Stop Motion Cooking – Making Minced Meat From Expensive Stuff ASMR 4K

100 thoughts on “Stop Motion Cooking – Making Minced Meat From Expensive Stuff ASMR 4K

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  2. no one is talking about the fact they dedtroyed very valuable stulff, i mean a few of it is fake but jesus alot was real stuff

  3. This makes me uncomfortable idk why tho but also no one talking about how she just chopped the memory card 🗿

  4. いや宝石の数よ‪w‪w‪w‪w

  5. 본연의 소재로 참신하고 먹음직 스럽게 만드시는 분꺼보다가 이거처럼 구두에서 주사위 나오고 뭔 음식인지도 모를 비주얼 좀 억지같음

  6. Ah yes. When your kid gets a bad grade, instead of trying to sit down and help them understand, just destroy there stuff! Best solution

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  8. People on media social be like “ I don’t have boyf/girlf “ and here I am , single , relax and watch this on 3am , see my level

  9. ア、ア、ア、アメリカー!?!!?

  10. Boy: NO MAMA NO!
    Mom:*Yeets son* cuts up gaming supplies makes cake*Eat
    Mom:Mom leaves*
    Boy:Yeets food*LETS PLAY!

  11. I think these vids are really satisfing, but at the same time really weird. I still like them though

  12. Фууу,говнище. >;0
    Надо быть настолько дауном,что бы придумать такое 👀💦🔫

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