night market Where you can find Gigantic lobsters This is lobster heaven Lung Ja They’re huge! Lung ja You want to try here? Yes, we are coming for these We came here to eat Wow look at these gorgeous Look at that stack of seafood They are huge Look at these Look at these prawns! I don’t think I have ever seen a prawn this big before Those are gigantic The prawns are almost the size of the lobster actually Look at these They are Look at how colorful they are too We should do a Micah comparison Yes, we should Same size Look at the size of this tiger prawn So shall we get two lobster or one? Should we get two? I think we should get two Yeah Let’s get two Let’s get two lobster These are going to be gorgeous Look at the color there! Look at that! They are gigantic Those are insane Look at all that head goodness, that tamale Oh that is insane Wow this journey is so so worth it already Look at the size and beauty of those Those are gigantic They are out of the steamer now Those are huge Speechless He is brushing it with butter now I think that is a lemongrass stick That is impressively beautiful He’s flipping it here The juices! Look at the juices come out! They are flowing like a waterfall I can just bathe in that lobster steam man That’s like a lobster steam bath It’s a steam bath yeah! That is like a lobster steam bath That’s therapeutic That is a steam bath for you to relax in It’s therapeutic lobster steam So next up is the morning glory He is going to cook the morning glory We have the lobsters and the giant prawns But we are going to watch him cook up a special morning glory dish here That’ll hit your eyebrows Yeah, I have a teardrop It’s just like an amusement to watch them cook this entire feast What an experience to watch And just look at all this It’s the entire table is just covered in lobster, and prawn, and shrimp So much juicy meat We just gotta get in I’m like speechless And we have it all cooked in the original flavor We haven’t added any sauces We have some dips here right? They said that they normally put sauce on and then cook it And actually when I was here last time they put the sauce But I really wanted to taste the pure taste of a lobster So we asked them to cook it with no sauce on it And then we got all the sauces on the side We got all the dips Then we can decide if we want the sauce or not Ok let’s dig in Let’s just Oh it’s like a strip man Oh look at that! Oh the head butter in there I want to get a little bit more there I just want to get a big bite for the first bite You gotta make your first bite count, that’s for sure Look at that Yeah, you’re right, it’s totally stringy Look at that, look at all that lobster meat Let’s go in for the kill We gotta toast Cheers Cheers man Dude! Wow That is insane WOW The head butter That’s like a bite you don’t want to swallow You don’t want it to end You just want to keep it in your mouth and hold it It’s so soft And so silky And packed with juice And sweet A little You’re right about the juice too Just look at that head butter And it’s just absolutely pure Look at how much meat there is here Look at that chunk You can just Here is the lobster tail Dude, that’s just solid meat Boneless goodness Look at that you can just bite from it It just falls right out That is absolutely insane This is an experience of a lifetime Look at that chunk man Shall we dip it I think Micah was getting a little grumpy because he wanted some lobster Now he is in OK, so we got the lobster tails Should we dip these dude? Yeah I think I’m going to dip it into this spicy lime This is the Thai seafood sauce There is chilies in here It should be full of lime juice That muscular texture Micah It is so muscular Yeah, very muscular That is absolutely delicious This could definitely be considered one of the wonders of the world This is a pilgrimage A lobster pilgrimage The food wonders of the world right here Yes One of the best things I’ve ever eaten And totally worth the trip This is worth the flight ticket to Thailand, without a doubt You could totally just fly to Thailand Eat this, and be happy This is it right here It’s hilarious People walking by They will just walk by and be like What are they eating? What are they doing? What a pleasure hanging out with you today Mark Insane food on that lobster quest That was just a great time Such a joy So if you haven’t already You need to subscribe to Mark Wiens’ Youtube channel: Migrationology He makes some of the best street food and travel videos on the internet So I’m going to leave a link below And you’ve gotta go check it out and subscribe Thank you man That was a great time today What a fun time with these lobsters That was awesome Just absolutely a stunning experience Yeah So please leave us a comment down below Click that like button And click subscribe if you haven’t already Thanks a lot guys Bye bye!

100 thoughts on “Thai Street Food – Giant RAINBOW LOBSTER + Monster Seafood in Hua Hin, Thailand

  1. before they took that big bite imagine if a meteorite hit earth that moment. they looked so forward putting it inside their mouth lol

  2. Om! man that was a bomb lobster, my mouth was watering watching you both eating those huge things I loved it.

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  4. That lobster was not cooked perfect that should of been cooked u can clearly see its hard to bite over cooked

  5. Why is big lobster not prefered to smaller one? In my country, big lobster is actually sold with less price than the small one. Maybe the bigger has its meat drier

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  8. Looks mad! I just made a video on HOW TO actually catch lobsters, also tried a garlic-butter recipe for the cook up.

  9. It says 1kg 1200 for king lobster, so that 2.6kg cost more than 100 usd… dont think thats on the cheap side 🙁

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  11. 10:15 I’m used to Maine lobster and I know people eat the tomalley, but what kind of guts do you have smeared on that piece? I thought you were supposed to avoid eating brain/organs.

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