many of agency for tonight no I don't I'm sorry okay no right buddy what is that Oh diversity is like [Applause] so we meet again so guys Nick being best with another video today after a very very long time of waiting we are doing another one star review but today we're doing something a little different if you don't remember last time I lived in Los Angeles and I found pretty much the worst hotel that I could find since then I moved to the beautiful city of los of babies and even though it's very beautiful in most areas there's a lot of places that aren't so pretty in those places include one star reviewed motels yes you know many people come here looking for luxury but those who can't afford it will settle for motels there's nothing wrong with motels but a one-star motel now that's a problem we're going to the nastiest one that I could find none of these have photos so I had to look them up on Google Maps and I'm not gonna disclose the name because all the other ones start reviewed places threatened to sue me because I reviewed their place like sorry you got a one-star review okay you should be making it better don't be mad at me for filming because your place looks like doodoo only two reviews that this motel that we're headed to has is one by Merman name is murmur very weird hotel it looks like there's blood spots in the shower the room looks like it was from the 60s and hasn't been cleaned since has it been cleaned since the 60s yeah the sixties back when our grandmothers were thriving this is the most disgusting places I have ever seen I am most embarrassed for the city of Las Vegas this is the type of establishment you want to represent you your city he was so mad he kept spacing out all these Laney way you get the idea this place is terrible supposed to have bedbugs cockroaches disgusting horrible service before this video begins I want to tell you guys about our sponsors shopping online and you don't know any coupon codes for some free savings like when I'm shopping I don't ever think about coupon codes because I'm not sitting there go all day trying to find a discount code who even knows if there is a discount code for what you're shopping for well things have changed with honey they automatically apply coupons across the whole internet to your order so you don't have to when you check out honey automatically starts working and saving you money did I mention they work on over 20,000 websites yeah that's right 20,000 count of 20,000 you're not going to because it takes forever okay honey works on every single site you could possibly think of I mean today I saved money at Best Buy I saved money getting my mom flowers I even saved money at Gamestop and then I played around on many different websites and it worked on every single one I saved on average like twenty-eight dollars in some websites I saved up to fifty like come on with the money I saved I shouldn't even be staying at a crappy hotel oh okay honey also has a hundred thousand five-star reviews I mean come on one person could be wrong two people could be wrong but a hundred thousand people know it's not gonna happen you don't you don't pay honey anything it's free so if you want to join all you got to do is click the top link in the description join honey comm backslash Nick bean okay because I'm doing you a favor okay it takes two clicks to install this thing and then you're gonna save hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars per year I am so what are you waiting on join honey today and start saving money today now go click the link alright let's head to the store get some disinfectant wipes and some other things we're gonna need worst reviewed hotel in Las Vegas let's go all right we're at our favorite place ever Walmart we're gonna be getting a bunch of cleaning supplies gloves hazmat suit anything we can find really to make this stay a little bit safer goodbye should buy a weapon of some sort before going to Walmart though I need you guys to do me a favor one give it a big thumbs up to I want you to comment down below your favorite Nick bean video ever of all time what video did you watch and enjoy the most so I I need to be clean don't know how much stuff I'm gonna need I'm not gonna use their towels okay one their towels probably feel like sandpaper okay cuz the last place I try to wash myself off and I had cuts all over my body y'all a beach towel do you need one in case you shower well if you won't read up I'll get you pink get my own pillow 2 for $3 better tape and sorry when I woke up this morning you know what I had at least at least one can attack the other ones look better for the thumbnail Oh typical II would get some raid to kill the bugs but YouTube will probably to monetize me for killing the bugs so in the slim chance that we find any bugs I'm not gonna kill them zero live with them there be our best friend okay in case these flies want to mess with me hopefully there's no flies in there but if they do I don't know I got duct tape this all might be a setup to kidnap you thank you so much okay I want to have to run by Home Depot because I'm gonna get me a hazmat suit cuz I'm not risking it okay I'm not getting bedbugs for a video that's not gonna be fun okay we got to hurry though it's getting kind of dark kind of fast and I'm not trying to show up to the worst reviewed motel and at night we got the suits safety first not getting infected today bedbugs you're not getting me got to Tyvek suits one for me one for head one pill I need him to be safe too thank you sir you got to be safe buddy all right okay we are one mile away from the hotel we're actually in a really decent part of town actually I like this part of town the stratosphere is right there you can bungee jump off of it whatever we've got some hotels and some really nice condos right here it's raining though so that's a play a sign that we should turn around and go home that's God telling us yes yes does he see you this you see you filming they were stood up go hey how are you give any a vacancy for tonight I'm sorry okay do you know anywhere that does write a decent price and up the road this several towards Charleston okay alright thank you so much okay well it says vacancy on the on the thing but that's what happens when you go to a one-star place first one didn't work they said vacancy but then they might have seen the camera and then she got scared I don't know but obviously she was lying to us but the ribs are so disgusting that she doesn't want us to film them obviously so shout out to these guys love it alright that's okay there's one close by 0.9 miles with the same kind of reviews what's the next one good thing Vegas has plenty of them tied again fighting it my god yeah this is this is bad bro he just got really bad really fast all right we're gonna keep the camera super lucky I might actually have you put the camera in the bag and hopefully we pick up the audio or I can just stay in the car you don't think I'll see you guys on the inside hey how are you do you have any room for tonight just me and a weird apply one bed maybe 60 with the $20 deposit okay is it cash only right now I'm taking guest with my machines gasps okay I'll go ATM real quick room six is just right down over there when you walk in at the head of the bed there's a switch that controls the lights okay awesome thank you so much oh yes ma'am thank you welcome to my crib oh yeah pretty piece dad let's preview this real quick this is our AC that air they're gonna be breathing does it even work oh my god it works you want they have a flycatcher I knew the flight SWAT was a good idea I knew it dude before we begin anything okay all I need to go get my hands my equipment okay goes back folded this floss water at half just in case man you never know this seems to be doing a good job fire not sure if that still works or not a little sketchy mayonnaise Charles I'm ready to explore what do you do but put your suit on I'm ready to explore it this haunted hotel whatever we could do it a haunted review instead think you know crazy be so funny about myself if I went to the front I know guys before we begin you know this is not to batch this place for $60 if you need a place to stay I don't care how bad this is it's a good choice but it as far as being sanitary I'm here to crack down okay my name is Nick the code enforcer and I enforce the utmost code of hotels restaurants tattoo shops anything okay if you want to open a business you need to be clean and friendly and if you're not you shouldn't be in business and I'm here to see all right let's start over here first off these blinds haven't been changed in at least 10 years and the amount of cigarette smoke that is just like I don't smell it anymore because we're used to it now right when we walked in and just hit me in the face next we have the a/c unit it does work what is this thing shooting out all that black mold in there you see it behind the fan and you're breathing that crud all over them Wow I think there's a cigarette there like a brand new one we're gonna have some guy coming here banging on the door asking for a cigarette hey Marcy about my small group top man or he might have been so drunk you forgot about it probably the most important thing the hotel is a place to sleep and stay for the night so really the only thing that matters at first sight it's not that bad this isn't this isn't the best but has burn holes in the sheets all kind of cigarette hole burn just imagine the funk that is actually on this bed amela bacteria I'm not trying to be dramatic I'm saying but there's a laying in this all night just baby RCA a TV that doesn't even belong in this nightstand look at look at how they just hang oh my god it will fall oh look what the what is that that isn't eyelash hmm there is definitely dude bigger eyelid duders listen sasquatch don't be late I guess you woke up do you like are areas where my money my wife oh gee let me again you want the TV words that they have – yeah of course it has – it doesn't work Oh I think a loud sound I think the rings about it come on okay it's looking like we only get channel three Jolene's we have the news one night stay then get a flat screen TV in here and this who knows what drugs have been on top of that table got this chin from your grandma's dining room like a 1901 the Titanic put some scary music behind it it seemed like an abandoned building kind of like an old hospital right pick up all right guys this building was abandoned 12 years ago the arm can no longer afford it so where you hang your clothes it's gonna mean that you plan on staying here but go for it the Shelf looks a little crooked and it's like it's homemade they took a piece of a door this is the piece of a door and then they put a piece of trim I'm like there's a there's a q-tip right here dude and a nail there's literally a q-tip a nail they can't just go through here I might clean this up like clear water capably clearwater a nice mirror pretty cool new sink though this newer unless that people come here don't use the same paper the last place I don't know if they forgot but they didn't have toilet paper so that's but it's the cheap kind it's the one you gotta you gotta be careful you gotta be careful cuz before you know it the shower a twin can't shower in here you want to finish our history vol it's dead oh my god keep it up the spider I kids you know it's not it yes normally I'd be bad but that makes for some good content okay I never grabbed a cockroach in my life do I have it you're gonna have to got my physical if he takes it like do they run max oh yeah there's some of them fly I swear they've got parted we can put are–can cockroaches applies we're waiting for Rico okay he's American but why am i grabbing this just leave it there it's really not I don't think I can leave the Baptists are the itsy-bitsy spider cut up the waterspout down came the ring there's no rain buddy you come up waters oh okay are you out of your mind what I'm not killing it I wouldn't be killing it drowning him it won't torture so in this slim chance that we find any bugs not gonna kill me like they don't do anything they just look ugly no they just survive I don't like you reminds me a lot like you you just ugly but you don't hurt my body so we just leave you alone okay no one's stopping you out no it's throwing you away he's probably just want to go outside with his friends you'll know what your friends know I'm gonna hang out with your girlfriend okay I'll be with your friends welcome back in here there you know what see you later thanks for visiting little bugger this draw I'm not even joking gee I'm actually missing a lot I was just fine bro I'm not even joking I swear to God are you itching I don't know I'm getting a lot though I don't like it well there's a cockroach came out of the drain is that does that happen yeah like what house would be I mean dude I can't go look look at the cracks on the door that's so easy to go through here probably yeah what do you get this place did I mean there's a cockroach there is literally a cockroach in the bathtub what do you mean what do I give this and now I'm itching like are we going negative I'm going zero I'll go zero because it's realistic I don't know if I should be mad or happy that we found a cockroach you guys because you made for good for good content and I appreciate him okay so even though this place gets a one-star review they get a five for content I want to take these off I want to kind of go around and show you guys the outside is this getting dark I don't think we're gonna stay the night here but how about this twenty thousand thumbs up I'll do a best reviewed hotel it's gonna cost me a thousand dollars so I need twenty thousand guns up okay thirty thousand thumbs up I will go to the owl research until there's no tomorrow the most disgusting hotel in all of Las Vegas 100% I'll even stop by and look at them for you and I'll stay the night alright next we're going to go outside I might record on my phone so they're not too sketchy I'm gonna show you guys the pool area and just you're gonna get the idea I swim mmm beautiful I want to be careful cuz I think the woman's looking at me over here though supposed to be an arcade soft drink area it's just old toilets and stuff also I'm trying to figure out how this truck got here look tires gone and he's just here she's gonna do it he was probably the cleaning guy I was supposed to come four years ago I never showed up at least the sky looks nice so from what I'm seeing it looks like at one point this hotel was very nice I mean I had a really nice pool and it was probably really kept up but for some reason it just went completely south over the past 40 years I was gonna say like couple years 40 and yeah I mean my grandpa and grandma all probably loved it here but you know me not so much so anyway we're gonna pack our things up and we're gonna head out I'll catch you guys in the car when we're at a safer location because it's getting pretty sketchy all right guys run the car but I just thought about something I don't want to return the key right now because I don't wear her to be like what the you know what the crap or try to give our money back because we don't want the money back we got $80 for the content or cockroaches I didn't put my credit card on file so what if we just left the key on the key hanger in the room I think that'd be fine what if we went to the wrong room oh he's dying for sure that car's tires flat – look oh my god oh my god what is that I can fix your food yeah what is that what is that oh do you ever say his life Rockets are off Oh okay guys we are headed home that's all that's all I can handle for today and I didn't want to sleep there but like I said if you guys get thirty thousand thumbs up then I'll make it my goal to sleep and one of those places up I'm not going to enjoy it I'm definitely going to bring an Xbox and a bunch of stuff to entertain myself thirty thousand thumbs up I'll do it remember I post every single Tuesday Thursday and Saturday don't miss it have a lot of amazing content coming up I'm working really hard for you guys so keep being active and comment down below some video ideas because you guys always have the best ideas I'll see you guys again very very soon thank you so much for watching the whole video if you made it to this point yeah you are real would all my social medias are its own it green check me out on snapchat Instagram or Twitter also have two other channels links down below merch link down below and I post every single Tuesday Thursday and Saturday so have no notifications Oh see you learning things we do for thumbnails give up give away my phone oh my god you know we should do we should we get to get the cockroach from outside dude thumbnail banner let's get it

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