Stop Motion Cooking – Chicken Pasta Salad From Antiques

This video is inspired by a romance, I’m sure you all know about this classic story. Wear headphones and relax now!

100 thoughts on “Stop Motion Cooking – Chicken Pasta Salad From Antiques

  1. Idk if it's just me but this to much I get the satisfaction of watching them cook that's it.. all that short film and he he and ha ha I can care less about

  2. 7:30 the girl is so mad about her hair so she thought let’s turn all my hair accessories and products into food..yeah that will make me feel better eating my hair supplies so now when I wake up my hair will be a hot worse mess

  3. 1:45 Wait, what? Oh come on, my inventions…

    Honestly this is the weirdest use a human has given to my invention, that I have seen at least.

  4. Him:"If Juliet wont Like me back i'll eat my Stuff"

    A few days later..


    Him: Oh well.

  5. the guy at the beginning after reading juliet's letter: god. im so mad. im gonna start chopping up and cooking these various household items so i wont be so mad.

  6. This is genius. These videos always intrigue me, but this one specifically it's just executed really well. And it really does give off Romeo and Juliet vibes.

  7. Oh sh*t super sad when u mad god gives u something and the first thing appears in ur mind…


  8. Juliet sends another letter, I'm thinking "oh she accepted his feelings?"
    Wedding invite, I never laughed so hard in my life lmao

  9. 最初のやつ、読めないからなんで怒ってるのかも、なんで最後泣いてるのかも分からない…

  10. Myself: this channel is just the guy sitting infront of his love letter and cooking it.

    Romeo and Juliet: So Stubborn.

    Myself sitting on my bed: Thinking hawk moth would come visit that guy and turn to dark cupid, thinking that was the most violent girl's response to a love letter. (MIRACULOUS FANS WOULD GET IT)

    Sorry for chatting alot but..

    Chef Girl: Burning boyfriend's shoe

    Your Boyfriend: whats up?

    Y/N: Umm, nothing

    Y/N's POV: *Im actually following the girl.*

    Your BF: Hey what you cookin? im hungry.

    Y/N: Um.. just some burritos.

    Your BF: Smells like leather…

    Y/N: OH! I BURNED MY SHIRT ON THE IRONING! Can you get it please?

    Your BF: Ok…

  11. So the picture of the woman seen in the beginning of the video is of Blanche Monnier. “DescriptionBlanche Monnier, often known in France as la Séquestrée de Poitiers, was a woman from Poitiers, France, who was secretly kept locked in a small room by her aristocratic mother for 25 years.”

    Very sad and disturbing story.

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