Staying at The Worst Reviewed Hotel in Eastern Europe

Oh didn't see you there hello fans of Eastern Europe in our last episode we had launched in the worst reviewed restaurant in Slovakia and now it's time to head back to our hotel what hotel we both know that let's find the worst reviewed hotel in Slovakia TripAdvisor calm again we don't have Yelp in our country we're gonna set the location for Slovakia Europe world but this time we're not looking for restaurants we're looking for the first option hotels all right let's set the date for tonight and see how many hotels are available four hundred and forty nine properties listed here out of the almost three thousand and we're not interested in page number one we're interested in page number fifteen the last page oh and I can already see it the worst reviewed Hotel in Slovakia his named hotels or bar and it's not in the capital it's actually in a city named Mitra which is like an hour drive from Bratislava the capital looking at the photos I can understand why this is the worst weird hotel in my country this is like Soviet Union deepen the communistic era how can something look like this in 2019 I mean we are a post communistic country but this is way too much okay we looked at the pictures now it's time to look at the reviews ugly interior unpleasant reception is Holloway without functioning lights that really bad smell on Holloway's and in-room dirty floor in the room and much more well coming in from a corridor with barely functioning lighting I felt I'd enter the prison room in the 1970s I was afraid to touch anything hotel is removed from outside but from inside this totally disaster for nature older than 30 years broken Sun blinds TV from 19th century broken water tap difficult to find stuff not friendly at all Wi-Fi not working when we were at the reception a staff member passed by with cigarette in the mouth rooms are dirty bathrooms are dirty breakfast in kind of a basement served as kind of cell service bad coffee bad fruit juice we were happy to leave well it looks like one night in this hotel may be a life-threatening experience all right let's book one night at this place we're being transferred to booking calm doesn't that bad on I don't know what happened there okay we're gonna book one room with two twin bats jackpot you got a great rate thank you alright let's just feel all the credit card information and we're all set my car broke down so let's get my camera man's car him and go to Nitra to see the worst reviewed hotel in slovakia Madani 309 horchata when I pick up PC episode we went to a really luxurious restaurant but this hotel is just disgusting I have zero expectations let's see and so we drove 100 kilometres to the west from the capital to Nitra a city of 80,000 people situated at the foot of the zubur mountain that shares its name with the worst reviewed hotel in slovakia so we arrived to Nitra let's go to the worst reviewed Hotel in Eastern Europe and you should probably put some t-shirt on let's go welcome to the city center of Nitra the fifth largest city in slovakia and the home to the worst reviewed hotel in this country according to our GPS we should be just seconds away from the place and oh yeah I can already see it hotels a bore or should I say hotels of war oh man look at this look at this are these the gates to hell let's find out well you're the cameraman let's try to be as soon as possible dobry den miss miss officially you betta watch mama reserved at Cena hotel motions our speaker not now is bad yes panic event water al Benitez RC traffic after October and yadi thank you I think you might not know me knows it not an elevator an actual elevator well it looks pretty nice let's see um what is waiting for us in the hotel room no a/c and no fans it's 35 degrees Celsius whoo blue looks like someone had sex here probably dogs zero expectations well this is our room 45 year olds for one wait for two people this looks great everything looks clean how can this be the worst rooted Hotel in my country it's really really hot in here I don't know how we're gonna survive this night let's check the bathroom well I expected much worse let's have a little tour outside our room the docks probably shut themselves here probably scratch the walls the fifth floor well they put so much work into the rooms but apparently they didn't oh man this we have lighter this is good to go let's check the third floor where are the rooms we saw in the pictures on TripAdvisor there he wants the the communistic looking ones probably building new rooms it looks like that the entire floor is just empty the worst furniture it looks like they're really nice which is uh which is big news because they probably realized that the hotel was disgusting in the past they probably saw some of the reviews and are trying to change so I thought sup for that let's go downstairs it seems that the worst reviewed hotel in Slovakia is trying to get better oh this looks completely different I wish I could see one of these rooms nothing is open what am I gonna say if there's someone in there I'm gonna say that all this is 203 I'm sorry huh I thought it was 402 we cannot do this you do it you same room this looks like the room comes up reviews let's go get the furniture yes this is the roof of the reviews why don't we have one of these try to get everything you like 30 seconds bathroom well the bathroom looks exactly like ours apparently the hotel is not full otherwise we would be staying in that horrible looking a room so hot in here we're not gonna survive you know it's so hot 35 degrees beautiful view neat that off let's check the Wi-Fi connection cuz I gotta work tonight hotel zaboor – come on oh yeah connected it's working great thumbs up hotels aboard you're not as bad as we expected Vladimir here sweating fan we should be getting a fan we're probably gonna buy a focus this is not doable we're we're not gonna fall asleep this is the hottest day of the summer and we're staying the night in are recording me we need a bath we'll save us yeah this that's Pleasant you have a pen I came here to enjoy Mitra not to survive so humid in here oh yeah we will survive this night my friends we will survive see you in a few hours it's midnight it's still really hot in here the fan is not helping that Majan we're still suffering with Vlad here I don't know what to think about this if this hotel is good or bad kiss outside of our room it's kind of disgusting but the room itself is decent there's running hot water there are no cockroaches I expected both things but I was pleasantly surprised I think what will decide it is tomorrow's breakfast another huge mystery for us good night or as we say in Slovakia dobro notes good morning we survived the night but I cannot imagine what would we do without the fan I'm so sweaty I gotta take a shower and then it's time for the mysterious breakfast of hotels or more let's go we're starving I think I've never had breakfast in the basement Oh I'm gonna have the mushroom omelet so I ordered a mushroom omelet flat ordered scrambled eggs with onion and ham there's nobody here there's nobody in this cafeteria zero people we're the only ones also we we haven't encountered any guests we may be the only guests here right now we haven't seen anyone what's that juice I really don't know I think it's something like orange juice but it's not orange I really don't know what is it tastes like like plain water this brings me back to my high school this is exactly what high school drinks taste like in Eastern Europe [Applause] are they serious about this scrambled eggs with onion and ham but that's probably just one a scrambled egg that's such a small portion by the way this is really popular in Eastern Europe I couldn't find this kind of pastry anywhere else in the world it's called The Rose Oak and it's just pastry from from a grain flour a little bit of salt let me taste it the breakfast was pretty good and now it's time to check out from the worst raided hotel in Slovakia and maybe as the receptionist's if they think the hotel deserves this rating we're leaving the fan for future guests I think they're gonna need it see you my friend you saved us we turned off the fan and look at blood look how he's sweating again it's incredibly hot in here please hotels abhorred by some fans emotions hospital she denied University Chico the optometrist doctor and I heard she had not any hotel maslow and school provision here but it just seemed easy to hit the maitake taxi management was at the Boudica sophistication was no trash Quattara Sato prayer about today advocate a hostess tower I kept at the poorest worker yes my octuple dancing a super night mama yes super I saw that about benefit now nobody that kind of really fix it yeah well you've seen it all hotels aboard the worst reviewed hotel in Slovakia is trying to improve and I'm sure the rating will go up soon but since it's not the end of the reconstruction face I cannot give it more than 2.5 stars out of 5 if you liked this episode and would like to see more of the worst review two places in Eastern Europe hit the like button and let me know what you'd like to see next in the comments below good luck hotels aboard and see you next time Nova Danielle

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  1. Hey man I would really love to read your book but sadly I do not speak Slovak. It would be cool if you had translated it into English.

  2. I was kind of surprised when I heard Hungarian music at 3:00 lol (I live in Hungary at the border next to Slovakia!)

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