it's red that blonde who's that what do you think it is I just don't trust myself yo what's going on guys faze rug here and today I'm bringing you guys a brand new video and we are fact with another worst reviewed video on my channel you guys seriously all killed it when I uploaded but eating at the worst reviewed restaurant in my city so I decided to read all the comments on that video and a lot of you guys wanted me to stay at the worst reviewed hotel in my city and I tried staying away from that because I don't want to catch any bedbugs any bacteria and I just don't want to get sick I didn't want to take the chance but you already know I'm gonna do it for you guys because you guys have all been requesting it for so so long so today we are gonna be staying at the worst reviewed hotel in my city so guys my intention is with these types of videos isn't to bring the place of business down I'm not gonna mention the name of the hotel I'm not gonna mention anything about this place but this video simply for me to go review it and give my own opinion my real opinion and to see if it's as bad as its reviewed online okay so I found this motel in San Diego and it's rated one-star on Yelp and here are some of the reviews so the first one is one start says felt super super unsafe this place is gross we stayed one night out of three we would have left it if we didn't just drive eight hours to get there here's a kicker we didn't even get a key to our room one star is being nice it looks like a junkies apartment I'm so glad I had Lysol spray and wipes the carpet was filthy and had holes we wore flip-flops around to walk we had our own blankets to lay on top of our burn to hold comforters and we use the broken chair and a suitcase to barricade the door wait why are they barricading the door is it that unsafe what okay oh my god this this review is is very long so I'm gonna kind of just summarize it this is the worst hotel room I've ever stayed in my boyfriend and I thought we could be adventurous by booking a room at a skimpy hotel little did we know the room would contain fragments of people's souls that have passed throughout the years and have slightly withered two years in advance by staying over one night leaving they're shedding skin and hair in dark corners around the bedroom oh wait I didn't even read this review oh my god okay beard hair on the sink cigarette tails around the mattress broken glass pieces under the tables yellow sheets that were white one day but the hotel has sucked out from people's unhappy hearts and smoky lungs and have left its mark by darkening the entire brow it seems like I'm reading a little poem like what is this the fridge is probably used to store meth pipes and your last four dollars because no way anyone with common sense would place food in there guys I'm actually gonna place a couple pictures on the screen right now of what people have taken and I don't know I think we're gonna have to go get gloves and like face masks and gotten by the way yeah I'm gonna get a backlight and if you guys don't know what that is it just shows all the bacteria if you can't really see it with your eyes this blacklight shows the actual bacteria and germs around the hotel so I don't know I'm gonna read one more review and then we're gonna go review it for ourselves oh there's over 200 reviews on this place and all of them are one-star oh yeah I forgot to mention that this hotel is literally under a freeway like here's the freeway bridge and the hotel is right here is it gonna be loud can we even film there how are people gonna sleep oh no do not stay at this motel unless you want to sleep on a mattress with bedbugs the cleaning staff stole our charger and GoPro dude okay hold up they had bedbugs I got bitten all over my body and very swollen from the bites two different staff members did nothing to help me and I tried to speak to the manager to get a refund but he was evading me when I finally spoke to him he was very rude and hung up on me to get department of help involved and apparently there have been previous incidents okay we better go in there with gloves with freaking masks I do not want to get sick after this okay that is so bad I'm so terrified of bedbugs and bacteria in general I do not want to get sick hey listen we're not catching bedbugs if anything I'm not laying down on the bed we're gonna take the blacklight and go around the whole room and see all the germs and bacteria but yeah we gotta go get all that stuff but real quick guys can we just take a moment to enjoy this beautiful view like look at the sky the Golf Course it's just it just looks so nice right now right and now we're gonna go to the worst reviewed hotel in my city instead of me sitting here and enjoying this it's okay I do for you guys I hope you guys do enjoy let's see how many likes we could get on this video because when I did eat at the worst reviewed restaurant in my city you guys killed it with support and real quick I do want to give credit to the original creator of this trend like I did in the first one Phillips TV shout out to you you started a crazy trend and now I get to sleep in the worst rated hotel yeah whoo thank you found it led UV flashlight this is gonna show us all the germs and bacteria in the room perfect we got some maths right here okay one or just check it myself I'm gonna need one yeah yeah and please if we can find me like a suit suit like the whole mask Oh perfect disinfecting wipes okay Oh what is this I'll pick that up in a second disinfectant spray Wow all right I think we got everything that we need before we go through this hotel just in case it smells really bad and I got these wipes to test out how clean the room is we're gonna wipe down some of the counters and see if there's actual dust and to see if the maids actually clean the room so I think we got everything we want and now we head over to the actual hotel or motel Ryan Ryan what did you grab you know a whole suit wait it's hairy it was just a joke for the video duh oh crap we're here dude look the freeway is literally right above actually this is like a normal like motel this kind of looks which I'm not oh hi the people are gonna scary dan is we gotta just check in real quick oh wait there's a pool yeah it's not bad you gotta check in real quick to get off these streets cuz we've seen so many sketchy people around here already but I don't know if I could record this check-in process I kind of just want it to go smooth I don't want them to suspect anything but I keep looking around cuz like bro the people here are so sketch so here's the lobby I think or the office so we're gonna check in right now all right guys we just checked in got our key can't say I'm excited I'm kind of nervous actually no I'm kind of excited to see how the room looks and to use the backlight but the service was actually really good from the front desk lady so service wise everything was good yeah easy check-in and everything now the most important part is the quality of the room it does a Swedish yeah here we go very smart Oh Oh do you smell that oh wait bro oh we need the mask every minute the masks whoa wait lock the door wait calls this morning wait Brian Brian boy yes okay wait don't put on the bed don't put on the bed we're old this smells wait wait why's the fridge open hey that said it in the review is wait bro wear the mask before anything so you guys could see the smell is not too good right now I don't want to place my bag anywhere Rowley thanks bro I'll leave the comic mirrors let's check out the room we brought some pizza I'll keep hearing noises and you breathe with this mask not really we're gonna have to honestly get used to smell never mind look the drawers open to look at the TV oh wait gloves gloves blows yeah hold on Oh problem solved oh thank you wait don't spray too much because when we use the light want to see the germs so doesn't kill them oh yeah I'll just keep like that yeah okay my name is doctors vichyssoise I will be performing surgery did you guys know where I got that from y'all are real ones I feel like I'm a CSI investigator right now wait bro I swear it says something about stabbings what you mean like stabbings look look it says I thought there was another stabbing so means there was obviously more than one and this one I can't believe this place is still open shut up way are you serious having haven for all sorts of crimes there's even not worry klonda's this hotel that be at Blaine hotel no way bro listen listen no look it's so loud wish this is feared for my life no stars this should be closed down please run well I did very scary Motel oh my god someone said was that that was like in type of sort out of cops shot brochure yeah oh my guess is that we got stuck to a room next to a drug dealer there's recovering drug addicts there's people in there doing drugs like so is known for drugs known for all I'm telling you the people we saw around here we're so scared that's crazy bro oh wait I saw pictures of the bathroom throw the water faucet is already late there was drops going down look look inside the drain there's something clogging it there's a paper in there bro stop dude it said something about feces oh wait wait oh my god just piss on the toilet bruh look as random bowls here look at how short this is polarize the fridge open I don't know but they said the fridge smells bad oh okay bro I just hit my head on that oh my god is a bomb I just touched this in a bun flue stop dude no I'm just scared of the bedbugs this is loose that's off look closer look yeah let's check out the sheets both stop wait that blood right I don't know that does look like dried-up blood stop dude wait what about this side that's remembered yeah it looks like a cigarette burn but what about under these sheets I know I know guys there's already like sketchy people outside like just chilling in their car blasting music okay we got the black light right here let's just start with this side of the room oh my god you see that yeah oh okay without the light look look I'm gonna turn this on look okay there's nothing it's all normal and now bro wait Oh what is that is that wait what even over here oh my god wait what is no that's not what I think it is how'd it go over there right there you just random I wouldn't think anything would be on the curtain but oh no the bench do we dare throw I don't know I'm scared here come closer put it what is that there's obviously nothing there now turn it off oh I don't know what that is bro look at this are you ready wait what is that what is that what do you think it is I don't know actually could it be that or no it's on the wall – Lu wait look down there look coming Oh bro that is so unsanitary dude okay hold on I'm gonna just do it on the TV let's see if there's bro look look look you see that Oh what the heck is all that I don't know should we open this bro yeah try recover I think that supposed to be is this how supposed to be with every hotel like do you think it's like not with every hotel I don't think this much I thought I wasn't me at other to me way more in here though yeah that's what I thought like maybe we're just like over exaggerating and this is how it's like at every Hotel them you don't know cuz not everyone carries a black light but well this one has the smell and stuff oh okay that number two bro the blood-stained I can't I don't know what the hell like flashed that light on it that's literally blood it has to be blood oh that's nice the cigarette burns cowlings pretty oh no oh it's not okay I said it was a freaking bedbug I'm out Wei Brian I think we should do something really nasty we should see what's happening under this well we are those all are those eggs for what's a call look hold on I think those are eggs for bedbugs Oh Luke you freaking hair oh is that is that a bug is that a bug just tell me bro that's a bedbug no that's a bad ball no I swear they move not really they're slow but like it's probably dead I swear there's a bed bed more hair are those bedbugs it's safe to say that there are probably bedbugs yeah those what percent was do you want to go in the bathroom with the blacklight that's scary take the door handle you see those look at that drew yeah oh look over there what's that it's red that blonde I don't know wait are you answer not don't answer who else would call answer answer hello hello wait what was that oh don't we imagine it's someone who was in this room before us it's like how do you call yeah I swear I'm actually freaked out in the review said number three gentleman well it's calling again wait just don't answer ANSWER Answer wait what if you answer what is the front desk hello wait swagger was doing the buying all the reviews at channel 3 no no Brian well the thing is guys I've read reviews like that there's been like drug dealers that stay here so what if like this room belonged to like an old drug dealer that stayed here like last weekend I mean for the video I feel like for review yeah I just don't trust myself why would they Bing wait right why were they Bing the store made me care from the window wait there's nice thing yeah I swear to god I'm not saying here you don't want to stay no I'm 100% down to leave take the flashlight but was once trying to come up here I swear to God I swear what I switch on the clock out should we go in that room oh I have you to acknowledge I'm sweating right now I swear cough okay like waiting president hi wait how are you leave don't do like me nicely help but the car is pretty far all right you got everything [Applause] sorry guys I noticed there's like a lot of vans like big white vans room just hold my room I swear that if you like my room bro is that the people that were knocking look look they're by our door no I can't see you no oh is that all dude I think they're looking at me well we should definitely get out of my shirt all right guys I hope you did enjoy attempting to stay at the worst reviewed hotel there's no way I could have stayed overnight dude that was freaking sketchy as hell like I would have stayed if it was just like the bedbugs and one actually I don't know if I still would have stayed but thought about we would have thought about it but then knocking on the door and the phone calls to our room like what like I'm not even risking that guys I hope you did enjoy if you want me to review another worst reviewed blank like getting a haircut out the words barbershop you should keep away from hotel keep it away from hotels and stuff cuz that was insanely scary be sure to hit that subscribe button and right now rugrats i want you all to comment down below if you would stay and spend the night in this very motel room that we were just in and you guys were getting the phone calls and you guys saw the bedbugs the blood stain I'm sure that was a blood stain and if you guys heard the banging on the door would you have powered through the night or would you a left like me and Dennis nonetheless I hope you guys have a great rest of your day other than that it's been rug and we are out peace

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  1. omg This video scared me so bad, at that part people the phone keep ringing the tv and someone slam the door

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