Terp Chef: Two delicious recipes

hi I’m Tara, I’m Dolan I’m Shelby welcome
to Top Chef today we’re going to make an easy and delicious bean soup using only
canned ingredients with a couple of spices Imma make a simple dessert that
only requires one ingredient As Dolan said, we’re making easy black bean soup and we’re
using two cans of black beans we’re using a can of vegetable broth. We’re using
a can of corn and we’re using a can of diced carrots and peas. Now I got all these
cancel the local grocery store which you can also get them there too or you can
get them at a convenience store on campus and you can also raid your
parents pantries when you go home for winter break now this recipe just requires
emptying the ingredients into a pan like this one and then heating it for about 20
minutes but if you don’t have access to a stove or hands you can also put
everything in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave it as well. so let’s get started. I’ve already drained and rinsed two cans of black beans and i’m going to add to
that a can of corn that I drain and now i’m going to drain a can of pees and carrots like that so we made this recipe a little bit healthier by using
low-sodium ingredients and we also use a vegetable broth because I’m a vegetarian
but if you’d like you can also use low sodium chicken broth or beef broth as
well so after we add the peas and carrots, the last ingredient we’re going
to add is a can of vegetable broth and we’ll stir that all together now you can put
this on the stove as it is or you can add
other spices to your taste to just add a little bit more flavor I’m going to add
two tablespoons of dried onion and then I’m also going to add two tablespoons of
lemon juice and if you don’t like those you can also add garlic salt or some
pepper or anything else you prefer so give it a quick stir to mix everything up a
little bit and you’re ready to put it on the stove and place a cover on it and
set it to medium heat for about 20 once it’s all heated, you’re
ready to enjoy and this recipe makes a lot so you can share with your roommates
or you can put it in the fridge and have it as leftovers hi today I’m gonna make banana whip which is an easy dessert and a great way to get your fruit servings in
for the day as well as curb sweet tooth cravings so the first step is to freeze
bananas in Ziploc in the freezers. It can take a few hours or overnight and once
you take them out break them into small and add them to a blender or food
processor today I’m going to make plain banana whip you can also add peanut butter
for some added protein or chocolates sauce or honey for added flavor once
you have a banana in, just put it on the food processor or blender and blend it until it’s the consistency of soft-served ice cream that only took me about two minutes now
I have a delicious banana whip dessert So there you have it, two quick and easy
recipes, a hearty meal and, a delicious dessert thanks for joining us on Terp
Chief today We can’t wait to see your recipes Bye. Thank you. Thanks

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