Staying At the Worst Reviewed Hotel in New York City! (Bullet Holes Found)

what's up guys shithead nothing here welcome back to our channel today dad's gonna take us to the worst hotel in the universe alright guys it would have find the worst rated hotel in New York City where we're going so my attending I see this video you probably see it after we're already back but this is the worst hotel but it's fine because it is super cheap if you guys check this out right here if you guys check this out it is only $35 in ten cents for a night so super cheap so I think we're gonna go ahead and we booked this for four people perfect for two adults and two children which is what we got so I'm gonna go ahead and book this so we can go check out the worst rated hotel a lot of the reviews and stuff on this people said that they would not even give it one star if there was an option but you have to give it at least one star so that's why there's one star all right put that real quick wait what you see this it just turns me a hundred and sixty four dollars I just showed you it's 35 bucks let me go back all right so two adults two children two full beds non-refundable okay but it's 35 bucks not included in the $35 I don't know if you guys can see this 14.7% that 5% destination fee $3.50 City tax per night and a hundred and $19 property service charge so I get charged a hundred and nineteen dollars because of some property service charge you're trying to know what that is like it sounds like that's the nightly fee okay so my $35 a night just cost me a hundred and sixty four dollars and 53 cents so right there a lot of the people's reviews said it was way too expensive and they got ripped off and I bet you that's why they probably booked it got charged 160 bucks for the $30 room night and we're not happy all right well we got the room so we're gonna go ahead we will see you guys at the tell in New York oh my gosh guys look at this screen there's cops let me zoom it in right there see bad neighborhood oh my gosh room seven seventeen behind the door guys the door looks a little better than that door okay wait first thing I noticed sway sit back there's a brick wall right there Masen says where is everybody at all I saw and like air freshener some x-rays no because I don't know what's been on this for K what's the cheese facial soap shampoo okay so they give you Chopin's him too but yeah read only we left American Girl doll I need to go to the bathroom but couldn't find a bathroom in there and check this out we've got four beds but there is no other room so the only place I pass the bathroom in the hallway like a serious we was going back in the hall to go to bathroom so I'm going to do that I'll take Oh turning off there's a shower we'll see yeah okay so I'm gonna go outside and when I was gonna stay in here with the camera these two kids the I kissed luck I'll lock the door behind okay good news is we have like from the Swans and brown swans I think we there's no more Brown swans in the bed just one the brown the brown swans not sure what is your head look you sprinkler thing right there and look there's like splatter paint on the walls so careful apart it's one it's art it's a thing that I looked at and then it all of a sudden starts moving oh oh she means optical illusion or I think okay okay so I'm going solo I'm not back in five minutes I'm probably dead he is the best really because there's no restroom in here oh okay it wasn't you ha ok mesons come tonight it sounds good schooner mesons coming up she's gonna test her luck out if your watch your head up there you've got it I thought you turned out properly okay no standing on the beds you just sit okay I don't know if you should address if you like I want the moon you don't know what's been on these walls ceilings hi watch that it's work watch this watch what oh my goodness why is it alright so the bathroom is like no it's for guys it's like brand-new like marble like tile and like all new everything like you floor like that room has been updated this is not you should have just rented the bathroom and put bed in there we do have some China where oh man this is like that's she like bump up a style you got Scylla where we got like Sartre know why it's one-star I mean it's pretty bad it stinks in here like hey we've got like any kitchen in the kitchen moved I think there might be Birds in here or the beds just falling apart because there's feathers yeah yeah there's probably like I know here chin you can only cuz you have gloves on [Applause] what is it this time it could be a fun there from there I don't know but I'm not yeah oh my gosh that is like the lumpiness hello you know yeah here I'm gonna show and some other stuff take off the pillowcase we don't really want to know what really what's under there so we do have some AC so that's cool we got over here a window I can't believe it alright so there's our awesome view looks like a vacant building next door don't wants to live right this place look you don't touch that okay we don't know where that's been okay yellow okay don't touch it no it's good Franklin's fun don't put the case back on train what put the case on it we thought we're head we knew we were gonna be in a bad place so we came in the middle of winter so tune what happen bubs on already what there has to what Madison a bird the old the camera let's start looking for a bird we just opened up the blankets and stuff on this bed and it looks fine except for I don't know what these like reddish brown spots are like a little hair next to it there's some more over here I mean other than that looks clean but I'm definitely not sleeping on this bed alright guys I brought a black light I'm gonna get that out real quick and try it out walk through the backpack [Applause] alrighty so let's check it out that spot looks so much darker with the backlight on it okay other than that it's that Oh gross do that guys that looks like a toenail and another hair crumbs in here this is gross yeah because those made acquaintance you've got to be quiet did you hear that Madison you've got me quiet kay there's people right on the other side of the wall okay oh my gosh this is crazy now it said freaking helicopter outside alright guys so this is another thing that I noticed this wall over here is this has been like destroyed like I don't know if there was a different door here or whatever but like like how are you like destroying bricks like this like what are people doing in here like that whole section of like the door whatever it was is darn like is that bull hold some of these bricks to click there earn what lives in there like seriously like nothing goes all the way through no you cannot see massive yeah argue kick girls look around and see if you see anything crazy all right I swear this is my homie seriously the boy in the world have into that brick like why would they try to that's yeah it's like burned this one up here try look all that goes all the way through wait we're in sick okay okay all right guys so mom is pregnant and she's getting sick in this room so I don't think that we can actually finish this challenge and stay here seriously leave that three marks on the wall for some reason that's crazy okay yeah girls okay girls grab your stuff have your stuff okay we've got to get out of here yeah let's just fall off that's crazy okay sorry if you're not pushing this challenge we're gonna get a different hotel hey grab your coats and stuff let's get out of here Masey ready let's go hey guys what a master simplicity and their dog in there yeah one thing I forgot today you guys thought that it is that there's no shower yeah like a straight-up like there's a like combination lock okay probably an hour here they're silly that door okay elevator okay you guys will be someone's experiment and this person here look that room is so bad they call the truck well juice I don't know what's on that one next horse we're taking the necks you're doing it on here yes I want to go to do you normal voice which all these walls not me all right let's get out here ponies okay yes alright alright sighs our hotel is creepy cuz I don't like the swans they just creep me out cuz whenever when they kept moving around in different sections yeah that scares me and the bed kept walking I don't like that but that's not my kind of hotel and it's stuck bad anyways guys thanks for watching make sure you give me a hint thumbs up click that sky button turn on cases see you guys next time bye

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