100 thoughts on “Susan Rice faces questions by senators over ‘unusual’ email

  1. I wish these politicians and Judge Napolitano would tell the truth. Absolutely everyone knows Mueller is as dirty a cop as they come. I get so fed up with the barefaced lies they tell us, they tell us about these crooks. Are they that scared to tell the truth about that traitor who covered up 9/11 and U1. It’s the same with Jason Chaffitz, he tells the truth now, but when he was a politician he praised all these crooks just as Napolitano and Gowdy do, with Bob Mueller. It makes you wonder what these crooks are holding over these people that they seem unable to tell the truth about the biggest traitors in US history. It makes me so angry!

  2. BS! The Obama administration knew several people in 45 incoming administration were COMPROMISED! Of cousre Obama was aware that Flynn was talking to Kislyak . Flynn was the first person he called after Obama threw the Russians out in Dec 2016. Why would Flynn be undermining the current administration on behave of Russia???

  3. They’re liars. Fired the top 12 from DOJ, FBI and CIA. Then fire eight more for good luck. The new DOJ must resign after inaction to the news of Florida school shooting. They were told twice. I took to Facebook and found Nicholas Cruz in ten seconds. RESIGN.

  4. We don't trust CONgress so why should we trust anything they sponsor as an 'investigation'; those PUNKS can't do anything w/o incorporating political agendas into everything they DO.  This entire Mueller Investigation reeks with bulls**t. We don't have Constitutional rights as individuals anymore.  Donald Trump wasn't a politician so he as a US Citizen had no protections from the Gov't spying on him; back in Nixon's day, we still had those rights. 9/11 changed all that.  Do you believe the official report on 9/11?  We lost a lot of rights because of 9/11 and who or what took our Power away?  Career Politicians and THEIR Government and their own financial portfolios benefited HUGELY.   When the stock market crash of '08 hit, lots of Americans lost everything and never regained their financial footing but these PUNKS, they are doing REALLY well.

  5. "By the book" was used in Star Trek's "Wrath of Khan" to mean something different than what was stated. It was code, devised by Kirk and Spock, who KNEW they were being monitored. Rice knew this would eventually come out and she was writing in code for those working with her to remind them that their duplicity must not be revealed. Everything they did was "by the book" for anyone monitoring them.

  6. She accumulated 50 million$ as a government employee, Hillary two billion, Podestas, 30 million… that is all one needs know about any honesty/corruption.Even the Presidential 'Library/slush funds are getting into 1/3 BILLION dollars now.. for redirecting commerce.Simply said, people either work for their own enrichment or for the Nations interests.Trump works for free.

  7. Is the water go for American to drink at times,united states of america water district liedership field repersentative,after rainfall.

  8. And when snow falls and gets in the water table of the pipes is it good to drink lab testing head www.go whitehouse watering ail.com.same with rain

  9. What is it about Judges like him, and oh-so-wonderful ex prosecutors like Gowdy … smart, intelligent men, what is it about them that they can't see what everybody else CAN see? Mueller… a decent guy? When everyone else could see at the time he wasn't!


  11. So Obama had a tad of bias for the white boy,,,,perhaps a little racist…against the Big Bad White Man…no,,that's silly

  12. So folks, how do you feel about Ms Rice being on the board of Netflix continuing to work side by side with the Obama’s to bring you more leftist propaganda?

  13. Obama knew Trump would find everthing out and that's why they ALL tried to get him out , before their crime's surfaced?

  14. Of course he was aware, they did everything in their power to get her elected. Buying Bernie off, voter fraud etc.

  15. Napolitano doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Why do you keep having you on? He is against the president is obvious!

  16. Finally .the judge got it right.thank god,Replace the Russians .with the Obama administration /and theres you Collusio/theres your obstuction..i spoke to soon.if this wasn't a witchhunt..what do you call it,i call it harassment .i call it a Coup

  17. This is a criminal amongst many in the Obama administration who blatantly violated the civil rights of hundreds of American citizens for political reasons. This is what Third World dictatorships do not United States of America. The Democrat party on the left is a car he disregards all of our long and long-standing tradition separate check the individual freedoms and rights to privacy wife liberty and the pursuit of happiness for any reason simply for them to And Power and create the most abusive giant government in the world these people should be put out of the country stripped of all money and citizenship they are no longer citizens of this country they need to be dealt with in a harsh way welcome live in another country they don’t belong in America they are criminal political maniac

  18. Julian Assange let us know what a crook Hillary Clinton was and now they want to jail him. Do something Australia freeeeeeee Julian Assange!!!,!!

  19. Time for the attempted coup of The United States perpetrators to answer for their actions and put where anyone else that tries to overthrow a country is. The GALLOW.Its swing time.

  20. Is it about time she faces charges.
    That whole bummer Administration the whole thing from top to bottom was about as corrupt as it could be and look at the damage it's done to this country it has driven a wedge between the people of this country and our government that it will never be healed.
    Thank God for Donald Trump at least there's an honest effort to undo the mess is that psycho bummer created

  21. Susan Rice is an arrogant prick who needs to spend a bunch of time in jail. Hope Barr puts her there.

  22. here is a disgusting rat that lied,took the 5th,committed felonies,but all the Democrats that did these acts are always let go

  23. Obimbo surrounded himself with prejedist haters of America John I mean his mate machell was never proud of America till he ran for pres which America went comunist an socialist

  24. Rice and the Obama Administration violated every rule of "going after the opposition" with America's law enforcement and intelligence capabilities! If we are to have a democratic republic that honors individual privacy we have to expose this behavior to the light of day.

  25. Since November 22 1963…still just a bunch of good old boys since LBJ…that's the corruption were all witnessing NOW.!!

  26. Why has nobody been asking "wheres Obama" during all this. he's went off the map and hasn't even commented on Biden. He did however make time to give Justin treadaue an endorsement for prime minister of Canada

  27. Judge judge judge you are skirting around sedition and treason. Obama always brought out something then said it was Unconstitutional to do it, then did it.He brought out running for a third term said it was unprecedented and then manipulated powers to try to do just that. And I think THAT is why he is still in DC using Billary blackmail
    To eventually force himself back in. Remember the Civilian force? With the same size and same weapons of the American military?

  28. TRAITOR Susan Rice, Entire Soros Family And Entire oBUMmer Administration And ALL Their Crooked "Intelligence" And Crooked Media Mob Minions Need to Be Arrested, Fined Millions or Billions, Imprisoned And EXECUTED For TREASON Against We The People, Our Great Constitutional Republic And Our Beloved Great President Trump !!!

  29. Obama, " I learned about the server when everyone else learned about It." Well then he should Have Noticed the lack of a .GOV in the beginning LIKE THE REST OF US. YET HE DID NOTHING.

  30. Judge Napolotano I thought you were a never Trumper? Make up your mind. This wishy washy crap is not going to make you popular if that's the goal. GET OFF THE FENCE! Tell Shep we still hate him next time you see him and GET OFF MY TV.

  31. One More Time ! Susan es Otra CARA del Diablo ! Hooobrama la bestia de Kenya y Clinton Crime Inc ! Al paredon pero yaaaaa !!!

  32. the only reason one would say to do it "by the book" is if they knew something was being done "not by the book" … why would the POTUS need to remind people to do their job "ethically" and "legally" . that's their job right?

  33. We know Trump just killed one of their greatest leaders, but democarts you can find another leader so don't feel so bad there's alot more in your party.

  34. Investigate the rich families that own and program the fake news. Easy to see the news people that want to keep their jobs. They are un-American, and anti – American.

  35. It was a witch hunt,Muller was a spent old man,remember his job was to cover up 911,ya,we can trust him.judge should go fishing.

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