Suji ka halwa/Rava halwa/semolina halwa/Indian sweet dish

Today we are going to prepare “suji ka halwa” It is a simple recipe It is huge favourite among all It doesn’t consume much cooking time let’s get started Let’s see what all ingredients are required to make” suji ka halwa” semolina-1 cup sugar 1cup Ghee(clarified butter) Almonds Cashew nuts Raisins Pistachio cardamom -4 saffron-2 pinch Milk -1cup we have to roast the semolina Put half of the ghee in the pan Let it melt put suji in the ghee roast suji till it turns brown while stirring continuously Suji should not stick to the bottom of the pan suji is now roasted Now add water to the suji As we have taken 1 cup suji we will put 3 times more water in it. Add 3 cup of water stir continuously cook suji till it absorbs the water now add saffron to the milk Mix it & put it in the suji now add sugar mix it till the sugar dissolves suji is turning thick suji puffs in the water now add chopped cashewnuts Add chopped almonds Add chopped pistachio Add raisins mix it well Add crushed cardamom & mix it Now put ghee When ghee is put later halwa looks smooth & good look! the texture of the suji is moist & soft. suji ka halwa is ready Take it out to a serving dish Garnish halwa with cashewnuts,pistachio,raisins & almonds Now it is ready to eat If you like this recipe don’t forget to click on the like button. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel.

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